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July 11, 2007

White House Bullshits Its Way To Impeachment

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We are living in an era under a tyrant who enjoys defecating on the Constitution as much as masquerading as a Christian. If the truth were told, his ancestry is cabalistic. G.W. Bush has adopted the same techniques of torture, political deceit, perpetual war, and pure hatred of perceived enemies, as the notorious Israeli spy agency, Mossad. The Mossad’s motto is “By Way of Deception Make War.” This, not coincidentally, is ALSO George W. Bush’s motto. The heading is appropriate for this man!

Okay. It’s superb. What can I say?

That story about the shooting and incarceration of cameramen and journalists hits home. I saw the video on The Jew Watch Project that you are talking about. It was a vicious cowardly attack by a Zionist Army that is filled with sadistic people. They are a bunch of Nazis.

Why doesn’t the Zionist NY Times suggest that the USA boycott Israel’s payments until that time that the terror state in Tel Aviv decides to clean up its act. All of these horrors come back to haunt the USA which is Israel’s only friend. And I wish it weren’t. That nation deserves no friends.

Al-Qaeda linked to operations from Iran
By Stephen Fidler in London
Published: July 6 2007 22:04 | Last updated: July 6 2007 22:04
Evidence that Iranian territory is being used as a base by al-Qaeda to help in terrorist operations in Iraq and elsewhere is growing, say western officials.

It is not clear how much the al-Qaeda operation, described by one official as a money and communications hub, is being tolerated or encouraged by the Iranian government, they said.

[obviously, they don’t know this, do they? So the reporter is accusing them of a LIE here.]

The officials said the creation of some kind of al-Qaeda hub in Iran appears to be separate from the group of seven senior al-Qaeda figures, including Saad bin Laden, son of the group’s figurehead, that Iran is said to have detained since 2002.

[In other words, Iran is not really involved. It’s trespassing at best.]

according to a credible poll? come on man. you know i like your stuff, franklin…but you cant just say 45% want this according to a credible poll. zogby, usa today, cnn? who conducted the damn poll.

p.s. check your damn inbox. i sent your ass 2 messages a week ago

Jackdoodle1972. How are you my friend.

I got this story from Drudge Report today.

“Nearly half of the US public wants President George W. Bush to face impeachment, and even more favor that fate for Vice President Dick Cheney, according to a poll out Friday.”

“The survey by the American Research Group found that 45 percent support the US House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against Bush, with 46 percent opposed, and a 54-40 split in favor when it comes to Cheney.”

“The study by the private New Hampshire-based ARG canvassed 1,100 Americans by telephone July 3-5 and had an error margin of plus or minus three percentage points. The findings are available on ARG’s Internet site.”

“The White House declined to comment on the poll, the latest bad news for a president who has seen his public opinion standings dragged to record lows by the unpopular war in Iraq.”

Try Drudge. Or, use a Google search for “45% want impeachment”. It shows up if you check “News” for the search instead of “Web”.

So, did I lie? I think that’s a reputable poll. But since I want Bush out of there, I’d take a dung pole if necessary.

Hey, while we sit at our Computer-blaming JEWS for our troubles- look at ‘Ashoura parade’; a large groupe of MUSLIM Men walk down OUR streets- cutting their heads with swords, knives and box openers- while Women look on with DELIGHT! If this does’nt get your BLOOD to BOIL, they are also hacking the heads of LITTLE KIDS! If we permit this on AMERICAN STREETS, WHAT NEXT????

Rupert Murdoch has succeeded with his $5 billion bid for Dow Jones, owners of the Wall Street Journal, according to sources acting for the Dow Jones board. Negotiations on price and matters of principle have been completed, though some details remain to be resolved. None is regarded by either side as a deal-breaker.

4. Younger members of the Bancroft family, who have no involvement in Dow Jones, pressured their relatives to accept the Murdoch offer and pocket the 67% premium, knowing that, in the absence of another buyer, the Dow Jones share price would plummet if no deal was done.

ALWAYS an interesting and informative program!!! Nice Job! ; )

45%? I do think this figure the corporate media is pedaling is a bit deluded. Americans WANT impeachment on both sides of the isles. These damn plutocrats in office will NEVER do the right thing and impeach Bush & Cheney. This entire crew of neo-communists should be tarred – feathered then sent to the front lines in Iraq without food, water or weapons.

I was just watching a Ron Paul for President 2008 Rally in Iowa. He has mobilized people who have been staying away from politics for so long that they have no idea of what is happening to them, because they are now caught up in a candidate. We can do the same thing with impeachment.

cpotato2004 (5 hours ago)
Personally, I’ve seen these parades of bleeding men. I find no fault in them. They are for religious purposes, to demonstrate their oneness with God by cutting themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Zionists are not jews, but the word zion comes from the jews. Right. Jews are the only group in the world changing their names, so do zionists. Karl Marx was a zionist jew, Theodore Herlz was a zionist jew, Joseph David Stalin was a ‘jew’ (mentally ofcourse) George W. Bush is also a brainwashed white, so act like a zionist.

What a nut job this guy is. His calm demenor and talk of peace contradicts his message. Not a word about the biggest threat in the world, radical islam, flollow radical islam and you will find war and terror, The Philipines, Bali, Sudan and most of the rest of Africa

Zionism caused 911, 911 caused radical muslims to get even more angry, and causing them to do their terrorattacks in London, Madrid, and so on. Read George Orwells book 1984 for example. Israel is surrounded by muslim countries, so zionist causing 911, so the west could attack the Islam. This is the dirty trick (tactic)


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