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July 28, 2007

July 26: The Price of Fame

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United Kingdom



Here’s what I don’t get, and what I’ve never understood:

How come people think it is an insult to say “u r gay?”

For instance, “u r brown-eyed” is almost never used as an insult. I’m not gay, but I’m not at all insulted if someone says I am. It’s like saying I have blue eyes. I mean, I don’t, but so what? -John

I just want to comment that from discovering your video yesterday, I have watched every single one from January to today. You brighten my day. And I hope to be the best nerdfighter I can be as I continue to watch you guys with each passing day. I just want to comment on how sad I will be when this ends, also Hank I love your songs!

After I saw your featured video yesterday and found out about your little project, I actually ended up watching ALL your videos…and I mean ALL, it took me all day, but it was well worth it. I really like the idea since I have two brothers and I know what your situation is like. You guys are awesome! Keep it up.

Any profits from anything associated with Brotherhood 2.0 goes to the nonprofit Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. (But both our wives are jokes with that, I’m pretty sure.)

More info on the Foundation (and how to donate!) on the web site. (And thanks for watching!)

I said a have your baby comment. I hope there were more or I feel like an ass. But I meant in a you seem smart funny and witty. You sir are allowed to procreate. A privelage I think that most people do not deserve. And since I am a rational human being and I know the chances of us meeting are slim to none I would think it would be rather hard to actually have your baby. So how is this comment? Your videos are jokes and if you read all of this comment you are gay? I can never gauge the middle.

wow…i knew there was a reason you were my favorite.

i hope my earlier comment referring to your hottness wasn’t too extreme…i was just stating fact whereas i’m pretty sure the ppl who want to have your freakin babies are chronic exaggerators…my point? keep up the good work and i can’t wait to see the next video!


You forget another part of Internet Fame: Random people come up to you on the street, saying your name like they have known you forever.

Love the happy dance, it made me laugh, and grats for the internet fame. However, much like Spider-Man: It is your gift, and your curse.

lol nice altho its not easy to tell if or saying accio or accio different if you writing so theirs always that dilema and i like your diagram for where stuff falls onto the chart i for one am more to right side of the chart without wanting your babies lol

^^. okay so i saw your ‘accio deathly hallows’ video yesterday, aaaaaaaand i’ve just finished watching all 149 videos. i love you guys SOO much : ) i’m off to chat in ‘your pants’ and maybe start one of john’s books (i got them at the library today! :D!). i’m not sure which one i want to start first. aaaaanyways i love you guys sooo much! : ]

Ditto….Except I haven’t finished all the videos….I had to sleep and eat and that kind of slowed me down.

And I’m Buying 2 of Johns books. Yea for that little sneak peak feature on amazon….but I’m not that patient so I’m getting them at Barnes and Noble Today.

I also posted thier last vid on my myspace so my friends will watch them and then we can laugh about how hilarous and entertaining they are.

Hmmm….wow…I think this makes me a stalker.

Even though you’ve probably heard this a million times recently: both of you are officially amazing. I love all of your videos and you’re my new favorite people. And I hope I never come off as creepy or strange. D; But uhm, congratulations on all of your YouTube fame now. 😀

psst, on your forum…is there anyway you could possibly make it so people could add each other as friends or something? because im finding a lot of people like me, with same interests, and its kind of weird talking just through the forum topics. if not..tis fine, your forum with still be filled with awesomenesss. :]

Well, obsessive comments aside, and ‘gay’ comments aside, it was pretty jokes.

Being a Harry Potter NerdFighter, I do have to appreciate the level of fame you’ve received from it. Also, nice work on keeping spoilers away!

Your next song needs to be about other HP spells. Try and use Arresto Momentum and Avada Kadavra

‘Who CARES how you say Accio’

Whats accio anyway?

My bfs a harry potter tard too.. 3 days reading harry potter..

I think the book turned him gay.

I hate harry potter! >=[

However,i accidently bought cinema tickets and watched all 5..

maybe everyone should just look at what your mom is looking at… that would probably be good… for… your circle.

so i was just wondering if it would be wrong to comment on super old videos and not just new ones. or would that be bad?

There is nothing wrong with commenting on old videos. Lots of people are doing it, and we read all comments (well, except for the video that has like 3,500 or whatever). But you might enjoy the community/viewing experience more at the web site, brotherhood2 dot com. Up to you, though! -John

great. good to know that comments on old things will be viewed. 🙂

is it easier to click around and navigate than youtube? because I’m on a laptap currently and i’m not very good with the mouse. (darn the cordless for dying on me)
anyway *off to comment on an old video*

I just tried to talk as fast as you, and it came out verbally insane. My children just wanna watch to time your speech. lol.. Editing is a powerful thing.
Thanks Youtube for featuring you. It’s been fun watching your previous films. We are looking forward to more..

first… wouldn’t it be cool… i mean JOKES if there were Harry Potter Anit-Slip Bathtub Grips? That way no one will get hurt when doing our happy dances!

second… please dont have my babies, that would just be weird what whith you being a guy and all. Not to mention being a gazillion light years apart… unless technology can or has advanced that far then the distance wouldnt matter. But i still dont want you to have my babies, no offence.

You know. Latin is a many-thousands-of-years-old DEAD language. In fact, no one knows what the language actually really truely sounds like as it was spoken many-thousands of years ago when it was still alive, so I say: Oshkoshbegoshio away brothers!

LoL! dude, I’m new to ya’lls videos n the brotherhood 2.0..anybody who doesn’t like you two, should be shot.. =} btw: Your accio pronunciation is PERFECTO…oh and btw you’re totally JOKES! lol =} Question: What gave you 2 the idea for Brotherhood 2.0? and will there be a 2.1?

I have been singing “accio deathly hallows” all day today to myself… and embarrassingly in front of other people… after seeing it featured on Youtube yesterday. Now I find myself kind of hooked to your vlogs. Not like there’s going to be any more HP books… I have to do something with my time.

You guys are great thanks so much for sharing your communications with the rest of us. The happy dances make me smile and the Harry Potter song was “right on!” I just finished HP7 and I’m an emotional wreck – J.K. Rowling is a genius. Who would have thought an unemployed single mom would be on par with the great
writers of Greek and other ancient myths and fables!
Cheers to you both and the rest of the Nerdfighters!

Oops sorry…. IT JUST SLIPPED OUT! To counter my err… “overly nice” comment I can give you my father’s pseudo-“mean” (hasn’t got a mean bone in his body) comment “I couldn’t take it I had to turn it off…” I on the other hand obviously found it to be brilliant! And wish to warn you “Beware of Nalts…”
You are both great, clever and cool.

I saw the Deathly Hallows video along the side of my computer screen, and I was like “ZOMG! Deathly Hallows is on YOUTUBE!?” and I clicked it. 😛 I always pronounced Accio “Ack-SEE-o!” where Im around, we pronounce words with a Spanish accent, but “a-HEE-o!” didnt seem to fit.
Love your videos anyway.

You guys are jokes.
~KT [not Rachel]

You made me laugh so hard, i cried, which is bad, because laughter is a form of pain… so ouch, that hurt.
I actually like your editing, because you move in and out from the camera, so the cuts are defined and go together well. which is nice because you tend to find alot of webcam shots on youtube that looks like the camera’s glitching between cuts because people are always in the same spot relative to it.
anyway, nice vids.

I’d have your babies, for sure! haha! just kidding, well congrats on being famous, are people recognizing you on the streets yet? well they should! before you know it you’ll be on martha stewart, explaining how AKSIO deathly hallows and youtube made you a celebrity. that would be cool, I’d watch that! well anyway, your videos are great. have a nice day!

Okay I have watched all of the brotherhood 2.0 vids…took me a few days and like some other commentors I too feel a little stalkerish! I am proud to say though that now I am a NIT who will soon blossom in to a beautiful Nerdfighter. Ps. I am off to buy John’s books tomorrow now that I am done with Harry Potter 😛 I will tell ya what I think later! ;D I am sure they will be “jokes”

I must ask. Is there an age resriction for nerdfighters? I’m not yet 13 and wish to join the ever growing ranks. By the way, you are so joke. Bwahahah! Now I have joined the growing masses of people who have commented on your video! (Isn’t hyperactivity awesome)

Sooo, I am very picky about my subscriptions but you just gave me such a big smile I just had to push the subscribe button, I love your quirky style. And I neither think that you are gay nor do I want to have your babies, I am sure that your wife will do a great job with that herself. Great job and keep it up because now I will be watching 🙂

Theory: The two sides of the bell curve are two incarnations of the same thing. It’s kind of like when you have extremists on the left or the right…when you are at the point of blowing up buildings, you’re all crazy! I think the people on the left are actually crazy people who happen to be gay who HOPE that you are gay so they can adopt and have babies with you. I’m sure this won’t help what your wife sees. The rest of us, in the middle, just like the videos. Jokes.

u did do awesome on the accio deathly hallows
made me watch the brotherhood videos from the beginning
yesterday i spent about 2-3 hours eating cereal while watching the videos
i got to march
and half way through the cereal box 🙂
Have a nice day!

I rarely watch videos here, but through random surfing, I found a link for your “Deathly Hallows” video. Not knowing you, I have no opinion on your sexual orientation, nor do I want to have your babies (I have 5 of my own, that’s enough!). But I wish to say: well done! After seeing THIS video, I have to say that you have a great sense of humor, and your remarks about your newfound YouTube notoriety are almost as amusing as the song itself. Keep up the good work!

I found your vids through the Accio song as well and went back to watch a bunch. They are great! I wasn’t going to post a comment at all but I found this story and just had to post…News for all us nerds (or nerd-fighters) 😉

It was a couple days ago I stumbled on your Accio Deathly Hollows video here on YouTube. I thought the song was awesome so I went to Brotherhood2 and watched every vlog you have from the beginning. I think you guys are awesome at what you do in life and on the site. Keep up the great work guys!!!!!!

wait… now i am confused. is it “ackio” or “axio.” i refuse to go to a dictionary where it will spelled out for me in helpful sound-representing letters, instead i hope someone on youtube will feel like being smart and looking for me.

UR GAY, I WANT UR BABIES!!! (wait, would that make me gay o_O)

Hey Hank, sorry your wife got upset. I can understand though. Both my spouse and I are jealous of each other and really try to protect our bond and privacy. So give her huggles and just remind her the people who want your babies can only have the ones in the EBO.

I’ve enjoyed hanging out in your my pants board and if you want to know how to pronounce anything HP there is a guide on scholastics website. It’s Ah-see-o

The July 18 post was the first time I’ve ever seen you guys, but I think I shall be watching a lot more.
And I don’t care how you pronounce Accio, because you made a song about Harry Potter, and that makes you very jokes.
Ever seen Potter Puppet Pals? Look them up if you haven’t, because I think you’d love ’em!
Also, I am glad I’m not the only one who does random happy dances…

hi hank, yeah i bet it’s weird having 2000 people judging you! You don’t really mind though, do you? What people say I mean? You can’t have time for worrying with all the happy dancing! I think you’re jokes! ps Being gay is alright, no one older than 10 really still uses it as an insult do they?

Only comment I have to make is it doesn’t matter what people say Accio is supposed to be said like. The only reason people are being picky is because it’s been in a movie – but then again they pronounce the “t” in Voldemort, too, so not that reliable…


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  1. I always thought the double c in Accio was pronounced like a ch, like in bocce. Of course, that kinda makes it sound like a sneeze. I’m going to look for more vids of yours, Good job and keep it up. Millenials r hax lawlninja 4 life. Long Live Harry Potter!

    Comment by Yxra — October 17, 2007 @ 4:56 pm

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