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June 11, 2007

Truth or Dare GONE BAD… Vacation Vlog 6/1/07 11:27 am

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Youtube Commments:
hehe looks like you are having a nice vacation, thank you for sharing it with us:) it is great watching someone on a nice, sunny, vacation while you are sitting in your room and reading social sience because you have an exam tomorrow:-/ Looking forward to see more, thanks again for sharing it:)

If he went bald, you could stand between him and your dad and we would have to guess who was the real Renetto!!

The dark hair is better with the dark ‘brows. I went blond-ish once and almost shaved my eyebrows off because they looked so much darker.

“Don’t leave.” 😛 Hahaha. Shoulda answered the truth question. “You’re hawt, I’d date him”?! Haha, even Random Adult Woman notices the Cuteness in Chase. Lakeea seems like a hoot. Random people often get a chance to shine in Renetto videos, I like. I will forever be a fan of DARK, LONG hair, but it’s good to experiment! Keep having fun, guys, and good to see you again, Chase.

I really like it now. But I’m surprised Great Clips treated you so well.. they run on a time schedule. The more time it takes to clock in and out each person, the worse it looks for them..
And that’s classic the lady in Sally’s told you about their policy and you said “oh ok I’ll put it away” but didn’t bother to mention she would be on YouTube!
Great laughs Paul. Thanks for sharing.. and where are you now? Cuz Great Clips are all over the place..

Chase is da man! He looks good with his new “do”. Just some words of advice – don’t let him spend too much time in chlorinated pools or the toner will come right out and he’ll be right back to being Carrot Top. (I know this from experience…)Once hair is bleached out like that, it won’t hold color very well. He may have to do a couple of touch ups over the summer until his natural hair color grows out.
Tell him girls love blonde, tan guys and he’ll be thrilled!!!



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