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July 18, 2007

Karl’s Video Diary #14 (London and Derby)

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United Kingdom




Karl–did you happen to find any wax WMDs when you were with Saddam? Anywayz, I enjoyed your vid as always. If you had planned to come to NY today (7-7-07), I might have actually attended.:) I live in NY, but I wasn’t sufficiently compelled to take the time to attend. You’re one of the few who might have made me consider it seriously.:)

lol sadam hussain and hitler now there quaility celebrities to get your photo taken with
BTW I mentioned you when i did my videos about zipster coming to england wish i could have got to meet you all but for now ill just have to make do with spoting you through a train window in leister

OMG!!! I’m HOWLING!!! Between the KarlDaly eyeglasses on geriatric1927, the WAX-tastic … I was just waiting for you to call the wax museum “Madame Cusswords”. LOL!!! The geriatric & zipster clips were just perfect!! Thanks so much for letting us be part of your trip!

GIVE ME MY SNOWMAN BACK OR I WILL HAVE TO UNSUBSCRIBE and i’ll tell everyone what you really did and then i’ll cry and cry and cry and cry and well … there. I don’t think you love me anymore and you can’t come again. How would you like people to make fun of you.


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