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July 31, 2007

Apauled: Library Silence Monitor

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United Kingdom



hahaha! i like how u manage to get people to freak… IN A LIBRARY!!!haha

Paul told me there’s lots more AP videos coming. Here’s what i see: this channel has more killer vids than any other. reminds me of smosh and barats&bereta… really quality shit! i love it

pretty damn good. not as great as your others. gardening = fav. i still give ya 5 stars tho! did u notice those retarded ladies who were all emberassed cause u were all “sir” and they were all waving their hands like dippys. i dont get it. what abunch of A-holes!

I thought it was funny when Paul said “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” They must have been so confused wondering what they did wrong! I can imagine that they played it over in their minds trying to figure it out.

That last guy was scary!

FUCK MAN, I know. But hey, do yo want to watch TV on your PC.

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check it out…………….its cool, i’ve got it myself.

lmao… interesting to note how different people react based either upon their cultural backgrounds, or the way they were raised… just goes to show you… some folks have “entitlement delusions,” while others things their princesses or some crap like that…

keep up the good work, especially when you hold up the mirror that makes us look at ourselves, and laugh our asses off…

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