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July 17, 2007

Linkin Park 2 – Live Earth 2007 Live from Tokyo 07.07.2007

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United Kingdom




whole point of this is to stop or prevent less globe warming if we dun stop the globe warming there WILL BE NO LINKIN PARK!!!!!! yes yes i noe wut ur saying “how can I live wihtout Linkin Park??!!” just stop the globe warming when globe gets too warm we’ll join the black parade!!

chester’s great, but he’s not the best at that kind of stuff. two off the top of my head with truly versatile voices are serj tankian from system of a down and bert mccracken from the used, and there are plenty more. but yeah, chester’s really good.

i have a question for you, good sir or madame, a question i’m going to ask even knowing of the pointless internet “debate” that will follow… if you don’t like linkin park, then just why exactly are you posting in a thread for the video “LINKIN PARK- Live Earth 2007 Live from Tokyo?”

and yes, i’m sure you have all your little reasons for hating the band, such as “z0mg u guyZZz 1inKIn prK R 3Mo FAgsz” and any other arguments you may have prepared for situations such as these. and that’s your opinion, which you’re fully entitled too. and yes, you’re also entitled to freedom of speech. but i think i speak for most everyone when i kindly request that next time, you just keep it to yourself, eh? thank you very much.


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