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August 4, 2007

No Girls Allowed

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United Kingdom



Jonas/Jackson Davis looks so fucking good I can’t even believe it. And I like how Spencer didn’t appear in the video titled “No Girls Allowed”. Haha.

Two humble requests:
1. More shirtless Jonas. (Soon, please.)
2. Spencer and/or Sarah dead.


how has youtube changed your life?

i’m making a documentary which i will post once it is finished

please make a video response (in quicktime) and send it to:

elviraartist102@yahoo. com (no space required in between the yahoo and the com)
how has you tube changed:
-the amount of time you spend on the computer
-how has is changed your likes and dislikes?
-if you could change one thing about youtube what would it be?
-how has it changed the way you get your information?

OMG! Watch Transformers! Spencer Gilman is in it! He’s one of the systems analysts! i knew when i saw him that I recognised him, but i couldn’t figure it out until it just clicked and I thought of the Lg15 series! It was quite strange seeing him, but he didn’t do a bad job!He was quite good!


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