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June 11, 2007

Mountin’ Jew

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Youtube Commments:
I’ve not heard the word “nipper” in conversation for a long while, but “telly” is still relatively common in the venacular. (for those who are confused “nipper” is roughly equivelant to “ankle biter” (a child) and “telly” is slang for Television)

I like Code Red.
And slightly off topic…I love how generic brands try to get as close to the brand names as possible….like Wal-Mart’s version of the Dew is: Mountain THUNDER! Same colors and such….I actually did a double take in the store. *sigh* yes, i was in a wal-mart….$1.25 for a 2 litre….I’m a broke artist….let me be. 😛

It’s a shame you can’t get Ale8 in Australia. It’s the greatest soft drink on earth…it’s like a ginger ale, but not as bland and dry. It’s tasty and very addictive. Until fairly recently, it was only available in the area in which it is made – Winchester, Kentucky and surrounding counties. It’s now spreading out a bit, not sure how far. Probably not Australia.

Lol, I never noticed the “you CHOOB” or had any other misinterpretation of your words. It’s pretty simple to understand what you’re saying. You are after all speaking freekin’ english XD Funny that people have to point it out. But interesting too.

explain this one for me, (even though it’s my accent not yours). I pronounce Mountain Dew, as Mountain||Dew, with a pause. (Possibly because Duw, the Welsh word for God sounds exactly like Dew, the English word for moisture on grass). Yet, I pronounce YouTube as You||Tube and iTunes as iChewns. That’s rather perplexed me.

I have a real question though: Do Aussies bend the structure of sentences? E.g. a popular sentence here is “I do do that” or “From the Valleys, I am.”


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