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August 10, 2007

August 9th: Anagramming Guide to the 2008 Elections

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United Kingdom



even though this is my first comment,I’ve been watching you guys ever sincedeathly hallows, and even though I just have the feeling I’m a nerd-fighter too, I just can’t be sure what kind yet.
Anyway: I was telling a friend about Brotherhood 2.0, and heswears it must be fictional about how crazy the two of you are (his logic comes from lonelygirl5…which I have never actually seen myself).
Hank…John…can one of you clear this up and tell me he’s wrong?
Anyway, keep doin what ya do.

“I don’t like it when people undo hugs”
lol, loved that.
I’ll have just made the mark of being 18 for this election, so that’s kinda exciting for me. I don’t know who I’ll be voting for either. My favorite is Gore but… well, yea, guess not, lol.

yay! another video!

i think john’s happy meal of punishment should include a chocolate milkshake. cuz chocolate makes everything better, right?

i ❤ you hank. i really do. good job on the anagrams. i think i’ll be voting for either hilary or barack but i’m still not sure yet. i do love barack’s anagram. sake is good.

you are, as always, made of awesome!

Hank i think that was your best video in a long time that did not have a song in it! oh my gosh i havent laughed that hard in so long!! and i think john should mix it with like a milkshake or something because that would add chocolate and add flavor…kinda. oh gosh this is gonna be SOOOOOOOOO funny and really gross!! and we can all toast with litte glasses of sake!! and i wouldnt vote for giuliani…undo hugs…NOOOOOO!!!

ur funny.
giuliani and edwards have the highest chance of winning.
it sounds horrible but the us is still too racist and machist for either hilary or obama.
and giuliani has nyc credentials.
haha and im only 13 years old 😀

BUSH MANIA COBRA SAKE is my favorite! I need to put that on a t shirt! ha ha and hoorah to the blenderized happy meal! please eat a cheeseburger with apple slices and a coke! you hit some major food groups with the cheeseburger and apple combo….protein, dairy, fruits, veggies (if you get ketchup and onions) grains and the coke is your little splurge! just thinking of a bright side to this!

Your guys help with informing us about the 2008 election is definetly most appreciated. I am currently with out cable and that means with out a semi good news source (i dont have the daily show!). And local news tends to feature stuff like dogs who can skateboard on commerce st. So thanks!
NerdFighter ~Caroline~ (still havent picked a type of nerdfighter yet)

All this talk about blenderized-Happy-Meals makes me think of when my friends used to mix together the remains of their lunches and give it to this girl to eat…

I hope John doesn’t end up over the toilet. McDonald’s = ick. :/


Roflcopters, Hank! Although…you forgot poor John McCain. He’d be sad. I will be watching this again, if only because I missed a few words with my wild giggling. Hillary’s anagrams were fantastic, and seemingly prophetic (esp about China). Great vlog!

i feel as though…. i am retarded. because i don’t know what pwn means. maybe like public own. so “Agreed. Their humor pUBLICLY Owns everything after a long day” can someone please help me here? or possibly something like paternally owns. or personally owns.

That? Was *fabulous*.

Your handy guide leaves out presidential candidate Bill Richardson, though. I will help you out. It anagrams to:

Shard Con Bili

Which is like Chile Con Queso, only it’s made with shards of bili, one of the lesser known members of the prickly pear family.


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