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July 1, 2007

Zanessa News! (#27) [6/29/07]

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United Kingdom




twist is a horrible mag though. they were the ones that said vanessa and zac went on a road trip and got in a fight and broke up. and it was all confirmed to be false information. I wouldnt trust Twist mag at all. the trusted source is definatly popstar! I’d rather wait for popstar to say something then i’ll beleive. it 🙂

Ohh and Go girl mag i have n its not in there AND twist magazine cant possibly of wrote that in that short space of time because these pictures were taken at 5.10pm and in order for twist magazine to have put that they would’ve had to have had a phone call at least 5 mins after which isnt possible because the drive from Rubik’s to Zac’s house is longer therefore they HAVE made it up!!! twist magazine is called twist because they TWIST the truth there publicity is going down MILES! tam

I know a lot of people forget to say it but THANK YOU for all ur updates. I can always rely on you for updated, truthful, insightful pictures and information on the cutest couple. THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!

P.S. I dont think Vanessa is pregnant!!! Please don’t make up facts like the break up and the death of Zac which are all lies!!!


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