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July 16, 2007

Morning Musume – Onna ni Sachi Are PV

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I really like this PV! It’s got great dancing that goes very well with the song, the only problem I have with it are the giant YELLOW FEATHERS. The song already reminded me on Kawaii Kare by Melon Kinenbi, with the feathers, I keep thinking of THE Peace!

I don’t no if anyone has noticed this or not, but in regards in to why the outfits are so similar to the ones in The Peace: The Peace was released on July 25th, 2001, while Onna ni Sachi Are is to be released on July 25th, 2007. Also, at the time of the recording of both songs, Morning Musume had exactly 9 members. I think that kinda explains why they resemble one another.

koharu… irritating to me. i wonder why she was called “the ace” back in the days. eri looks more attractive here. i like aichan, but i hated the way she covers her other members. it feels likes tsunku doesnt want them to give them a chance or something.

i really think that everyone got a pretty much equal share of parts to sing…like sayumi and eri (not to mention alot)…oh, love ai chans new hair..a very brave and nice change..simple but gorgeous!! well, it kinda bummed me out because i was hoping for more risa because she has a really good voice and she’s been doing so well in the past the way, she looks awsome in this pv!..yay!!!..

I lvoe it so much! The line is very more equal in this single, i love it. The only person we don’t see is Risa! T_T So sad, i love her! I’m happy that Eri as a solo ❤ Koharu, no comment. She good, but she too in front in this one! Linlin and Junjun, i love this two girl! =<3 Mitsuiii! ❤’s alright PV, ai-chan amazing as ever, looks like koharu is taking mikitty’s place, sayumi looks cute (although it’s too bad she didn’t have a line), linlin and junjun doing nicely. Minus point, what’s with those yellow feather and the thing in their hands, it’s too much, it’s like covering their face. I wanna see their face, not feather, and also when they said “baka”, why is it silent?? is it part of the song?? it’s cute, but it’s kind a weird without a sound.

ambilis naman! pero ampangit ng dance sequence, parang sexbomb! yuck, haha but koharu is improving a lot. and the last shot of ai is so dominating, shes like telling everybody (including miki), “this is my group, like it or not, im the leader” haha. this sound reminds me of “ai no sono touch my heart”

i’m pretty sure sayumi sang a few times in this song…you see a lot of her in this pv too…and eri..yay…i like it this way better, when everyone gets to shine…that makes the group more real and alive…but but where’s Risa!!!…i still can’t get over this…sigh, i was really hoping to see her alot in this single…she’s got an awsome voice…

Where the hell is Risa????

OMG… i can’t believe that Koharu have more lines than Gaki-san, ’cause, we all know that Koharu is a bad singer, and Risa is just better than her -.-

I hope that in the next video, she have more lines than Koharu or Ai -.-

yeah…gaki-san is kind of hidden somewhere, i think the whole “miracle” thing for koharu plays a part. She’s looks great though in here, but needs to see more risa and sayumi. Well, i guess you can’t get everything, 9 member in about 4.5 minutes song is quite hard task to fit them all.

This reminds me of The Peace only because they featured Rika on that one and she was a fairly weak singer compared to the others. On this one, Koharu is weaker compared to the others also, but she is in the center. The costumes are a bit too much, but they work somehow. And it’s interesting how Kanashimi Twilight ended on a close-up of Yossie, the departing leader and this one ended on a close-up of Ai the new leader.

Aichan showed to everyone that she is the LEADER now~! her facial expression is sooo diff.

Eri’s solo was amazing!!!!!!!!!

Junjun,linlin did a pretty good job, i think linlin’s voice is kind of unique… hope they will keep working hard and shine…

So Koharu is pretty much taking Miki’s spot on the songs and video. I’m sure if Miki didn’t have to leave she would have had all of the parts that were given to Koharu. It’s a smart move though as Koharu has improved a great deal over the last year or so and it’s a good and fresh way to market Musume to a younger crowd.

Completely forgettable — and I finally figured out why. I’m accustomed to watching these girls every week on ‘HaroMoni’, or in any of a zillion “making of” and “back stage” clips. I know and enjoy their characters, and I see absolutely nothing of them in this video. Except maybe for LinLin at 03:35, they’re all giving the same half-dead stare. It’s impossible for me to care.

Forget the Golden Era. At this rate I’d be happy just to get back to “Chokkan 2”.

i think the “half-dead stares” are supposed to be sexy. I think that they’re boring and completely un-sexy looking (then, I’m a girl and don’t normally find girls sexy, but still).

And I agree that even a slight return to the old style would be nice. The expressions in chokkan 2 make this pv look as though it’s full of sleep-walkers.

In a compliment, I do like the song itself.

yes, koharu has improved alot and she looks great…but i really think risa should’ve gotten more parts…the song would’ve sounded better…i think…anyways, she is the sub leader right!…it’s great that eri and sayumi had more lines!!…junjun and linlin are pretty good!!…

dayum finally when Eri gets better at singing & better looking they barely give her any parts ; same with Risa ; Sayu sounds a little better now…
Takitty looks pretty with short hair ; is she & Sayu like the new ‘couple’ now? cuz they kept showin them together

HORAAAYYY!!! it’s awesome… lol… they’re not lypsynching though.. it’s because of that Close-up version. maybe they were asked to say “BAKA”. Anyways… awesome. nice job. Cool new leader (not as cool as Yossie or Kaori or Abe, but who knows.. ^_^) Go Ai-chan! Subleader Risa! lol great! Linlin and Junjun are both so pretty here. Didn’t get to see Mitsui much. But everyone improved. I hope no one from momusu leaves soon. ^_^ More foreign members! (Keep the original pls Tsunku? :D)

to the one who said that the ascendancy of koharu has begun, you’re damn right man, obviously, she is being built up to be one of the front runners of this group, yes she is not the best singer in this group, and she cant even dance to save her own life, but there’s something in her that i cant explain that makes you want to hate and like her at the same time haha weird


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