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June 9, 2007

About Islam

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Youtube Commments:
I quite a lot of Islam and its doctrines and I have concluded it has some good points, but many negative points as well. It is becoming more and more extreme. You make it sound like americans are just killing muslims for no reason, while 1 or 2 muslims are beheading people. You know thats bullshit, most of the deaths in Iraq are caused by extremists

no negative points. Islam in itself is a perfect religion. Muslims however can have many “negative points”. you should know that Western civilization and the renaissance were practically started by Islam. Islam has only brought good things to this world, and thats fact. When was the last time you heard of a Muslim imam giving quotas to kill millions of “heretics”, or burning people who didn’t convert?

Magus, we’ve been through this before. The Lancet cites the two primary causes for death are sectarian violence, and violence by U.S forces. The sectarian violence is fueled by the U.S as they pit Shiia against Sunni by sponsoring Shiia-only government groups. I never said Americans are killing civilians for no reason. Theres indeed a reason, and that is the corporate agenda, that most “Americans” have no clue about. I never said it was 1 or 2 Muslims.

Coming from the same bullshitter who dismisses the rape of 14 year old girls, you’re quite the extremist. Most of the deaths are the direct result of the invasion which destroyed what was left after 12 years of sanctions. The same sanctions which killed over a million Iraqis. You are one sick bastard. Whats stopping you from going to Iraq, Mr.Fake Sikh?

Religion is for immature folks (imo). Spiritual Mummys Boys. Unable to live life without a stock explanation for everything,or a framework to live by. Not to say that Religions don’t keep people in line,bring social order,and provide ‘club comfort’. But they’re like tourist guides. Some people don’t require one. Others are scared to travel without one. Great offense is taken when their guides utterances are put under scrutiny. Because religious people don’t like their ‘own’ doubts to surface.

Well, also you claim to have family in Iran, which is why I see you only defending Islam when it is intellectually attacked. That’s why I think you’re biased. To YOU personally Belrum, I say the issues of taking arms to defend nationalist goals against the U.S., must be more clearly differentiated from taking arms to defend religion…

Machaeroguy, the people killing U.S invaders in Iraq are Iraqis, so yeah they should conquer Iraq, no shit, it’s their country, it belongs to them. The one person beahded was a metaphor and analogy, a hypothetical scenario, not an exact number. Most Iraqis are taking up arms to defend thieir country, not their religion, they want America out, religion is just a motivator.

>Islam says No! You must think for yourself.

My experience of travel in Islamic nations has shown me the majority are just led by the ‘local’ “controlled press” in the form of Anti-US,Anti-Jew conspiracy theories spun by local mosques on a Friday for political shit stirring. And people think they are free thinking just because they happen to swallow the “opposite” propaganda to western medias? No. Although I have friends in those countries,I’ve not yet met any “truly” free thinkers in them.

>”Anti-US” conspiracy theories? Like what?
>Invading a country and killing 650000 Iraqis?

No,things like believing (via Imams) that it is “allowed” for fathers to fuck their daughters in the west. And that Jews full stop are not human. And that Bush ‘eats’ babys and flew jets into the WTC via a personal remote control. I could go on and on. Trust me,people in several Islamic nations are just as manipulated by preachers, as people are by media in the west.

Machaeroguy, the Danish cartoons were not just anti-islamic, they were pledging support for the death of Iraqis and Muslims worldwide. It’s like if someone made anti-Jewish cartoons at the time of the holocaust, it would not just be against a religion, because of the times and what was happening in the world, same with these cartoons.

@Justicefish: You summed it up. To top it off, I don’t ‘know the numbers’, but I doubt ANY dane has ever killed an Iraqi or supported such a message, to kill Iraqis, through parody, much less Islam. For the record Belrum, I don’t associate Iraq entirely with Islam, but you just showed that you do.

>Danish cartoons were not just anti-islamic,
>they were pledging support for the death of
>Iraqis and Muslims worldwide.

Hmm. IMO,papers in western nations have a right to parody/criticize Islam if they wish. Not in terms of literally harming people. But a right to parody. Religions don’t escape parody and irreverence in western nations. Our nations are not Islamic states,and therefore should not have to indirectly revere Muhammad by way of sneaky ‘sensitivity’ laws.

Have you even looked at the athiest videos or are you just trying to gain more subscribers? Most of these individuals arent attacking Islam based on Iraq and other countries. Thier attacking it because of things like the response by Muslims to the Danish cartoons, the Sharia movement, Theo Van Gogh, and fucktards like vittorio203 flagging peoples vidoes.

JusticeFish82, I have 800 subs before, why would I even need to try to get more subscribers? The people I want to watch my videos are watching them, so why would I want more? The Danish cartoons had more racist and anti-Middle-Eastern sentiment than anti-islamic sentiment. I’ve seen more people use racial slurs with that cartoon as their logo than anyone else.

Anti-Islam doesn’t make one racist. Regardless of how offensive it was it didn’t deserve the response it got. People who had nothing to do with it have died as a result. These and other things are the kinda actions by Muslims that athiests are protesting against.

JusticeFish, many anti-islamic individuals use anti-islamic sentiment as a coverup for their racism. Atheists on YouTube were protesting YouTube issues, not world issues, they were complaining about flagging, lol. Anyway, why not bring up how many Muslims have died as a result of U.S propaganda and WMD lies? You fail to see the fact that showing anti-islamic cartoons while America is bombing Muslims is like showing anti-Jewish cartoons during the context, it has more than one meaning.

Thats bullshit as most people who hate on Islam don’t distinguish between Arab muslims, white muslims, or even black muslims. Your argument comparing the Holocaust to the Iraq war is absurd. America is not in there to kill Muslims and fight Islam. If that was the case they wouldn’t have put Muslims into power and there wouldn’t be any Muslim left alive right now in Iraq. A real war on Islam would’ve started in Saudi Arabia with the bombing of Mecca.

i think you’re wrong on one point….i think the US govt and american corporations like haliburton love islam…..because it’s been their perfect scapegoat, they can make people scared of it then kill thousands of iraqis and pretend its over something other than oil profits.
if people didnt listen to the fox news and the govt, they wouldnt be afraid, and they wouldnt be so willing to go over and die for george bush.

the video you responded to entitled: “Slave Girl Sex with CapnOawesome” was a video in which Snow defended some principles within Islam. Your video doesn’t mention these principles… you seem to have halucinated an argument (Islam is bad because some muslims do bad things) then (rightly) pointed out how stupid the argument was.

It seems like you’re trying to turn this into another “West vs East, Christianity vs Islam, America vs The Middle East videos.

I admire your honesty and straightforwardness and its nice to see enlightened, mature, intellectual and non-ignorant people for a change who see the world from an open mind without pre-conditioned notions that the governments and the media rape peoples minds with.

Criticism of Islam has been around for a long time. But Islamic prescence has increased hugely in Europe (for example) in recent decades,due to immigration from all manner of countries & the growth of Islam in general. It is natural (imo) that big conflicts of interest (ideological and political) come to the forefront,as Muslims develop organizations which ask for more influence in these ‘multi cultural’ times of ours. Rightly or wrongly,there “will” be conflicts of interest. Chalk and Cheese.

most of the propaganda against Islam has been created by Islam. There is a series of vids on Utube discussing why the Danish cartoons where published, they are titled Islam versus freedom, if you think you know what happened but your basing it on what you’ve heard you really should take the time to watch them. BTW the really disgusting cartoons were added by imams to incite violence, why?

Yes,the cartoons were already published on a previous occasion and went mostly ignored,until a reprint when some Muslims with their “own” agenda decided to made a mountain out of a molehill and whip up fury in the Ummah. An entire campaign by certain clerics,then swept through the Islamic world to whip up a frenzy akin to the Satanic verses hysteria. Burning embassys & boycotting Danish products etc. If they were big public posters,it could have been justified. But they weren’t.

>Wasn’t the war supposed to be in April? I call bullshit, lol.

I had a look at the video that NuclearBaby is referring to. It’s hilarious. The guy is really getting a kick out of a prophecy about Nuclear war. Almost as if he can’t wait.LOL

Ossa, check out “Bodyguardeagle” (I call him bodytard)’s comments on my “Jumping In” video, he claims Saddam moved his WMDs to Syria, and that theres only 3 real news agencies in the world (AP wire, Reuters, and APNT), LOL! He also claims i’m an “Islamic Jihadist”, i’ve asked him how like 12 times and he keeps repeating it.

islam will stand against corruption, mass murder, genocides, rich ppl getting richer and …
That contradicts to americans imperialist dreams. Intrestingly all the time USA media brings someone to criticise islam is an Ex-muslim. Why dont they bring a muslim to defend the religion? USA media is 44th in the world from the freedom of press side of view.

>Why dont they bring a muslim to defend the religion?

Because a cars salesman is not the best person to speak to,if you want a fully honest opinion that doesn’t have an underlying motive. A car salesman will always steer you away from any failings,and show you the shiny headlights in order to get you to sign the cheque. If you want a fully honest opinion,you’ll speak to someone who has tried several different kinds of cars,and will be 100% honest with you about his findings (good and bad).

Read the Koran and compare it to what you see in the news. When Muslims perform acts of terror, it’s in so obedience to the Koran. Subjegate the entire world, by the sword if necessary, is the irrevocable Koranic obligation of the faithful muslim. It’s propoganda when this violent religion is called ‘peaceful’. What other religion demonstrates it’s commitment to peace by sacrificing it’s own children and killing innocent people – things which have become synonymous with Islam.

Solar, your misunderstanding of the Quran is insane. It’s propaganda when you label an entire religion “violent” based on smal groups here or there. These things only became synonyous with Islam through the eyes of the misinformed masses who get their info only from flaed and biase news agencies.

Belrum, to me, it’s you that seems misinformed. My opinion of Islam is NOT based on a “small group here or there”. But even if it was – have you ever heard of Christian suicide bombers? Or Buddhists blowing up buildings, killing innocent victims? Why is it only Muslims (small or great) kill people to communicate their “peace-loving” intentions? The globe is blood red. largely thanks to Islam and you’re trying to convince people that it’s pure white. Propaganda? Absolutely.

Solarexplorer, how am I misinformed? Christians may not engage in suicide bombing, but Bush the self proclaimed Christian signs off war bills and orders that kill far more than any suicide bomb. Do we have to bring up Rome, the crusades, the spanish inquisition, Adolf Hilter (yes he was a self proclaimed Christian), the witch burnings, the massacre of the indians, the enslavement of the blacks, the Serb “cleansing” etc.

I am a half-syrian half-irish american who comes from a family that is half muslim and half catholic.
I think your evaluation of islam and the media is spot on-however,I don’t know where you are getting the idea that the US is bombing Iraqi houses everyday?You make it sound like its indiscriminant.


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