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July 8, 2007

Ron Paul mocks John McCain’s fundraising

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No, I asked him what he though of John McCain saying *he* (McCain) might take public financing, as his campaign staff said in a conference call this week. And Rep. Paul said: “He needs it. We don’t need it.” Paul was snarking at McCain’s expense.

I gave it a 5 of 5, was a good clip and news for me. You know some Paul supporters are touchy about any hint of spin concerning his coverage. Consider yourself collateral damaged in this war for freedom and rest assured knowing that you weren’t the main target. 🙂

Mocking implies malicious intent. That sounded more like more of a good natured jab to me. Ron is probably riding high having raised more than a first tier candidate. Besides, have you seen the internet lately? A whole lot of people are saying worse things about McCain than that. He sunk his own battleship with the immigration bill.

Ron Paul seems to be the only candidate who knows and talks about the important issues like getting rid of the Federal Reserve scam and thus and then of the income tax.
Vote for Ron Paul.
See “The Money Masters” in google videos for a very good explanation on the important topic of monetary system.


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