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August 7, 2007

Maple Story on Fox

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United Kingdom



-Korea since 2002, 200 thousand subscribers (concurrent users), 14 million subscribers (total)
-Japan since November 2003, 9 million subscribers
-China since December 2004, 25 million subscribers
-Taiwan since July 2005, 3.5 million subscribers
-Thailand since August 2005, 550 thousand subscribers
-South East Asia (mostly Singapore and Malaysia) since June 2005, 550 thousand subscribers
-Global since May 2005, 3 million subscribers

I agree with you dude. Flippin white people like them go so far into ranting about something bad that they end up with two or three reasons of why the game is bad, then repeat the same reasons. And besides, its the parents fault for not doing anything about the kids, and making a password harder to crack. I mean, 11 year olds cracking PWs? Thats just sad.

OMG Fox wtf, kay we play at our own will; we play for many reasons! God we choose to play with or without nx, there are so many pros out there with no nx. And What The fuck is with the stealing of the youtube videos? If you made one and it on there sue them XD. Omg talking about addicting? Them why did they only show noobs -.-” show like Tiger or the top 50. Its never the games fault its the parents/kids themselves, Parents try the game yourselves its fun =3. Leave Nexon alone Fox.

lol your comparing WoW to Maple? lawl. thats a no contest there let me see WoW 9 million players/ Compare to MS 1 million? Maple Story isnt nothing but a Grind Fest wheres the fun in that? Zomg i cant wait to go home to play some more MS guyz keke! seriously >_> smashing the Ctrl button and Space bar isnt gonna get you no where.

seriously FUCK MAPLE STORY… man i cant belive i wasted my life playing this, once i got to 3rd job hermit, its wasnt even fun!!! i got to lvl 73 then i noticed how dum and boring it is, seriously i hope maple story gets freaking banned for life, all my friends never want to come outside anymore cuz they’re to busy playing stupid maplestory.! nd everyone who getting mad at this, they got no life seriously!

Guys this is sad.. I can’t believe that people would really get hooked in maple like that “11 year old kids stealing money from their parents just to get shit on maple” its crazy! I mean I’m a maple player my self but i have my limits (lvl 81 dk btw) x3 but anyways this is sad…

they talked about Psp and porn because it can go on the internet.Also includes something about banning psp which is retarded cause wat are they goin to do next ban the internet. Basically fox tries to get any sort of news and make it look bad. Most of wat they says is like 1 out of 1,000 kids do that stuff.

this is ghey …fox has it all rong..and wats with having TheGuild and drays video?like really whats with all the noobs they shoulda showned the higher lvls..and really i only used under 40$ and im never gonna get nx ever again wth 50$ a week?!?!?!

It doesn’t look all that appealing if you only showing n0ob skills… o_o

& they got the “addictive” part right, but most MMO’s are addicting…o_O

& Wizet/Nexon aren’t really making kids steal their parents money for NX…it’s not really their fault if they want perfect stats or sexy pixels. xD

yeah maple story is addicting game because its free… and its a really good detailive creative game.. but dont complain about MS theres ALOT of other mmorpgs that are more addicting like guild wars and world of warcraft soo dont just pick on maple story

god this is retarded, no need to get all worked up over a game, its just a game. so what if kids are stealing money from their parents? its just for some virtual clothing online, at least its not like weed money or somethin ^^
but where was dray D:

lmao wow. This is just sad. I like playing Maple, and truthfully, never felt like buying of bunch of stupid shit, and never stole money from my parents for it. You kill of bunch of monsters and talk with friends. Do they really need to get into this shit? It’s not the games fault people are so god dang stupid.

lol go after WoW? ROFL but then again i forgot only youngings play maple story hence 12-17 years old =] WoW has mostly Adults amirite? and they have “Jobs” which many of you youngings should get P2P games > F2p. i played MS myself but that was like 4 years ago and i never liked it then. and i agree with BeNicePlz 16+ should get slap or might as well /wrist imo

And my mom thought me spending $30 on NX every few months was bad, where kids like these are spending like, $100+ a WEEK!
Yes, everybody knows that Dray’s Pap. vid, and the ever so popular priest vid were in there. And If you also didn’t notice, they had “The Guild vs. a Snail” somewhere in it.
But the damn news made maple sound bad because kids are stealing money for NX cash.
As for people that play maple having no lives, how about you rethink that since many of my friends have lives.

jesus, maplestory is a fun, reasonable game to play yet as always, americans blow it way out of preportion,

“yeah this kid has a crossbowman on scania, who’s to say he wont bring a hand-crossbow to school and shoot his classmates?”

its worse to be hooked on gta and WoW >_> idiots dont know what they’re doing



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  3. OMFG FUCK MAPLESTORY SHIT srsly this game is so shit i played it and i was jus like whoa this game is pussy cuz like sersly u fight mushrooms?????WTF!!!!and u can get married????ZOMG LMFAO!!wow u dont even no if ur being married to a child hungry phadophile u no wat MAPLESTORY SUX end of story HAPPY MAPLING FAGGOTS

    Comment by maplestory is crap — September 11, 2007 @ 11:16 pm

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