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July 13, 2007


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do this video kick ass bleach for life this chaper id hype STOP YOUTUBE!!!~For your information, Youtube is getting rid of all Anime videos.Every night at 10:00p.m. they have a maintenence that deletes any videos that are Anime…To stop Youtube from doing this, You need to get enough people to Protest…To do this, please help by Copying and Pasting this message to all of the Anime Videos from being deleted.

wow peoples dont you think its odd that ulqiorra is been in that other dimension for like a year NOW!!!!wth he supposed to come out in like 5 min grimmjow said it himself…>.> plus i prefer ulqiorra over grimmjow because imagine how strong ulqiorra will be and ichigo is still weak just because he fuses with hollow ichigo it doesnt change the fact that his power fluctuates just like ulqiorra said himself “ichigo power fluctuates higher and lower than my own”

It looks like the more Ichigo accepts his masks power the more he likes it and the more compatible he is with it thus gaining longer periods of time with it. Also I saw a comment about how Ichigo is going to beat Aizen? I really dont think this is somthing hes going to do on his own. Probably get the help of everyone else including the help of those vizard people. (the other masked people)

If you see GJ is weak now beacuse of New Ichigo and that’s why he shot some spikes to Inoue.He knows that Ichigo save her and get hit >_> However it’s bad that Ichigo can’t defeat GJ so easily(he’s only #6 Espada) Ulquiorra is #4 and sooner or later he break this inner dimension cell.THX manufn619 for upload!!!

I feel Aizen is licking his chops right now to get his hands on Ichigo. He was already interested from the beginning, now it should be worse. I think he is aware of everything going on in Los Noches and, as usual, waiting for the perfect time to make his move.

Also one of my suspicions have been proven right. Think back to when he was training with the Viazards, Hiyori was cursing him about the length of time he could hold his mask. His reply was that holding it longer than that would be dangerous. I think he was still afraid of his latent ability, but now he has fully embraced it and, as he said, is having FUN.

If you look closely you’ll see that Grimmjow is beginning to be afraid of Ichigo. When he went to break Ichigo’s mask and Ichigo grabbed him with his bare hand Grimmjow was shocked. Then he noticed that none of his attacks are hurting Ichigo. He has the same look in his eyes that Inoue has.

You can’t know… I think he did it on purpose or at least subcontiously because nothing else was working against Ichigo, whereas Grimmjow already got wounded twice. Also, as Darknu~ mentioned, Grimmjow went for the mask, notifying he is getting more desperate. Previously he just wanted to enjoy the fight, now he seems anxious to finish it.
:P:P Totally lovin Halibel, even tho only a short scene there. The whole chapter actually was great… best action for some time.


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