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August 6, 2007

Goodbye, Roger.

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wow…. fkn… this makes me want to kill people.
Congrats on keeping yer cool, and getting your point across in a valid way.
if you dont want yer shit spread around the net.. then keep it off the fkn net.

i fall more in luv with yer every damn video.
…..cept, not.. in a creepy way.


Roger said in last video “I give up on any idea of loving anyone or being loved by anyone for now”, how can anyone take this for serious. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending him just hoping he will be back soon. Sorry for you omgheatherface, because you are always support him imho.

Can you come to the San Bernardino area, I wanna marry you. J/K Good video, you always entertain me. Especially when you meet celebs. Be nice if you were allowed to film one.And yes, Heather, we wanna know the whole story or as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.

Honestly he should just remove himself from youtube completely. Any video he puts up is just going to add fuel for the fire.

I personally don’t like him because he was racist to me on stickam. This apology crap is bullshit and its good that everyone is finally seeing his true colors.

At this point, I’d have to agree. I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish by deleting his account, he should’ve just stayed the asshole everyone loved him for.

That sucks he was racist to you though, I didn’t know he would be, maybe it was a backfired joke?

did you look at the two vids of ibnillLathinah? luv this guy.
today is going to be different. going out for some vitamin d. fuck the computer. lol. g’day as the aussies say. oh, check out wallyworld, another great aussie, his vid on the death of his dog, you won’t stop laughing. took me almost three minutes. will wash out all the crap. sorry omgheatherface for using your comment section for off

So out of the 3 of you, I’ve liked you the most. Roger is boring and depressing, Haste is boring and the mic hates her voice. You on the other hand, you’ve proven to be much more entertaining, have much more character, etc etc. I’ll admit that I was attracted to drama between the three of you but after all that, you’ve earned a slot in my top ten favorite vloggers.

ok, I have watched Roger’s video, your two videos, Heather, and hastebraider’s video… and what is puzzling me is that this latest drama has occurred because 2 ppl had sex? I don’t understand- isn’t that kind of usual on a date? What’s the big deal?

Roger is definately going through some confusing times atm. I actually was interested to know what happened with hastebraider, it just suddenly turned sour and no more discussion on that subject. Does danielspengies know what happened? I just remember a comment he left for hastebraider about having sex with roger.. Must be some story heh

Re: Hastebraider06 Read her journal (link on her channel) You’ll get the real image directly from her.

Her broken heart (internet love; he left after she did ‘things’ with him on the phone)..Her opinion of sex buddies (fun!)..Her filthy kitchen (OMG)…And Roger prefers THAT?? ugh read the same message I sent ya the first time. And yes, you are still more awesome than us! 🙂

Woah, I thought by the title, he died or something. I haven’t been watching that guy much, but the last video I did watch, he did seem a little less blunt about things, more nicey nice type. I don’t know the whole situation to comment about it. BTW, is it me or is his account closed? I guess I’m so out of the loop with these kinda things.

He used to be thedispatcher, then he became theboringdispatcher, now he’s failedvlogger. He’s just a guy who happened to get really popular on here, we were buddies before I joined YouTube and he convinced me to get involved, he’s the whole reason I’m even here.

all of you… broadcasting your personal business all over the internet. don’t you people have friends you can confide in rather than a faceless mass of waiting humiliation??

reading other comments, your answer seems to be, “if you don’t like the train wreck, don’t watch it because i’m not going to control my ability to cause the train wreck in the first place.”

I read it all, I just don’t care. I do indeed have actual physical “I can poke you in the eye” friends, but the fact remains that Roger and I were once friends, and that was one reason everything was always made public and hasn’t changed. We weren’t always online at the same time and we hate phones.

you contribute to perpetuating trashy high school soap opera bullshit because you aren’t always online at the same time and you hate phones?

you don’t make much sense. either you’re crazy and obsessive over that dude or you’re doing it for views. either way, you’re just begging to get humiliated by a lot of people.

This kinda belonged in a pm…you’re harsh when you’re angry but I can understand how *checks dictionary* duplicity would piss you off. I think maybe it’s best for you two to just ignore each other forthwith and henceforth. Just my view. You struck a cord saying “you can’t figure out who you want to look good to” because there’s some of that in me too. I mostly prefer to keep things positive between me and people I interact with so I tend to avoid divisive moments.

I totally saw this one coming. Glad you came to your senses. The thing that really disturbs me the most is imagining Jabba and Dumbass fucking each other. God, at least I’m a cute fatty. Seriously though, Roger is so below you, I don’t even know what the fuck you were doing in the first place. Oh well, we’ll talk later. I’ll actually be online. 😀

I have a bad sex story to tell but it involves Rodger so I just cant tell it for legal reasons. Rodger was a jerk six months ago and he still is. What changes your mind about him? You like him, love him, hate him. Whats next. Please give us your prediction. I think there could be a wedding in the future because you have low self esteem.

That is strange because he made that apology video to you. I wonder why he left that neg. comment against you after the fact? Doesn’t make sense really. You sure it wasn’t left before you guys started talking again? Not that it was ok before, but you know what I mean.

Sorry, there are so many apology vids lately from him, lol, and it’s so late here, I’m delirious. What I meant is ‘you’ made a vid saying that you guys were cool and he was ‘trying’ to turn over a new leaf… so it was strange that he left that comment after the fact. Are you sure it was left after you guys mended ways and not before?


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