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July 8, 2007

Gordo Brown – A rant

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Isn’t it incredible how a country’s government tries to define what it means to be a member of that country. Politics so far removed from the people, and they have the gall to attempt to define us. They wave the flag and we’re expected to think they have the people’s best interests at heart. Reagan was the last decent US leader. I’m sure Canada had a decent leader some time but I don’t know who that could have been. Harper’s trying but he’ll need a lot more time to do something useful.

Reagan decent? Ha! don’t make me laugh. He supported dictators against popular revolutions and counter revolutions against democratically elected governments. He had a secretary of the interior who said their was no need to manage resources because the rapture was coming and he sold weapons to terrorists and dictators, including but not limited to Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. He even spoke in support of the South African Apartheid regime, and he’s a “decent” US leader?

He cared about the US and its people. I don’t know about everything his administration did or allegedly did. He came into the presidency in a pretty bad economic time if I remember correctly. The cold war was one of the country’s most pressing concerns, and peripheral actions were likely in response to what was understood as the greater threat. After the USSR came down thanks to him, Gorbachev, and lucky timing, the primary concerns of the cold war were gone…

As for Apartheid, given the ANC had replaced non-violence (which apparently wasn’t working) with acts of home-grown terrorism was maybe part of the reason why Reagan wasn’t behind them. Also, his view that damaging the economic machine of South Africa would hurt blacks too (removing their means of self-support such as it was) and the country’s means of survival kept him involved with the Pretoria government. He regarded the elimination of Apartheid as prerequisite to long-term relations.

I’m no politico, I haven’t read endless documents and sources to find this information, nor have I dug into the intricacies of the actions taken by the Reagan administration. One thing Reagan appeared to do was give the nation back it’s sense of self-sufficiency and strength.

Reagan also helped immigrants to settle in America better.:)If it wasn’t for Reagan my family would’ve never have the property and house it has now. He gave immigrants that chance for an American dream. And Castro at that time was pretty quite. Its as if the world feared Reagan. Now look at all the shitness US became. We need Reagan again, lets do what Lewis Black said and dig Reagan out and make the dead man president again. No one would dare mess with us.:)

I view him as someone who’s just trying to make the best of the present, waiting for a crazy neighbor to move away soon so he can do something useful with the new occupants. Anyway, I’m in over my head here, I despise politics so I don’t keep track of much that’s going on in that world.

This may sound extreme, and it’s just a gut feeling, but I don’t think the new world order has room for conservatives and liberals. This is a sock puppet show to keep people busy while the real foundation for control is laid. Sounds very apocalyptic, I know, but whatever takes shape will look different from anything history has seen. Not quite communist dictatorship, corporate godhead, or military state, but something else. ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.’

40% of all women in the United States are living in poverty. Most in the state of California expecially in Orange, California only 2% can afford a home here. The Elite millionaires are not going to be altruistic, they are going to do what they want until people start writing letters, become lawyers, judges, and become more activist.

Brilliant rant, Warren. Just brilliant. No wonder you left. Here in Glasgow people are going into NHS hospitals for fucking key hole surgery and dying after contracting deadly viruses. It’s no surprise, really, as the hospitals are cesspools. Yes indeed, Britain is going down the toilet. 😦

Umm, it’s only a big bust while everyone remains oblivious to divisive tactics used by media to keep everyone from ever organizing and standing together. Other than that, there’s no real reason why ppl can’t come together, we just have to stop being goaded into attacking eachother.

Um, yeah, because nuclear weapons are so good for planet earth and mankind. *rolls eyes* You’re an idiot who loves to talk big and tough but you really don’t think about and calculate the damage going to war with countries like Iran will do to countries like the U.S. and Great Britain, do you?

It’s no surprise that the British are sick of Tony Blair and people who feel the way you do, sir. It’s no different here in the U.S. Americans are sick of the Bush/Cheney team and the sooner their time is up the better off we’ll be. And so will the world. Your ideology is extinct and dangerous to the world. There’s a difference between fighting terrorism and just wanting to start Armageddon. You, sir, are apparently a part of the latter and are, therefore, a total kook.

So true and so well put, Warren! Especially Great Britain, who owned so many different parts of the world and has been multi cultural, before any other country in the world would be starting to do this.
The issues you are bringing up are enough to fill many other pieces of your activism. I cannot else but agree with all you just screamed. Bravo!

Clintons, Bushes & 90% of American politicians were preselected and sponsored by international bankers without any allegiance the American people. They will continue False Flag terror until the public begs for martial law.

Google videos: Zeitgeist part 3/3(30 min), Terrorstorm (2 hrs), America: Freedom to Fascism(2 hr), Loose Change(2 hr). articles: Walt-Mearsheimer-Israel

Warren you have so much truth u need to be recognized, you tell it bro, someone needs to, im glad its you! I hate liveiung in the the UK and totally am side by side with you bro keep vlogging more people lisen to ur views than what the government want keep going!
peace bro

unfortunately Warren there are too many so called americans who mindlessly follow the dubyas of our society. They lack your intestinal fortitude to think for themselves and challenge the leadership they mistaken support. Perhaps it is their pride preventing them from seeing the forest is burning all around them.

The tide is turning somewhat. A lot of people are sick of Bush. According to the latest polls 54% of Americans want Cheney impeached. Close to 50% of Americans want Bush impeached. People here are sick of those two and they want to see them go. We’re not perfect but people here are sick and tired, too.

Well I’d rather be one of the “PUSSYS” (sp-pussies)
that is knowledgeable and intelligent enough to see beyond Bush’s b.s., than a mindless, and uneducated product(aka – supporter) of his policies. p.s. Prople is really spelled (people) I verified this with my 11 yr old Boy Scout.
Thanks for proving my point.

Bush kicks ass how? The way he did with bin Laden, letting him slip away when he could’ve bombed him into oblivion? Or does he kick ass the way he did when he decided to join the national guard instead of heading to the front lines to fight in Vietnam? The real pussy here is you. You’re the one who can’t seem to grasp the idea of how incompetent this administration is and how bad they are for the country and the world. Wake up, rlhunter1, and stop being such a stupid moron.

There ARE some of us who do watch outside news sources and get information from international legitimate sources. We know things are bad and we’re trying our best to spread the information to friends, neighbors, to everyone. Unfortunately, there are some who won’t listen but they constitute approximately 30% of Americans who still think Bush is doing a good job. The rest think he sucks.

Ha- I’ve recently been made aware of the proposed U.K. “4th of July” -All of the worst bits, and none of the good ones.
My impression was that if you don’t participate proudly you are a member of the BNP. So stop complaining, or you’re a nazi!

…Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

google “Britishness-is-bestness”

WTF would Gordon brown know about being British as far as I’m concerned he’s Scottish I’m English he’s a tight fisted bastard I see a lot of tax increases but no positive help for the people who had their houses flooded will they get a tax break i bet they don’t fucking cunt.

wow would love to go to speakers corner with you, you sound like me.. NEW WORLD ORDER, MILTARY LAW.. All Terrorium is an illusion to keep people in fear .. All the political party’s corrupt by freemasons, The goverment is trying to scare the public into giving up there freedoms for security..

I was born in UK but i ashamed of my country no way I will bow down to this prat Gordon Brown.. Lets face it he is a ugly fat bastard. And USA What the fuck do we want to be like that brainwashed country the USA is the MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY in the world and it’s residents are slowing waking up thank god

Well said Warren. The only positive i could take from Blair and now Brown is my eyes in politics have now widely opened. If only the majority did the same instead of watching big brother. They’ve done nothing for us. Nothing for our freedom except f**k up our reputation, made us scapegoats to Bush. This isn’t the Britain i was born in. And damn it there’s gotta be some change.

“These are things that happen in America.”

ummm, no.

In Britain, Nick Griffin was arrested for saying Islam is a “vicious, wicked faith.”

Can you give me one example of an American being arrested for speaking his or her mind?

The simple truth is that it’s just as correct (if not more correct) to say those things happen in Britain, not America.

Warren, you are always entertaining but you are not always right.

In Britain, it seems like Islam is the only religion that is not allowed to be critisized. Of course, after the car bombs threats, the hundreds of mosques sprouting around, and 7/7 Islam has become the unspoken elephant in the room. Muslims are their own worst enemies and their refusal to integrate has hurt them deeply.

Bush is an asshole ok. Also in some parts of Europe you can get arrested if you flip the bird at someone. I sure never heard anyone in America who got arrested for that or for cursing.:/ And Britain invited the surveillance in the streets and its already in America. The other day going to Ft. Lauderdale me and my bf got photographed under a billboard that has a camera in it. We now just flip the bird at it.

If League of Nations is the first beast and WW1 is the first wound, and United Nations is the Second Beast and WW2 is the second mentioned wound. And America is Babylon and the US dollar is the mark of the beast, does that make terrorists, angels and prophets? Check out my new video to find out the answer.

I wonder where you have been for the last 15 years. The world is moving to the right. Why is this? Because we are heading towards the establishment of one world government. The Roman Catholics predict through the prophecy of Malachy, that Pope Benedict is the second last pope who will usher in the final pope in the last days. Time is running out.


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