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July 12, 2007

All Wet

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The part that doesn’t make sense is how a single person within the Order could incorporate a special message through an “official” video. Bree isn’t just improvising, so wouldn’t multiple high-level people have to approve the script? Could the Order be deliberately throwing Daniel off the trail?

♥ ღ Cool Video ღ ♥

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◘♥ °° (\__/) (\_(\
◘♥ °° (=’.’=) (=’ :’)
◘♥ °° (“)_(“) (,(‘)(‘)
◘♥ °°

ღ ♥ Łø۷ℓ ♥ ღ

Seriously, I hope this girl playing Sarah makes something of herself. I think she is attractive in a lot of ways, and I would watch her if she got on television somehow.

But, being in these vids with this Daniel dude is really bringing her down. What’s with the close-ups all the time man?

You might get a spot in some commercials promoting abstinence, cause anything more than a few seconds of looking at your mug is enough to put anyone out of the mood.

i never watch these episodes im subscribed but dont watch em this is the first one ive watched so its about a drama soap opera adventure with indiana jones type thing its cool but not my style to slow for me…i rather laugh at my own stupid vids everybody watch the evil twin episode 2 from vids hela stupid

here’s the plot on this episode: Daniel & Sarah film thereselves investigating a location from the secret message on Bree’s HymnOfOne video. THey find something then they immediately find a way to post their video on Youtube. SERIOUSLY, the BlairWitch Project style of filming used in these videos are getting silly. Should have switched to TV/third person perspective a long time ago to make it an official soap opera via youtube

Gee. I sure wish I could rake in the cash and fame just by doing a half-assed job at acting in front of a cheap camcorder. You people all suck at acting, and don’t deserve one ounce of fame. Do the world and the YouTube community a favor and knock this whole saga off NOW.

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