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June 10, 2007

Lisa Martella (LMartella) – Her Path to Islam

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Youtube Commments:
iuploaded…wow you put him on the cross? you killed your own god? why did you do that? stop it let your god live, he created you after all, i cant beleive you killed your god like that, its really not nice. Damn my god cant die, he is eternal. what a shame.

The reason why I despise converts is that they have all the ‘fun’ and go around sinning and doing all the forbidden things until they convert. And once they convert they claim they to be All-knowledgeable.

They get it all out of their system under the excuse of ‘ignorance’.

I don’t mean to be argumentative, but I feel it’s justified given your comment. I’d like to point out that there are plenty of instances where born-Muslims do the same thing you accuse converts of doing. The difference is, that a convert, while being born Muslim by the will of God, has no way to learning about Islam because they are born to a household with their own instilled values. This is through no fault of our own.

cont… And to judge us based on the fact that we were born into a faith other than Islam is simply wrong. We do not avoid Islam to be “sinners”. Allah(swt) can open any person to the truth of Islam. He does so with converts, and for you to judge them based on a past in which they were unaware and unlearned about Islam is simply incorrect.

As long as you don’t…repeat…don’t believe in suicide bombings and killing innocent people (IE children) in the name of Islam good for you. I am Christian, but I do respect rights. It is sad though that you see comedians, TV media, all sorts of crazies attack Christianity, but that never happens to Islam in the US. How Ironic…I think making fun of any religion is one of the most immoral and evil things one can do.

As long as you don’t…repeat…don’t believe in killing blacks, are mot a member of the KKK or the Nazi party or had nothing to do with the Crusades or Inquisition, the war in Iraq and the killing of Muslims on Palestine then good for you deluded Christian person. Never seen Islam being attacked in the media? WHAT? Have you ever seen TV or Newspaper or any other media?

As many people do, one takes the crazy Christians and stereotypes. I know thousands of them and they are not killing blacks or in KKK. We will never get along living with this mentality. My response was positive if you read it. If you look in the news MANY people are killing in the name of ISLAM!. I am not saying they are all that way AT ALL. All religions have there crazy ignorant participants unfortunatly. You will never be Christian and I will never be Islam…is this bad??

Do you not have much faith in your religion? Why would i not be a Christian? Your comment about people killing in the name of Islam is typical of one who has been brainwashed by the media yet you claim this is not happening in the US media. Hitler killed in the name of Christianity so what does that prove?


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