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June 8, 2007

Save the TREES!

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You knocked it out of the ballpark. I was asking prominent Muslims here to talk about the beauty of Islam and issues that most people are not aware of. I mean refuting the lies and defending Islam is just fine but it would be great if they talked of issues like women’s rights, inspiring events from the Prophet’s (SAW) life and so on. You did just that! Very happy about it. 🙂

No killing animals? What about the rules for slaughter then? They’re supposed to face east right? And you’re supposed to slit their thoats without anesthetics right? Way to go guardian. I know you mean well and appreciate the idea but man doesn’t need a holy book to do what’s right, or out of fear of judgement. Slaughtering animals is not exactly worshiping nature. I don’t think they went to the slaughterhouse freely.

QDJMan – The day you go out and bite a zebra to death we can start talking “natural order of things” – until then you’re just a comfortable consumer. And quite frankly if you did go out and kill a zebra that way, there’s something wrong with you.

Sister Strangeholm,

I don’t think it’s wrong to consume meat. I DO think it’s wrong how much meat people are consuming these days in America and elsewhere. It’s as if they don’t know the meaning of moderation–something mandatory in Islam (i.e. to be moderate in all things)–but America’s not Muslim. If people want to be carnivores, that’s their choice. I am personally an omnivore, leaning more towards the herbivorous side than to the carnivorous side.

Sister Strangeholm,

Now that you mention it, I must admit–Zebra BBQ sounds tasty! …I wonder if it tastes like buffalo–does anyone here know? Speaking of buffalo, how much did Native Americans of certain regions depend on buffalo? Native Americans are people, and buffalo consisted very much in their “natural order of things”. …and did I mention how nice it tastes! 🙂

– QDJMan

You are still missing the point. We can buy the Quran, and read it ourselves. What about the “people” of the middle east? What about the culture? How come I can’t find a single person of Middle Eastern descent on YouTube that “isn’t” talking religion or war?

Sadly a lot of people to buy it and read but not understand it all. Some people still manage to see the beauty even with a translation and noone to explain.. but many many people really require an explanation because they completely misintepret things.

That is because you have armies on their lands killing them. You are promoting sectarian violence not just in Iraq but now in Lebanon too. You own seymour hersh pointed that out. You stole billions of Iraq’s money. You invaded them for no reason other than oil. So if they make war on you I would say its justified self defense.

mjzeb I do not disagree with you, with the exception of saying they are my armies, and that I stole billions. I have no more control than you have of people blowing up innocent children on buses. Or at least I assume you don’t have control.

See TheNinjaGirl01? This is the part that could use clarification. The culture and the people. All religion is perceived to be good. What about the culture? There is a lot of hatred in this guy.

Actually no. I am genuinely curious. I literally “want” to find people of Middle Eastern descent talking of their culture and way of life. I have found and subscribed to chattheplanet quite a while back and watch/comment on every video. You wouldn’t happen to know any others that aren’t obsessed with religion or hating Americans, would you? Any off the top of your head?

Wow.. Liban, I just took a gander at your channel. No offense, but you do realize your 175 favorites prove my point, right? Maybe when you have time, and you feel like it, analyze what you have favorited, and see how I perceive the mindset of the Middle Eastern Culture.

1.please speak up..i had to put my ear right in front of the speaker to hear you!
2.Don’t you get hot always wearing that thing?
3.Curiously, what are your views on evolution
4. you talk something about corn..but corn was not introduced to the old world until the 1400’s.
5. Same on my neighbor for cutting that old oak tree! off to hell for him =S

maybe i have bad years =O…I hope not! I found this guy, VenomFangX, evangelical Christian. He thinks Muslims come from Satan and that the world is 6000 years old. We might not agree on everything but at least we can have a common person we dislike.

2. I don’t always wear it 🙂
3. I’ve discussed to death in the last videos comments
4. When did I talk about that?
5. Without justification, lote-trees in the desert environment were really important. And the point is don’t be destructive, use nature to your benefit but don’t ABUSE it.

My views are that it doesn’t negate God.

I have studied evolution and I think some things are pretty obviously true when it comes to Darwinian evolution, such as survival of the fittest.

But there is a major lack of proof for modern evolutionary theories concerning the origin of life.

The Quran says that the sun and moon each follow their own separate orbits. Once upon a time people may have thought they both orbited the earth, later people thought the sun was stationary and the moon orbitted us, and today we know that the sun orbits the centre of the galaxy and the moon orbits us.

I have no fear of science, nor am I threatened or unwilling to listen to different ideas. But science is an attempt to describe how, it can’t even begin to deal with why, and nor can it go beyond time=0 and see what happened “before” the big bang or why is happened or what is beyond it.

Nor has anyone been able to create life from inanimate matter by evolving it. And I don’t mean create a human rom a primordial soup, but even the most basic simplest form of life or its building blocks.

Even Dawkins says that the proof for modern evolutionary theory is circumstantial.

generally we think of it in terms of the laws of gravity, because evidence and backs them up..

the thing with science is that looking at its history we can see everything gets proven wrong and new theories are thought up to replace ones that have been proven wrong. it’s an attempt, a model, an approximation.. and it depends entirely upon proof, evidence and so on.. and the problem i when that doesn’t exist.

I never said that evolution negates god. After all, as my friends love to chastise me with, Evolution is based on some of the most fundamental rules of nature. These rules had to come from somewhere. Evolution also does not explain the origin of life, only the progression of life. I will however, look at evolution as a true fundamental law of nature. We were made from millions of mutations from previous species.

There is an ongoing experiment at a university (for 17 years now) that, from a single bacteria, they have created 40 different species of bacteria by environmental changes and genetic mutations. I will tell you of the project when I find the scientific article on it. This is obviously not circumstantial.

alleges? Science alleges nothing. Un til proven NOTHING is accepted by the scientific community. Theories are just that until proven and scientists will investigate it until proven one way or another. However, these fosiled skeletons DO prove that what most religeons teach are false preachings.

I’m not ridiculing Dawkins. I am just talking about his views, and he is pushing an atheist agenda when it comes to science, its not just science for the sake of science is it? Thats well known about him, he admits it himself that he is pushing atheism

of course you get hot with niqab on! people get hot even when they were next to nothing!… personally i wear niqab and i dont feel anymore hotter than before i came to islam and i wore tight jeans a belly shirts! feels the same to me, except the breeze is alot more soothing than when u wear tight jeans.

I´m happy when my children are independent and solve their life on their own. If they can do that it means I did a good job as a father and they grew up properly. Why would God want that we depend on Him for everything?, of course that He don´t need it, so, why would He want it? (independent not means ungrateful :)).

Gratitude in certain form means not to expect rewards for what I do. That´s why I was asking about. I don´t think that we should act expecting prices or rewards from God, and I don´t feel that he would want that, as I don´t want that from my children being an imperfect father.

I guess it depends how you look at it. Reward is important in the sense than people need/want appreciation, recognition, we look to others to validate us.

In a school scenario, if a teacher doesn’t recognise achievment, kids often feel like there is no point putting in the hard work and play up for attention because they don’t feel their efforts have been valued.

Yea we don’t want to take any risks, if you made bows out of those things the whole state of Israel would collapse!! LOL We don’t oppress anyone, just the Islamic citizens are afraid of Jews, none of the Christians care. Jordan is actually the Palestinian state as set by the UN.

Watch “Lawrence of Arabia” it’s a nice film, but you see the whole area was nothing but former-Ottoman empirical land and was divided by the Brittish and French. No state of Palestine, no Palestinians, just Arabs who live in Palestine. Any Arab who lives there should still live there, who’s stopping them?

Philistine was Muslim land under the Ottomans, the British occupation and subseqent crimes of european zionists in occupying and usurping control amount to the same thing.. stealing Palestine from Palestinians, displacing, occupying and killing them. The fact remains Israel is an injustice to the Palestinians.

kados..’just the Islamic citizens are afraid of Jews, none of the Christians care. Jordan is actually the Palestinian state as set by the UN.’ we r not afraid..thats why the kids in palestine stand up to the tanks. oh and did i tell u we do not recoginise UN as having authority ? GOD is the only ONE who has authority on earth..supreme authority.

‘independence’ is a delusion. consider: chapter 67. 21. Who is he that can provide for you if He should withhold His provision? Nay, but they continue to be in pride, and (they) flee (from the truth). 30. Say (O Muhammad ): “Tell me! If (all) your water were to be sunk away, who then can supply you with flowing (spring) water?”

Our Masjid has year round recycling paper project, and we get money from the government for turning in paper, it’s a great idea for fundraising, saving environment, dawa, reward from Allah, everything, but i don’t know of any other masjid doing that except ours, may be you can suggest that idea at you masjid, salams

wa alaikum as salaam that is a brilliant project, mashaAllah, lovely to hear about masjids doing such things.

I don’t think paper is really kept in my local masjid, people bring their own resources, but there is a recycling bin from islamic relief near our masjid, for people to leave old clothes and stuff.

Simple things we can do: Don’t waste electricity, switch of lights and electrical appliances when not in use.
Don’t waste water, use only what you need (there is hadith about this).
Don’t be an excessive consumer of anything when it isn’t necessary.
Recycle! (clothes, paper, bottles, cans, anything you can)
Grow plants, food produce, whatever you can in your garden.

Cars are basically a waste of money and bad for the environment.. unless you need to use it because of having to carry a lot of stuff around or travelling a route that is too difficult on publich transport it would be better to walk or take pt..

And not everyone can afford anything else!

feaddy, the whole of the west is full of those things, the whole of the world is full of those things. what do you suggest, hiding in bed?

instead of hiding from what is out there in the world why not try to change it? i know that if i am on the bus and someone is listening to dodgy music or smoking i speak up against it.. it’s not our way to ignore problems, we are here to solve them!

ninjag..’it’s not our way to ignore problems, we are here to solve them! ‘ its not our way to dive into fitnah if we can avoid it !! would u really speak up against it? i mean honestly, do u really speak up against these issues, ninjagirl01…do not theorize because everyone talks but few act.

I do what I can for the environment, I recycle, walk or take public transportation to most places I have to go to. During my walks I do some litter patrol, so yes I do care about the environment, as far as attacking Islam, with folks like you, snow3585 Swordofllah87 and the delightful input from palestine media watch, my pathetic input on islam is pointless

Does any really think that what Islam, or any other religion has about the Environment is even relevant? They all say “Environment=good. Protect it” which is complete and utter common sense. The fact that anyone even needs to review a book just to figure out what an Islamic person’s attitude towards the environment is or should be is making poor assumptions about the common sense of the average Muslim, or person.

Of course it is relevant. You’d think it was common sense, but looking around us it seems most people don’t get that. We need to raise awareness and promote environmental issues from whichever angle we can. And if it’s a religious obligation to take care of the environment it can only be a good thing to remind people of that.

It has often been observed that Islam cannot ordinarily be described as a religion and that it prescribes a way of life that goes beyond the performance of rituals It provides a holistic approach to existence, it does not differentiate between the sacred and the secular and neither does it place a distinction between the world of mankind and the world of nature

The Prophet’s environmental philosophy is first of all holistic: it assumes a fundamental link and interdependency between all natural elements and bases its teachings on the premise that if man abuses or exhausts one element, the natural world as a whole will suffer the direct consequences.

It’s the inner environment of a clean or dirty heart. Before people pray they clean their hands and feet, but forget their sinful dirty hearts. The God of our environment wishes to teach us how to take care of the earth he as given us. He seeks to teach us how how he came to clean our heart’s too by forgiving dirty things within us. Jesus is the only One who can clean our heart’s and minds and give us wisdom in cleaning our world environment too.

Thanks for the video, it’s great! I’ve been looking into Islam a little bit myself. I’m a Christian (more of an apatheist and deepecologist), but I see Christianity as a philosophy which considers the biosphere as merely something to be taken advantage of by humans. I am under the impression that Islam is more environmentally friendly, and as a conservative force, certainly better than nothing. The humanism of religion worries me as well, but Islam doesn’t seem to take it as far as Christianity.

Thank for your comments 🙂

I’m glad you liked the vid.. as I said in it, Islam views humans as guardians of the earth and that we have a responsibility to take care of it. It views all nature as important and part of Gods creation.

Hopefully I will do a video about Islam and animals too. 🙂

Great video! You emphasize the importance of Islam strongly valueing stewardship to the environment. You’ve shared with us the pro-environmental stance Islam took when it was revealed and How it remains very relevant to todays environmental crisis. Well researched, 5*.

you are right when you said Islam care about the environment. Since I am married, my muslim husband keep telling me :”don’t forget to turn off lights”,”don’t waste too much water”,”don’t waste the food”,etc..and I have to admit, I am very bad, thank you for the reminder sis, jazakallah kheir

Narrated Abu Ja’far:

While I and my father were with Jabir bin ‘Abdullah, some People asked him about taking a bath He replied, “A Sa’ of water is sufficient for you.” A man said, “A Sa’ is not sufficient for me.” Jabir said, “A Sa was sufficient for one who had more hair than you and was better than you (meaning the Prophet).” And then Jabir (put on) his garment and led the prayer. (Bukhari)

As for drilling for oil.. you and I both know the US would start dropping bombs quicker than you could say “Death to Islam” if any of the oil producing countries stopped drilling and selling. Pretty hypocritical for a supporter of the US govt (I remember warren saying you are, correct me if I’m wrong) to say that, when the US are the biggest consumers of oil.

Well…your video is about Islam an the enviroment, not exclusively about the enviroment. It would seem that it is a pertinent topic at hand. I know you probably don’t believe me, but I wish you success on YouTube. I hope more Muslims become popular because Atheists have had no competition on here for way too long. But it’s probably not going to happen, for an aglmoration of reasons if you don’t respect peoples freedom of dissent. I don’t delete your comments.

Cap, check out my last two vids and their comments, the reason there was so much discussion was precisely because there was dissent and differing opinions.

If people want to insult the prophet(saw) you give them a platform and lead the way. I on the other hand deal with civility and respectful discussion on my channel, which means only two restrictions apply: no swearing, and no insults towards the prophet(saw) or Islam.

That is a far cry from not allowing criticism of Islam or differing opinions. Like I said, that is what all the discussion consisted of!

But lets face it, there is clear difference between coming here and saying: “[bleep] the prophet, [bleep] you [bleeping] muslims” and saying “islam is wrong/bad/whatever because it says x, y, z”

The latter is criticism and the former is uncivilised stupidity.

Call it what you will but it you can’t interact or comment without insulting then you are not welcome on my channel. You know what you said and so do I and I’m not providing a platform on my channel for you to insult my religion in an obscene manner.

Look at the world today – 99% of the problems are caused by extremist Islam. Indonesia, Somalia, the middle east, 9/11, 7/7. Muslims have a habit of spreading there religion through violence, aka the muslim invsasion of India and afghanistan where forced conversions of Hindus occurred either through direct violence or ridiculous taxes. I know all about your peaceful “religion”

You seem to nothing about international politics and conflicts nor my religion unfortunately.

If forced conversion happened in India can you explain why Hinduism still exists and why so many Hindus lived under the Mughals in peace until the UK decided to divide and conquer?

The only reason the Hindues were not wiped out was because of the strong resistance from the Sikhs and rajputs, and the Sikhs eventually caused the demise of the Mughal empire there. By the time the UK came, the Mughal empire had been finished for hundreds of years! And they only took northern India after the death of the Great Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Look it up, The Mughal empire was finished by then, u obviously have poor knowledge of history. The Sikh empire ruled the north, and after Ranjit Singhs death and the Anglo-Sikh wars Britain took over. Then Jinna helped divide India in his creation of Pakistan (as if Muslims don’t have enough countries). I’m sorry you know so little

LOL – His son was beaten by the Hindu Maratha empire and he was an emperor in name only and had no power in India what so ever – at best he was a puppet of hindu princes! Therefore India was no longer under Mughal control therefore you are wrong. The Mughal empire in India ended in 1707

Muslims used to give bounties on the head of dead sikhs and would massacre women and children – I know all about this so don’t feed me your propaganda. Rest assured, if the Sikhs had not been there India would be completly Islamic by now. Remember your religion spread through the violence.

Oh my eyes and ears are not closed, but I cant accept or allow myself to believe in a religion that has no willingness to stop injustices that are being carried out in its name. How can anyone outside of Islam understand where those individuals are coming from? The West cannot and this is why we are in the mess we are in. If you are willing to promote Peace and Tranquility through Islam, address that to those of your own faith who arent willing to see it.

I don’t know exactly what you are referring to, but perhaps before criticising me for “not having my house in order” you should look at the Wests track record.

It is not Muslim armies invading and occupying foreign lands and killing millions.. Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Chechnya, ujerat, Kashmir.. all places where nonmuslims are killing innocent Muslims. And there are other places around the world besides those.

Last time I checked, “the West” was not a religion. Tell me this who is killing who? The murders in Iraq now arent from American Bullets, their bombs being used by Muslims against Muslims. You cant blame us for that. If it was the US killing every single muslim in Iraq then you have a valid point. Muslims are killing each other all over the world,through bombings, stonings and for what? The west has its problems, no doubt. But dont act as though the Muslim world is the innocent victim, its not.

Try to read my full comment before you respond. I said now, trust me Im against the war and it shouldnt of happened, but how do you explain what muslims are doing to each other right now? Are you going to tell me we provide them the bombs to kill one another? The latests news reports arent about US planes dropping bombs, its about Suicide bombers attacking civilian markets, nursing homes, lacing schools with C4. Explain that to me.

how? How does a declared war upon Shittes by Sunni clerics the result of US Aggression? Explain to me how US aggression is why fundamentalists in the name of their religion would lace a girl school with explosives, with the intention of blowing up with nothing but Muslim girls inside? You show me how US is responsible for the distrotion of the interpretation of Islam, I will listen.

I have some questions about Islam. Firstly, how does the Qur’an say we should treat our slaves? Next, how many wives are we permitted to take? Finally, what are the rules we must follow with regards to the beating of disobedient or disagreeable wives?

What you be doing with a slave today? BTW islam said anyone who strikes their slaves face must free him/her.

Men are allowed to take four wives if they can treat them equally.

Lastly here is a resource from scholars of Islam on wife beating and the misinformation spread by those who hate Islam.

h t t p : slash slash qa dot sunnipath dot com slash issue_view.asp?HD=11&ID=4863&CATE=121

check the above link

“Islam said anyone who strikes their slaves face must free him/her.”
What about striking them in other places?

And you seemed to imply otherwise, but slavery still exists today. (It won’t let me put in a link, but it’s easy to find if you do a web search.)

I really suggest checking oout the videos made by other Muslims on this, iqraproductions being one.. I’ve commented on the issue extensively and find people coming up with the same old anti-islam rhetoric with no real knowledge.. and I don’t want to have to say the same thing to ten different people in ten different places.. there are vids on YouTube by muslims addressing this.

Good question.

If you don’t need to look to religion that is your choice. But it is good to know this about Islam, because there are 1 billion + people who are Muslim in this world, and for them it is a religious obligation to take care of the environment.

Many of them do take it seriously and you can see this in some of the links on the description. But some do not or are not aware of this, so if they are taught hopefully more of them will practice it. As for everyone else who isn’t Muslim, you can see there are still these teaching in Islam that you can adopt and will only be beneficial 🙂

forive me if im worng but in Muslim states such as the U.A.E and Saudi Arabia (not that any other states are any better) there is energy used and enviroments destroyed to make way for poinless things like ski resorts in the desert built by people who claim to be muslims but are harming the environment what do you think of this?

😦 I think it’s really shameful to live for the purpose of accumulating money and is against Islam and the way of the prophet(saw), who lived and died in poverty.

That isn’t to say we shouldn’t earn money, because we all need it to purchase items we need and so on. But achieving extravagent wealth by causing harm is not good.

I welcome any video responses with people talking about their own beliefs about helping the environment.

Its sad the discussion always gets diverted to people trying to malign Islam.. instead of trying to find any common ground or instead of actually learning something about Islam rather than trying to attack it based on common misconceptions and misinformation.

People are deathly afraid of what you call Islam, even if the fear seems unfounded to you. Islamic history is filled with violence, as is the history of Christianity. You simply cannot dismiss people’s fears by calling them misconceptions and misinformation. From what I know of Islam, I would never want such people in my community.

Same here, we don’t want people like you in iraq, afghanistan, causing trouble in lebanon, destroying somalia through their proxies. You guys really are the paragons of humanity. Try looking in the mirror sometime. You’ve got the blood of nations on your hands.

Things in nature are availble for our use, but not abuse, if we make use of resources we should try to replenish them also by offsetting our use.

I think there is something wrong with the economic systems mankind creates if they require destruction to get people out of poverty.

watching your video again I recall too that first Ayat you mentioned from Qur’an. It’s the one that 1st came to mind for me as well.

…Oh mankind think not that you are greater than heavens & the Earth. I didn’t catch what sura that was from? But very humbling.

You are the Lady Sister!

I am truly sorry but it’s just about impossible to accept anything a person hiding behind a mask has to say. It’s no different than Islamic fundamentalists in their masks decapitating westerners. You decapitate honesty, integrity and reason with your mask.

The only exception that Islam can go to war is to start a “holy war”. This means that they can go to war if any religion is against them? A war fought for religious reasons or else due to conflicts based in religion. If this is wrong, correct me.
Why is it so that Muslims actually was behind 9/11?
Was it the exception of a holy war, or was it just them being simple ignorant stupid fools killing lots of innocent human beings? Islam certainly hate the USA, no doubt about it.

Still, I don’t say that all muslim people are bad, we’re all human beings. But that the general population of muslims are to afraid off, is true in my mind. Out of all religions in the world, this is certainly the one I have the most grudge against.
Now, also one thing to note is that it says in the Qur’an that it is fine to kill those who do not believe in Allah or do not belong to the religion, Islam.

The problem with this is that the Qur’an needs to be looked at by different perspectives. Most muslims today take whats said in the Qur’an literally?. As with the Bibel, we have adapted to our new society and made new “rules” so it will fit our current society


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