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August 3, 2007


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I’d like to clarify that don’t think VenomFangX is THAT stupid. He puts an enormous amount of effort into rationalizing away evolution because he thinks the alternative would be too difficult to live with. He thinks giving up his silly beliefs would mean losing something he thinks he can’t live without. Deep down he probably knows he’s got it all wrong.

So, translated: “God, have mercy on us and smite those who would confuse people with the fossils and genetic evidence Thou placed here to test our faith. Yea, smite them even with death, for we know that Thou art most loving, and would not have Thy children condemned to an eternity of torment for the blasphemous heresy of evolution.”

Stunning. I still commend you for trying, Rabid-Buddy, but that kid is so screwed up it would take 10 years of deep psychoanalysis to get through to him. If he could see himself through our eyes, just for 1 second, I think he’d vomit a second later.

Sorry Rabid, i think you’ll understand when i don’t take your suggestion to go and listen to venomfanny 😉

That dude’s is so weak, my two year old daughter could beat him in debate.

Then his ‘voting’ and ‘commenting’ system, not a good example of christian honesty, rather “Tract society governing body” tactics.

Yeah, I saw that. I mean, even if evolution actually called humans monkeys, it wouldn’t be like saying that a large sea-faring mammal is the same as a small fish. By that logic, trees are like mushrooms because they stand upright and grow in roughly the same type of terrain.

That comment must be a joke. Vfx has let those slip through before. I’ve always wanted to put a mnemonic comment on his video, myself.
“Carry on Shawn, defining Man’s perfect place.” (Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Mississippian, Pennsylvanian, Permian)

yea, that venom guy truely is the biggest doosh on youtube, even his speech and body language, he behaves like some automated unit,”hi, im venomvangX and want to shoot myself in the nuts” – that was from a vid he posted and removed 2 mins later but yea,i saw it!!! >->

That comment is gone. There’s a great new one which says:

“Time for the final solution, Death to evolution” or “Put an end to sodomy, Give Dawkins a lobotomy”. These evolutionists are trying to control our society and they are forcing their religion into our schools even though we are a nation under God. Its just a matter of time before this filth controls our entire financial system, then what should we do?”

Evolutionists don’t date stones period. They are not living matter and carbon dating cannot be applied to them. The stones are just regular reptiles and mammals which is completely obvious. Why doesn’t carbon dating simply show them to be 6,000 years old if that were the case? There have not been any non-fossilized dinosaurs, which is awfully strange considering they were around 6,000 years ago and all their remains should be preserved without the need to be fossilized in a rock.

As for the soft tissue being found, that was not just regular soft tissue lying on the bones, but preserved soft tissue found in the fossilized bones.Traces of which were found by chemically dissolving the fossil. Soft tissue being fossilized before decomposition does not in any way hurt evolution or help further a young earth theory.


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