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July 15, 2007

The North American Union

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I agree with most everything that you said, EXCEPT the part about America not being the most productive nation. The problem is that at what price we are the most productive. Americans now work longer weeks and have less vacation time the other industrialized nations, our electronic communications meaning that even when we are off work, we are still on call by employers. This creates stresses previous generations never had.

As for a North American Union, the multi-national corporations are moving toward it more than the actual citizens, strongarming the governments to do their bidding instead of the people’s. Being able to retain our national sovereignty is a paramount concern beyond the xenophobia surrounding a giant influx of immigrants. While the European Union has thus far been successful, it is too soon to say if theirs is the model North America should emulate.

it doesn’t really bother me that people dont except spannish…. american coorporations will move on with out them and they will just be left in the past and so will their kids so they can give rederick about spannish is bad all they want but it doesn’t change the fact that they will be the minority

Like yourself, narrow minded liberal fuckface. You don’t understand much of what you talk about, so how come you are in a position to judge? Shut the fuck up, watching videos with liberal (liberal as in libertarian, nothing else, americunt) propagandaists spewing their venomous lies.

I have no political affiliation nor liberal, libertarian or whatver you would me like to be. These unions are forming everywhere without respect for national sovereignety of each country, a long time ago my father said that Europe will be united under one flag and one currency and everyone took for a conspiracy theorist .I just read yesterday that Kadafy asked for a african union. Educate yourself and don’t presume you know me.

Sweden TAKES IN MORE IMMIGRANTS THEN THE EU CONBINDED!!! and the workers will son have to pay up till 70 precent for the ungreatful, unsolidaric bastards… my grandmother worked all her life and get 7000 SEK in pension, A IMMIGRANT HERE FOR ONE DAY GETS 10K, Justice? I really hope civil war will come, sweden is the peacefullest country in the world (Why can only swiss guard the pope? doulbe moral)

Hate to say it warren, but tracking/tagging…isn’t that crazy. The technology is already out there (even if it needs fine tuning) I don’t think there needs to be a NAU to cause this (as I have no doubt 99% of all political figures would do it if they had the chance regardless of any NAU) I really don’t see the connection between tracking/tagging and NAU.

There’s no difference between ‘mainstream’ Liberals and Conservatives. One’s for a Welfare state, one’s for a Warfare state, neither of which are working. Perhaps we need a Constitutional State, where people like the Bushes and Clintons won’t have the power to slowly destroy our wonderful Constitution and society. There’s nothing wrong with being a liberal or conservative, but being an ‘extremist’ is the problem. Aurea Mediocritas.

English is the predominant world language. It is the language of money. When a company in Japan does business with a country in Germany, the contracts are often written in English. More people speak English in China, than do our 300 million American citizens.

What concerns me about the NAU is not that we will be linking ourselves with Americans. It’s the fact that they are implementing this in a secret and non-democratic way. This can be used as an indicator that the new NAU will not be a democratic one.

you mistakenly assume that America’s ideology, leadership, and government is similar to European demogougery. its a different people with a different government. The so called American union will affect Americans in a vastly different way than the Europeans. Americans resist change, as Europeans like to embrace it. I haven’t heard of any grass roots movements in britain, but who knows.

No genius, I never stated that. my intention was to c define in parallel the European Union and American Union concept, then offer the distinctions between grossly dissimilar cultures. You mistakenly assumed that I am American. I did not emphasis or respect punctuation to clearly or emotionally express my statement. Stating “European Demogougery” sounds condescending but It was not intended to.

People have more rights etc??? Have you even bothered to look at the sponsors of the North American Union? Mega Corporations – like they care about ‘people’. You’re ‘assuming’ that people will be treated ethically, when even the creation of the NAU is being done completely without ethics or even public (mainstream) knowledge. Do your homework, then rant.

My problem with the NAU is that it does indeed destroy national sovereignty, and we’re no longer the United States of America. Social healthcare is bull, it won’t work here in America, not on a federal and national level. America is about the individual and their rights, not about controlling everyone to live a certain way. America is not like every other country.

First of, our socialized education is horrible. Kids nowadays aren’t being taught the things they should, all across the world. No longer are critical thinking and artistic ability important in school. Now it’s about training you to be a future worker, not a future thinker. Welfare is a tragic thing, seeing as how it rewards people for laziness. Too much do I see people taking advantage of the system, all the while my tax-dollars go to these criminals.

I can understand helping out the down-trodden, but I refuse to help out the lazy people that have a bunch of kids, yet no stable job. As for Police and Fire Departments, OF COURSE they’re socialized. That’s one place where the Federal government is actually Constitutionally correct in doing what they do.

However, America is based on the idea that we have our individual rights and freedoms, which includes the Freedom of Choice. Forcing us to have the same healthcare as everyone else is only going to lessen the quality of healthcare, and put good doctors out of jobs.

The problem with our healthcare right now is the fact that the government has TOO MUCH control over it. They have since the 70’s. Not to mention lawyers screwing over doctors. Socialized won’t work here, yet we haven’t given the Free-market a chance.

soooo,you prefer to have selfish buissness controll your health. HMO’s really dont care about you,all they want is money. that is why our healthcare system is a peice of crap. education sucks, because its underfunded. you should try to be more helpfull and less selfish. what are you doing with that extra hundred dollers thats so important?

Selfish businesses? HMO’s weren’t created by the Free-Market, they were created through the government. Due to the government influence, our money no longer speaks to these Big corporations. Had the government stayed out of it, our money would speak volumes, and in effect, healthcare would be of great quality, but alot cheaper. Money’s alot more powerful than a vote.

Selfish? Of course I wanna make sure I’M taken of before someone I don’t even know. How can I better the world if I’m broke AND unhealthy? ‘Extra hundred dollars in my pocket’? You must have me mistaken for a rich man. I’m quite poor, even though I try my best to stay in the ‘middle-class’.

Watch my Video Response to this video if you want to understand my stance on Healthcare, which just happens to be the same stance as Ron Paul has repeatedly stated. I understand wanting to unite the world, but doing it by destroying national sovereignty is not the way to go about it. Individuals are the most important thing, not groups.

it wont affect yor taxes as much as you think. currently they are wasting more of your tax money building bombs then helping people who cant find a job. people on wellfare do NOT have it easy. they arent all unemployed either, they cant get a job that pays above minimum wage and are thus below the poverty line. believe me,id rather my tax money be wasted on wellfare then on bombs. wouldnt you?

As I just said, I understand not ALL people on welfare are cheats, but those that are, they’re destroying the Welfare system, and the government isn’t doing a thing about it. As for taxes, yes, social healthcare would affect it greatly. Already I’m losing 30-45% of my wages to the IRS and Income Tax, and I don’t mind paying taxes for streets, fire departments, and the likes, however, I DO NOT want the government controlling our healthcare.

healthcare wont affect your income tax. healthcare is in a terrible state in this country, we can do something about it, or we can continue to make love to our ever so preciouse money and let people who dont have an extra couple thousand dollers rot in a dich.

the goverment has stayed out of it. the system was created so people could make money. and thus, HMO’s dont give a crap. i know people who have been denied healthcare because there insurance company thought they werent important. how do you justify that? that is your precious system. wait untill you get put 10,000 dollers in debt because you got into a car accident.

Watch my video, it’ll explain a little bit about HMO’s and government influence, the link between Health Insurance and Corporations caused by the Government, and the fact that here in America, a TRULY Free-Market would do wonders for our healthcare. As for being in debt, almost my whole family has enormous medical bills, but we don’t get pissed at the Insurance companies, we get pissed at the government influence that causes this insane prices.

yet you are against socialized healthcare? that makes no sense. insurance companies rutenly deny help to people so they can make money. the goverment refuses to stop this because they too,love money. if the country had socialized healthcare it wouldnt matter how rich,poor,stupid,greedt, or whatever you are. youll be treated just the same. i think the only reason people are against this is because most people define socialism as communism. this aint communism, its common sense.

I’m behind Ron Paul on this, seeing as how he was a doctor too. Social Healthcare will only work to weaken the already fading ‘middle-class’ and while the rest of us are stuck on the government’s healthcare system, the ‘upper-class’ will still be buying the best healthcare. I’m not comparing Socialism to Communism, I just don’t think it’s gonna work in America.

HAD the government not gotten it’s influence into the healthcare system, we wouldn’t have these insane insurance rates, and insurance companies would be COMPETING to get more consumers, by offering better healthcare at a lower price. You should look into how the government actually affects healthcare, and how much better it’d be if people had control over it with their money, not their taxes.

I used to think you knew what you were talking about but now I don’t. You don’t like to be told what to do and think but you sure like telling others what to do and think. BTW…Alex Jones is doing this country a service. He educates and brings awareness to the general public unlike the corporate controlled news. Come to think of it I’d like to tell you something to do…Go fuck yourself and never step foot in the US!

Actually Warren if you work for a European corporation like Nokia you get the same benefits here in the United States that they do in Finland. They follow the European standards all over the world. Six weeks vacation to start, maternity and paternity leave, health care, etc. My friend works for them. He brags about it all the time.

Clintons, Bushes & 90% of American politicians were preselected and sponsored by international bankers without any allegiance the American people. They will continue False Flag terror until the public begs for martial law.

Google videos: Zeitgeist part 3/3(30 min), Terrorstorm (2 hrs), America: Freedom to Fascism(2 hr), Loose Change(2 hr). articles: Walt-Mearsheimer-Israel

Hmmm let’s think about this for a moment. Why not just have the USA annex Canada and Mexico? Hmmm even better annex all the way down to Columbia. Of course the Republican Party would be a small minority but still have most of the money. The immigration issue would be dead, bad trade agreements forgotten, more oil, spanish would become a must, french language eroded further, and of course one currency.

Last night I had a surprising chat on stickam. This American guy actually said that universal health care would bankrupt his country. WTH ? Canada’s economy is fine and when I mentioned that most Canadians still pay for prescriptions and dental care, he made it quite clear that he feared a welfare state. Canada will never be able to join this country until these people are deprogrammed. (cont)

Forgot to mention one thing – Nobody gets up and arms when people don’t take their trash to the depot in major urban centers in the states so why are they against universal health care ? Both are funded by the taxpayer. Both limit the spread of disease, to all of the population. It is rather ridiculous to claim that one’s “dime” is more important that the possible diagnosis of a fatal flu variant in a minimum wage earner.

I agree 100%. especially with about the first minute and a half. This “concern” comes from the same right wing that hates the UN and wants to abolish it. They’re afraid of any kind of change. “Yeah, the world is hell, but at least I know it.” kind of thing. Irritates the shit out of me.

Anyone who thinks that people that are against Social and Universal healthcare are just ignorant and biased anyways. I’m against, but not because I value money over human life, or because I think poor people (of which I’m one) should just die off. I’m against it because you’re technically FORCING someone to finance someone else’s life.

That’s an invasion of my individual rights and an invasion of my financial life. Not only that, but with Patients and Doctors not with the government, there’s confidentiality. However, when the government IS the doctor, well, there goes that benefit. Be responsible, run your OWN life, not the lives of others. Once everyone is taking care of themselves and their families, then the world will be much better off, rather than depending on the government to FORCE everyone into it.

9-11 Twin Towers False Flag attack by USA to win support for: war, imperialism, oil theft,Martial Law, Israel. Google: Justice for 9/11, Loose Change, Walt-Mearsheimer-Israel, Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism, Terrorstorm, Money Masters,Robert Bowman, David R Griffin, Steven Jones, Michael Ruppert, Charlie Sheen, Wm Rodriguez, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Meecher, Andreas von Bülow

video. google. com/videoplay?docid=497251819335380093

Dude, honestly, I don’t think these guys even support Ron Paul. I understand, we can’t trust the government on everything. But come on, spamming every video with this same exact message. At least be original and creative, and type something different. You’re exactly the kind of problem RP’s campaign is getting hurt by, the spammer. I might type alot, but it’s not spam, it’s actually me typing and thinking different thoughts. Give it a break, please.

Warren, I know English is not your first language, but really need to concentrate on using words correctly and try to speak in complete sentences. But, more importantly, what are your thoughts on the crisis in Pakistan in which Muslims are hiding behind women and children from government forces? Do you still think Islam is rational?

The problem with the NAU is that it’s not being pushed forward by OUR government, but rather the government that has been taken over by Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs. They haven’t said crap to the American people about it, and such things as the CFR are all for it. Check out which candidates are backed by the CFR. Just about all the ‘Top-tier’ ones. They now that the American people wouldn’t go for it, unless of course there is a reason to do it, such as for false national security, etc.

It the choice of The People of the involved countries, and it only takes one of the country’s People to say “NO”. Considering this NAU idea was introduced by a bunch of criminals posing as our governments, and it does not do anything productive but enslave us even more, I say NO. And if ppl were actually informed about it, they would say NO also. Ron Paul is our next President, and there won’t be a NAU.

the problem is, there are a lot of good things about uniting countries together, but also a lot of bad things.
You only hear the good things and the bad things happen really slowly. For instance, when a new law is past to tackle a problem you want to be tackled, that law can be made so, that they can change it afterwards (in a bad way).

The EU and euro is also a “threat” to the hegemony of the American Dollar. Iraq/Saddam started selling oil for euros instead of dollars and look what happened.

The motiviation for the NAU & amero is not for the good of the ppl… It’s about centralizing power & currency competition.

Don’t watch Alex Jones… Read Noam Chomsky.

Dick Cheney headed JINSA, Jewish Institute for
National Security Affairs.

“Don’t worry about American pressure, we the
Jewish people control America.”, Israeli Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon 10/3/2001

Google: Zeitgeist part 3/3-45min, Terrorstorm-2hr,
America: Freedom to Fascism-2hr, Loose Change-2hr
& Walt-Mearsheimer-Israel

Let’s say for a second that America gave all Mexicans citizenship. After they have rights and legal status with American pay standards it seems likely they will be undercut by south Americans being imported for cheap labor. After all the corporations won’t hire over paid citizens because our market costs are hire compared to currency ratios. At least for now anyways. I suspect a reverse migration might occur if the economy dumps.

😀 I like the idea of united North America. Taxes will lower due to the fact that boarder portal is down and the national guards wouldn’t get over paid for something stupid that isn’t needed to begin with. Also I love the idea that American school ought to teach kids more than one language it will broaden their knowledge and make them more respectful intelligent beings. In other words less wars will occur due to cultural understanding.

Around where I live(Hialeah, Fl) both english and spanish are taught in schools, in some french is added as a third. Kids around here are more tolerate of differences due to adding more languages into children lives. I for one know english and spanish and want to start taking sign language and french lessons to expand both my career and my understanding of other cultures.

Unfortunately the gov. wants to make english an official language as if english is far more superior. Such attitudes cause war and crimes. If Europeans could learn more than one language why can’t Americans. I do a game with my students which helps them learn new languages. I ask my students what languages they know other than english then ask them if they can translate word on the board in that language. Around where I live its encouraged to know more languages.

So a more centralized government which is more removed from the people is going to be more responsive to the people? For someone who is always so angry at government, you seam to want more and more of it controlling our lives. Do you even think these things out before you say them, or just read from some socialist blob somewhere? The USA was founded on individual freedom and liberty, but most do not even know what that means anymore.

Ron Paul Interview on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” Sunday, July 8, 2007 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST
(he has logical answers)

Comment on this video:
(Im moving from florida, back to philly, becuz mexican run ALL the jobs here, not just the shit ones, they own/operate businesses, they are not all slave workers)

It’s starting to not be that much cheaper for US companies to employ people in Canada with our dollar being up to 95 cents. I’m content with the standard of living in Canada and don’t feel like getting dragged down. Is it a coincidence that the highest standard of living in the world is in Norway who are not an EU member?

If League of Nations is the first beast and WW1 is the first wound, and United Nations is the Second Beast and WW2 is the second mentioned wound. And America is Babylon and the US dollar is the mark of the beast, does that make terrorists angels and prophets? Check out my new video to find out the answer.

We took down the illegals, the bill didnt pass Americans dont want it and we aint gonna take it. We hate Mexicans, they ruin our towns, they are filthy and destroy our neighborhoods, you dont know what the hell you are talking about, come to New Rochelle NY and rent an apartment living next to 20 mexicans in a studio apt. with roaches all over the place,
you dont know what the hell u r talking about, stick to english politics not AMericans

Actually, it’s the children of illegals that become a problem, because the parents are forced to live in ghettos where they hide. So crimes are not reported and the community doesn’t work to solve issues. The exception is single employer towns, where illegals can integrate and support the community. See the story about the Georgia town that was devastated due to an INS crackdown.

And you do know what you’re talking about? Please, give us some more of your erudite, race-based analysis. Please elaborate: just how dirty ARE Mexicans?

Also, to the I only hate ILLEGAL immigrants people: if they wrote a law tomorrow granting amnesty, would you suddenly stop hating the Mexicans? Where did the current laws come from? Why assume they’re just?

Not in favor of the NA union. European govs. are more competent in terms of reflecting and acting upon the desires of the people within each state, due to their small size imo. The US fed is very incompetent and powerful, the result will be a further compounding of incompetency and will hurt all 3 countries.

We, as Americans have every right to demand that people follow certain rules when they come to our country. If we want people to hop on one foot and pray to Zeus we can do that. And, the North American Union is globalization and globalization IS bad. How you can think that bigger government will actually create more freedom is beyond me. Try reading the book 1984.

HAHAHA, good job warren, just as ignorant and comedic and always. You obviously place a lot of trust in the government to support and protect you. I understand though. You have a good life right now, so government must be good!!! Dont worry warren, that will never change. You can alway count on the government!!! HAHAHAHAHA.

Poor Warren and his European inferiority complex. The good ol’ USA has saved an ungrateful world and especially Europe numerous times just as we are now in the middle east. We’ve invented EVERYTHING worth inventing and give more in economical relief, disaster aid, and charity than every other nation combined. God bless the USA!


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