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August 2, 2007

Management Tools

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Youtube Commments:








United Kingdom



a great commentary on the subhuman mindset used in most schools which tries to teach people to be compliant instead of great people. but most people wonT get it since this time you had that big grin on your face! wipe that smile off your face! smartass! who do you think you are, etc., etc….


My guardian played that one on me til I ripped the heeled shoe from her hands and beat her with it. I yelled” How do you like it?!?” to her 😛 She stopped beating me. To this day, she denies beating me with her shoes.
On an adult flip side,BDSM a wonderful way to deal with power play 😀

“Have they gone now? I want them all killed” the second best line ever said on YT only behind “I think I had about 10 seconds there that I didn’t suck” –Sean you are the ONLY one on YT that can ever make the meiotic chromosome synapsis in my 163 IQ brain even flicker–thank you


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