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July 10, 2007

Hello, Iowa? Freedom Calling…

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I love you. This is a great idea and you covered the “don’t be a(n) &^%$(*#@^% about it! Thank you for the reminder that it’s about Dr. Paul’s views, and not ours. I should right that on my hand…
I hope I get to shake your hand one day. Maybe at Dr. Paul’s inauguration!

IMHO I don’t think it is wise to say in the begining ‘I’m not supporting any particular candidate’ and then end up discussing Ron Paul. This conflicts with itself. Perhaps omit that disclaimer? JMHO Thanks for the great vid’s Rachel and for helping on this project.

That was my objection too. The distinction is too Clintonian for my taste. Honestly, the first part of the call as shown in the vid would have lost me, if I’d been the recipient. I’d never make it to the Ron Paul part. Too boilerplate! Loosen up and be more real. JMO; I do like the concept in the abstract and will be looking into the project.

I get nervous on the telephone. I don’t even like ordering pizza. So I’ll leave the calling to someone who is better at it. I am doing a lot of research, talking to friends and family and recently joined/started a RP meetup group in my area.

gl hf Ron Paul

Great idea Rachel! And if I may give you and your supporters a hint (I do this calling professionally here in Germany). When people say things like “am not interested”, try to politely, but firmly ask e.g.: “Is it because you know Ron Paul or because you think we don’t need more freedom?” The goal: pass the first barrier (most people have this on the phone) with a pro-pro-choice. Good luck! Auf wiedersehen. AvL

Some Radio and Networks have tried to not air Ron Paul even with the public pressure to get him out there. Here is the answer : BOYCOTT. No consumers=No advertisers=No network or Radio station…Get the picture? The good old American peaceful protest! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER! RonPaul2008

Ya this idea from Jason Stoddard is the best I’ve seen in awhile. And Ive seen ALOT of them. They have a very professional and organized system thats been well tested and developed. If you follow the plan, you wont annoy anyone. Dont listen to any advice in these comments though. If you help, then do exactly what everyone else is doing which is already tested and works great otherwise you will end up annoying people and harm more than help.


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