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June 9, 2007

Re: Judelicious gets exposed (plus bonus bestiality content)

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Youtube Commments:
I am a little peeved by this guy attacking you !! Not just because your a cutie ,but because what he did was a bitch move . Please babe just 4get this whole mess . You are running the risk of looking like an ass by proximity. He’s a liar so leave him in the gutter where you found him .

It’s such a guilty pleasure watching this unfold… Hey Jude, that was a perfect response. Can’t help but wonder why he has such intense hate for you… maybe it’s the “you always hurt the one you love” thing and is mad that you found Ben… Ick… Brett secretly in love w/you… that’s too disgusting to think about… I take it back. 5 stars.

It would be so easy to refute jude’s “shop” if that is what it is. all brett has to do is show us the original video … which is coincidentally missing from his channel. finding a video of yourself not talking with that white cap on shouldn’t be hard. but instead he does a rather poor shop of his own and leaves the accusation out there instead of dealing with it.

You’re 100% correct Jude, and I say that as someone who’s been subscribed to BK for months. The response to your video by BK was totally disgusting and childish. He’s simply covering up his lie with more lies and childish attacks.

What he shouldn’t have done is altered his poem video and made that idiotic attack video against you. He should have admitted what he did was wrong, promise never to pull that crap again, and should have removed that vid.

I’ll be honest here. I enjoy your videos, and I also enjoy Brett’s. I’m a fan of both of you. Jude, I’d rather see you take the high road here. You’ve made your point, quite dramatically. Belaboring that point will just further damage the appearance and credibility of a community that has already been all but torn asunder by drama as of late.

Jude IS taking the high road. It is ALWAYS the high road to expose a scoundrel. He was a scoundrel when he plagiarized. Judelicious pointed out his misdeed. And he compounded his (neologism alert!) scoundrelosity when he responded by accusing her of having sex with animals.

And I’ll admit, I get a lot of enjoyment from the content Brett provides. I think he’s entertaining. Between the death threats he receives, and the people digging up details of his personal life from ten years ago and making them public, he clearly has a lot on his plate for the moment. I’d hate to see this become the straw that breaks the camel’s back and causes him to decide that a presence here is more trouble than it’s worth.

I´ve only ever been polite to him, all my videos to him are up, check them, you will not find one personal attack in my videos towards him or anything of a threatening nature whatsoever. I think a public apology from him would be an amazing gesture and restore all credibility, it would get a standing ovation from me and many others i´m sure.

If this were the only incident of him doing something wrong then an apology would restore all credibility. However, people have caught him time and again bearing false witness. If he had apologized yesterday he would have restored SOME credibility. But if he apologizes now it will be too, little to late.

Never mind, I withdraw my objection. I now realize my lack of objectivity here. I personally want to see Brett succeed because I like his message and I like his attitude, but what’s right is right, and I don’t wish to defend the act of plagiarism. You did the right thing in exposing it.

Brett does a great deal of damage to other atheists, to their families and their children. People look at him and, because he is high profile, they think he is what atheists are like. He gives credence to the claims that atheists are immoral. He should be chased off YouTube no matter how entertaining and informative he is from time to time.

“I’d hate to see this become the straw that breaks the camel’s back and causes him to decide that a presence here is more trouble than it’s worth.”
I wouldn’t. He’s a scumbag who makes ALL nonbelievers look bad. Saying so isn’t the problem, HE’s the problem. Your desire to see him stay, only shows your poor judgement.

SecularNATION, it says not a thing about my judgment, it speaks only to what I personally find entertaining. Though recent events have shown me that his scruples might be tarnished, it does not detract from the fact that he runs a very prolific and entertaining channel. I think most of the hate he garners is from those unaccustomed to his kind of straightforwardness.

Wait, wait, wait… Brett accuses Jude of having sex with animals and you think that she’s not “taking the high road”?

Why would you still support Brett in this instance?

Go to Brett’s page and scold him for saying what he said about Jude.

Oh, you don’t want to be labelled a troll and then banned.

You’ve misinterpreted my intention, rnistuk. I’m not defending Brett, I’m simply expressing my concern that this has the potential to turn into a divisive feud that makes the freethinking community on YouTube look even more like a bevy of quarrelsome brats.

I feel that exposing the cheats among us is far more important than having a veneer of unity.

And in this case Jude is not being a brat. She is simply exposing a fib.

Brett Keane refuses to take responsibility for his action, and in fact, in the face of overwhelming evidence, insinuated that Jude framed him. That required a response from Jude.

She is certainly not acting the brat.

Excellent rebuttal.

You “dealed” with Brett Keane’s “counterdictions” really good-like for, without “pop-shots” or being “insultive”.

Mr. Keane has a real “situation” here, he “supposivly” didn’t plagiarize, but he “oviously” did.

Ow… Talking like Brett Keane is painful.

Hello Folks this is Brett Keane i just wanna say this is completely false she edited this entire video as well as my own video she somehow edited me saying everything in fact i never even made the video she just made it somehow i dont even know what a poem is. yup.. well folks there ya have it.. i mean who ya gonna trust ME BRETT KEANE THE ARTHUR or this lady?!

You’ve handled this well and intelligent, his way of debating fails terribly, basically he does the same thing each time- He contradicts religious arguments with the ‘bad’ things in the bible like murder, rape ect while throwing in name calling and taking the discussion offtopic. Basically, he’s done the childish thing and is avoiding the situation by making claims that you’re harrasing his wife/ photoshoped his video description.

It is a shame that he is reverting to ad hominim attacks it seems to be much easier that the truth.
Perhaps someday we could get some sort of honesty in our failed leadership here in the US. But no, that would require courage. Something which we in the US seem to have forgotten.

What he did was change the comment on the original video to cite the author of who’s poem he stole. Then he made an attack video. The people who believe him and still subscribe to his channel must be people of low moral fiber.
Oh yeah he also deleted all comments that spoke about plagiarism on the original video and probably banned the users.

Come on Brett. Everybody knows you added the “by Judy Burnette” only after your plagiatrism was exposed. There are other documented cases of your plagiarisme. You’ll block me for saying this of course, & you can delete or eidt videos that later embarrass you from your channel, but YouTube has everything saved on it’s server and it will come back in your face if you ever did try to sue them. I understand Judy Burnette will be suing you, BTW.

OK, in his latest set of videos Brett Keane is claiming that he had always had the correct citation on the stolen poem video. And that if he didn’t he would have been sued.

Judy! Please sue this fucker.

Remember when I called him a poo bag? I have now upgraded his rating to shit bag.

But it costs money to sue someone. BK probably hasn’t got enough money from his stolen poem sales to hire even the type of lawyer the Simpsons always end up with. Then the AA and his rich parents will counter-sue him into oblivion. It’s all moot now because BK has really screwed up by posting private info.

Judelicious……..hun all youre doing by responding to Brett’s comments is giving him the attention he desires. I myself have known Brett for many years. He used to come into Christian chat rooms looking for his stardom and attention. All who know him, know him for the liar he is. Hes a sad person really…..very sad. He attacks anyone and everyone. He has even made fun of my daughter who has a serious brain injury. Pray for him hun………..God can do miracles.


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