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July 14, 2007

fall out boy @ live earth part 1

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United Kingdom




thnk god 4 youtube i was on fobr dot com and everybody was panicing if they didnt come on NBC!unfortunalty they didnt!!and then someone gave me the link for this!!thnk u 4 posting this if i didnt see it i would probally be dead!!haha just kidding

i should choke u all for even speaking anything good on this u dumb fucks. this is the worst shit ever. u like a fucking fat boy and a shitty ass band who needs to fucking fall off the goddamn earth. fuck this band and fuck your sorry ass life for accepting this nonsense. goddamn imbeciles. the whole lot of you. go die now. right now.

wow.I’m sorry, But i really dont understand why you would even take the time to watch this and type that long comment if you hate them so much. This wasn’t their greatest performance, and i respect your opinion of them and all, but Im just saying that what they are doing is for a good cause and you shouldnt bash them or the people who are fans of them.Seriously. And that “fat boy” is liked for his amazing ability to sing.
even though he couldnt really sing in this particular video….

a lot of us americans are fucking fat anyway. patrick is only from america. in any case, he sounds really good on thnks fr th mmrs considering hes in front of millions and using energy doing unnecessary “dance” moves with the guitar and what not purely for our entertainment.

Fuck yeah, Patrick! What a come-back from yesterdays Today Show! Hey, don’t give him too much beef about the intro to Thanks For The Memories. It must be hard re-creating that symphony part on the guitar. Different, at least. Definitely better. Then again, there’s only so much you could do with the Today Show. You were probably better prepared for today.

Oh, Patrick… have my babies…

Fall out boy it’s a really great band, everybody hate f.o.b, we are a shit!!!!! patrick sing very good, and all the band play excelent. pete i love you ,i’m waiting 4 you , see you the 7 of august in mexico city i love you soooo much!!!,joe you look so old with your hair like this. but i don’t care i still love you fall out boy!!!

does it really matter what they look like!! patrick is an absolutely AMAZING singer, joe is brill at playing guitar, andy is great at playing drums and pete is a good bass player! i like their old stuff better, the tttyg stuff though. and they are NOT, I REPEAT, NOT good live!


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