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August 12, 2007

Your Fake Indignation Makes Me Retch

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It’s all about our risk assessment and our distortion of what matters to us. Do people care more about whether someone might murder them or whether they might die in a car crash later that day? Honestly, our assessment of what matters, and how much impact it has overall is extremely poor.

Is this an act? It sounds like a rehearsal for a very bad independent film – you know what I mean? Like a poorly written monologue where a bitter loser attempts to comically reduce the “wrongness” of pedophilia – all the while spewing venom at ‘normal, straight’ society for making his childhood unpleasant. If it’s an act, fine. If not, I’ll probably pass on the “more comprehensive video about this.”

I know you’re going to get criticized for this video, but I want to say that, at the cost of me ever being able to run for public office, I really do understand and support what you’re saying. The reason why pedophilia has paralyzed the country and the world is:

1: Media wants ratings and attention and seeks drama. Pedophilia offers that, just like offering lurid details of children killed in a place crash or a gory murder.
2: First it was fighting communists, then it was fighting terrorists. As people started to realize that the communists and terrorists were unlikely to harm you personally, the politicians ramp up the focus on pedophiles, to create the same fear and the same willingness to give up freedoms to an authoritarian government.

TAA, you don’t understand, that 23 year old might get a BJ from my 15 year old little angel!!!! That’s much more important than deadly war and people starving to death!!!

…and while we’re at it, the gays are trying to marry. Also more important than deadly war!!!


3: “The children” are far more universally supported. You can’t oppose communists by appealing to a society’s emotional connection to their economic system, or even oppose terrorists by appealing to a threat to one’s life that never seems to really happen. But “the children” are impossible to not support, so anyone calling bullshit on this problem get labeled as pedophiles (just as those pointing out problems with the Israelis get slandered as antisemitic).

The same can be said for the troops, or charity work. We have golden shields all prepped and ready for scumbags (I’ll plug TJ’s book inadvertently here) to hide behind. Taboos have to be flexible when it comes to thinking about everything, as well as rational adult debate.

you’re so transperant sumtimes,you are doin this just coz its the sensational thing to do these days with dendrophelia sayin shit so you join the league of”im an atheist, i dont give a fuck about what what others care about becoz we know better”,sell out dick. you know this vid is largely full of your own sense of controverse, look at this vid again man,there are questions around paedophilia but you didnt address them,fuck sake man

I must be bored. I replayed the video and counted all the “fuck”s or variations of it. 52. lol.

Personally I’m sick of all that “for the children” bullshit. Leave protecting the kids up to the parents.

Since when was a dead kid worth more then say a dead heart surgeon? or a dead professor? Blah. Glad I’ll never have kids.

I’d be willing to be that the majority of guys, yes–you heard me, a majority–are pedos. Hardly any of them will act on it, but I’m sure there are a lot more out there than we’d like to think. Guys who are totally outspoken against it are probably repressing, just like anything else.

When I say pedo, I don’t mean that that’s the thing that gets ’em off the most. I mean that sometimes it does. I’ve talked to a lot of chicks and have read a lot of testimonials and what not where they describe being sexually active at a very young age and most guys get a kick out of it. It’s the whole Alex thing from A Clockwork Orange, if you get what I’m saying. Whatever though, I’m probably just a sick fuck and now I’m going to be targeted.

The range I’m thinking of is 12-15. And no, I don’t think they’re into that, I think that sometimes it might turn them on. I’m not just pulling this out of my ass or anything, and for for the record, I am not (at least probably 99.99% of the time). But from what I’ve read and heard, I think it’s quite possible. Anyway, I’ll come back when I have something tangible at hand to back it up.

I’d have to agree with you to some degree or another at the risk of sounding like I am incriminating myself. I also agree with what zzbullan said about 15 year old girls sometimes seeming as physically mature as an 18 or 19 year old. There is a point where your natural attraction may kick in and it often may conflict with societal standards. That is also why I disagree with the general age of consent as it varies from person to person.

yer, most men like young girls thats no suprise, but they are probably attracted to girls who are nearly fully developed but younger. so what a fifteen year old can look as hot as an 18 year old. though i doubt that most men a pedos in regards to children ala once who have not gone through puberty.

Oh yeah, no, I’m sure their are a lot of ’em. If you’ve ever seen A Clockwork Orange, where Alex fucks those two girls–that’s the kind of attraction I’m talking about. I’m not sure I can explain it. Anyway, I’m not responding to this anymore.

“I’d be willing to be that the majority of guys, yes–you heard me, a majority–are pedos.”

I don’t know about that, but it only takes a visit to any porn page on the internet to see that human sexuality has some serious range.

I mean… there’s a market for EVERTHING. From people shitting on each other, to 400 pound women, to interracial-pregnant-shemale-gang-bangs…

It doesn’t take much internet porn for one to cease being impressed about what people are capable of enjoying sexually.

In fact, according to the available studies on penile responisivity and self-reports (Hall, Smiljanic, Feierman), the amount of male (non-pedophile) population who respond sexually in the same way they respond to adults to pre-pubertal individuals is about 25-30%.

Well, that pretty much said everything. But guess what AA, they are NOT going to listen… Their little lives need the speed of endless indignation and close to home drama. They need their pedophiles to spark their little days and fill their empty nights with oh so holy anger. Way to go AA, I applaud you.

Just because it is done by animals or, it was ok to do it in the past, does’nt make it right now. Infact our modern thinking in this regard has caused it to be a very bad thing for kids. I dont think this is entirely because of religion and there are many good responses on this topic. In summary I think Dendrophillia did not made that as clear as I think he should have.

Yeah, murder is worse. If some guy comes on and people see him supporting murder I’m sure he’ll be pointed out as a moron too. I know I will be at any rate.
Why do people get so upset about assholes preying on children? Part of it is they are the most vulnerable members of society being preyed upon. Ever notice how when an elderly person gets mugged it makes the news, but when everyone else gets mugged it doesn’t make the news unless they end up dieing?

well, idiotbasher; That doesn’t change the fact that dendro doesnt support anything. He is venting his views. If I started talking about how I understand the natural reasons for racism and that racists should be accepted it does not mean I support racism. People are retarded, but that does not mean we must conform and never open our mouths when have a opinion.

“There are wronger things in the world.” No, shit. That doesn’t mean pedophilia should be ignored. “Its not that fucking wrong.” Its pretty fucking wrong. Pedophilia also isn’t the only thing that people are concerned about, it just happens to be the topic of the video that the people are responding to. People aren’t likely to go off on a rant about world hunger or global warming responding to a video about pedophilia.

Global warming gets plenty of attention, starving children should get more though.
Theres plenty of rage about starving children when it comes up. its just that people don’t tend to stay outraged, so they eventually just start forgetting again until its brought back into the spotlight. Its a shame, but its just kind of what happens.

Idiotbasher; No, its because we dont give a shit about brown people and you know it. We just care about what happens to us. And thats why I don’t give a fucking second of my time caring about pedophiles. Because guess what; the moral PC majority are all evil fucking retards and they can go screw themselves, whatever they say I oppose, as if they say it its gotta be wrong. ;))

You honestly don’t realize how different the circumstances that lead to those issues are? People – especially parents – their priority is protecting their children, and that’s fucked up to you? It’s fucked up to you that someone considers a person molesting their child is higher on their list of worries than someone driving an SUV or someone not spending ‘pennies a day’ to help starving kids in Africa? People’s priorities are usually what is closest to home.

Prior to this Dendrophillian issue, (not that I really care what the little dreadlocked hippy said)if a “hippy” had asked you to care about such issues, you probably would have laughed in their face. When you finally realize what an asshole you were in your youth, I’m gonna laugh.

Do you honestly expect a kid to understand the scope of what they’re hearing? Tell a kid about death, then go show him a corpse. Note the huge difference in reaction.

A kid being molested is much worse then a kid being fed some information that they don’t comprehend.

A lot are, sure, and I’m not at all in favor of religious extremism of any kind. I just think that many kids who are fed a bunch of religious bullshit can grow up and use their common sense to rationalize things and move beyond it – whereas with sexual abuse, that kind of thing I would imagine is much harder to undo from a mental standpoint. I don’t know anything about it, can’t cite psychological studies, just going with a gut feeling.

I think there’s a difference between aggrevated raping, crying, bleedy-bloody, naked child (or teenager) thrown from a van into the middle of the street, and sensitive child exploration. I don’t think it’s wise, but if the child wants to play with a big floppy (and believe me parents, they will) then what the hell. I wonder what the correlation is between regular statuatory rapists and aggrevated rapists. That’s the key.

Pretty much.If it’s not detrimental to the child,let them play in the mud, but if they want to play in glass, I would argue against that, and before you get all “they could give the child an STD”: Millions of people in the world have deadly STD’s. It’s a moot point. Cure the STD’s. I wouldn’t.I think it’s gross and I wouldn’t prostitute my kids, but age of consent in some states being 18 is absurd. They could go watch a Rated R movie a Million times legally, but not able to do it?

If anyone molested one of my children I would kill them and gladly go to jail and serve my sentence. Yet, I don’t think about someone molesting my child. i taught them appropriate touching and inappropriate and let it at that.
I have more on my mind like my son surviving his heart transplant if/when he gets a donor heart.

So instead of being there to support your child for anything they need, to hold them, to spend time with them growing up… you’d rather fulfill your own violent, petty desires and spend the better part of your life in jail, possibly getting raped yourself? Nice.

Even the most bible-based kid has defences against religious indoctrination-as is evidenced by their skeptical questions and how become free thinkers. On the other hand there is precious little defence against pedos.

Oh, and it’s “retch” you wretch.

That is a somewhat valid point, but it would be a lot like me saying, “Some kids like to get molested!” It probably is technically true, but it’s still completely moot. Beside,s even the kids that do escape Evangelical thinking are usually still damaged by it.

You really don’t know what you are talking about until you grow up and have a child yourself. If you think religion is more damaging than molestation, you have a LOT to learn my friend. You are a child yourself, still living at home. “There’s wronger things in the world” – listen to yourself. It speaks for itself.

Your analogy might work if you said it was like only anorexics regulating health standards – a group of wrong-minded people telling everyone else how to live. If pedos were the judges and jurys when deciding the fate of sex offenders, that would more closely match your idea of fat-asses regulating dietary standards. Parents are actually FOR their children’s rights and protection, in the vast majority of cases.

By the way, I have adopted one of those starving children my friend, sleeping in a bedroom of my house right now, well fed and loved. And you painting everyone who disagrees with that lunatic as people who don’t know where their priorities are is just blatantly stupid as you don’t know their circumstances or from what experience they speak.

I’m still wrong about what? That parents exist to protect their children which is a biological reaction for preservation of the species? Here’s what’s wrong – you picked a poster BOY who is all glitz and hair braids with very little REAL substance to represent you. You’d have been better off doing it yourself, you know. You don’t even believe this garbage you’re talking – you’re just doing it to aid the fight. Puh.

You know, atheists throwing back to Greece as a reason to justify pedophilia is a laugh. You might as well be religious nuts and cite bible verses about it. Women and children were less than garbage in those societies yet you’re pretty sure they had it going on when it comes to morality. Hahahahaha. Keep it up guys, you are alienating more people than you realize.

1. First of all, I’m not “justifying” anything. I made that pretty damn clear.

2. You don’t have to go anywhere near as far back as Greece to discover a time when what we know call pedophilia was fairly common and perfectly legal.

3. Let them be alienated. Isn’t honesty supposed to be more important than winning popularity contests?

“2. You don’t have to go anywhere near as far back as Greece to discover a time when what we know call pedophilia was fairly common and perfectly legal.”

There was also a time when America thought it was okay to kill off the natives. Even much recently there was a time where the German government tried to kill a group of people called “Jews”.

Yeah I know you aren’t justifying anything.
However both when you said it in this comment and in the video there was the slight implication, at least it appeared that way at any rate, that if it occurred in the past not too long ago it can’t have been too wrong.

Actually, the age of consent in UK and US was about 10 until 1886 (it was as low as 7 in Delaware), and it was 8-10 in almost all of the cultures in history.

For instance, check out the “cross cultural examples” in Dr. Green’s article “Is pedophilia a mental disorder?” (he argues that it isn’t).

I saw your comments on Naomi’s video. I thought she was rational, but her response was one of the MOST kneejerk and full of shit responses. Some guy comes on and says something to the effect of “I think having sex with children could be ok theoretically in a utopian society” and Naomi’s response was “Ah, I see. I think you might be the type of person to rape a drugged up drunk woman.” WTF? I think he’s wrong but I doubt he’s a rapist and frankly I don’t give a shit.

Naomi is not and never was a rational person. I saw through her bullshit carapace long ago.

She comes here to lash out at a scapegoat, any easy target (most often, religion) to aliviate her own personal frustrations.

With all the religious fanatics, she’s still the epitome of “knee-jerk” to me here on YouTube. How ironic.

If you check the board on “a new strand of crazy” (one of her videos) you’ll see the exact moment my bullshit-o-meter went off.

Also, recently she pulled off a video after another guy and I made some remarks about some obvious psychological issues she displays.

I think society has blown pedophilia way out of proportion because they view it as an imminent threat. It can even occur in ‘holy settings.’ Since starvation, among other things, doesn’t plague this country, it isn’t a norm on the priority list. Just one more mistake that we tend to make.

how can u equate religious indoctrination versus sexual abuse, you can think your way out of religion ,but sexual abuse is embedded in you forever.most people that are abused as children have to live with that shit for the rest of their lives,thats why most of them commit suicide,become drug addicts ..etc.

i didnt contest that, what i said is that people can escape their fundamentalist upbringings and outgrow them, but they cant escape the fact that they were sexually abused, its something that doesnt go away EVER..theres plenty of atheists who were raised in fundamentalist households,theres no fucking way you can compare the two.

Sex fear, the source of it all. That’s a religious construct. Even exploring ones own body is shunned by many religions. Is it wrong for adults to exploit children for ANY REASON? Absolutely. But, let’s make this fundamentally clear, sex fear is a psychologically nurtured construct. It’s not natural. Just look to religion for the source.

It’s a tough subject for me, as a mother of a 13 year old. I don’t obsess about it, but I don’t want her coerced into sex by some loser who can’t get a girl his own age. When I was 12, I had a friend who was having sex with a dude in his 20s or 30s. My first time was at 15, my boyfriend was 19…was he a pedo? I guess we grow up fast in the south. ;P

That’s what I’m talking about. I think “pedophilia” in guise of statuatory rape is wrong. a 21 year old banging a 15 year old in a consentual act should not turn that guy into a sex offender. I think there is an age limit, however. A 70 year old has nothing to teach a 15 year old about sex.

I agree, rape is horrible. However, most pedophilia is rarely about rape. There is some coercion, yes, but there are also examples of more or less “willing” relationships. The fact that mass media uses the most extreme cases to shape public opinion, is noteworthy, and probably the reason why most people are unable to differentiate between pedophiles and rapists/serial killers.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say stories have less to do with facts, but more trying to manipulate or play towards people’s emotions for the purpose of more profits. Much like advertising. Why is rape worse than murder? I have no fucking clue.

i saw that vid yesterday , rated it 5 stars and was too afraid to comment ’cause one of my friends i respect called him an idiot w/ a vid. response. that’s what i said, he’s very brave and says bold things. i know u dont give a sit, but i really do like u and ur vids!
keep it up, they have been edgy

Hmm, the VT killer and columbine killers where just picked on I guess. If being picked on can lead to becoming a murder and being molested only makes a molester, then I suppose our priority’s are a little off. But do you really think that all age of consent laws should be removed? You know our dumb shit society would fuck children up.

Ok I guess I just got that impression from when you said the laws where only 200 years old. I think the age under 18 should depend on age difference so theres not so much of a risk of the child being manipulated. That makes more sense because I just don’t see a 20 year old and a 17 year old as wrong.

No, but I still think that they are unreasonably high. Perhaps 12-13-14 is a better proposition, considering that most adolescents actually start to become sexually active somewhere at that age? Regardless: existing AOC laws are no excuse to demonize those who violate them (consensually, of course).

starving children are victims of a monumental systematic flaw that is much bigger than any one person (they never a had chance),whereas the victim of pedophilia just happened to be picked by one sick individual,and thus could have been much more avoidable than the hunger of the african.

well i was addressing why most people are more shocked by pedophilia than hunger.but since u brought this up,all that is doing is prolonging the hunger because they are relying on foreign aid.if you want to teach someone how to fish dont just give them the fish, give them the rod and show ishmael.

who is “we”, feel free to carry around the white guilt…..its true the world has fucked africa over, but history is history, you cant go back in time and fix things. do you really think that by donating pennies and contributing foreign aid the problem african hunger is gonna be cured? if so, why hasnt it worked yet? the only solution is to let the population decrease until it is at equilibrium with the amount of resources available.

50000 children a day die from lack of food i wonder how many that is as i wait in the line at the taco bell drivethrough not that it fucking matters anyway the fuck can i do about it and you and dendros are right if this was ancient greece id be nailin kids right and left keep up the great vids AA

You know, this is some really interesting stuff. I mean, all this tremendous outcry against pedophilia.. If you make a few comments that you think that not ALL child-adult sex is neccessarily all THAT bad.. You get flamed. Now, if you’re madeleine Albright and say publicly that you approve of 500,000 dead Iraqi children because of ONE man (Saddam), it’s perfectly OK. Wtf??

Excellent vid. Excellent points.

Unfortunately, I am a bit psychic today, and I am predicting the board will get flooded with things like:



Great vid. I really liked your point about the possibility of being molested by a woman. I wonder how many people would think it’s *as* wrong for a 35 year old woman to fuck a 14 year old boy as it is when the genders are reversed? I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting to fuck hot 35 year olds.. *sigh*

I find it disturbing to even hint that molesting a child is not even big enough to warrant a place in the “top 100” you mention.
Can you honestly say that a man molesting a little 4 year old girl is not a horrible thing. I have children and find your lack of empathy for victimized children very disturbing.

Pedophilia itself is merely an attraction, which there’s nothing wrong about. However, someone being raped or molested is a different story entirely and although agreed that it’s terrible when something like that happens, there are much bigger issues in the world to worry about. We’re terrible at prioritizing.

This pedophilia thing is the witch-hunt of our day. The actual point is not even so much if it’s right or wrong, but rather that pedophiles (i.e. people who are attracted to children, regardless of being molestors or not) are a convenient scapegoat for most people.

It’s very convenient to hate a pedophile. It’s a very convenient moral punch-bag.

Also, my line of thought is VERY similar to Dendrophilian’s.

What I find surprising is how people seem to block out the part where he says “In a utopian society” and “I do NOT think sex with children should be aloud in modern society.” Regardless if people agree or not, most are spouting shit that these two sentences cover;/

i do not agree with 18 being the age of consent, and i dont know where to draw the line. but a child (let’s say 5 years old) is unable to give consent, so we define it as rape. if you define pedophila as sex with a child who is unable to consent, then all foms of pedophilia are rape.

you used a straw man because youre saying that we think its a bigger deal than it is which allowed you to come to the conclusion that its actually not a big deal at all.

most people who are sexually abused become criminals, statistics dont waver on this issue

less child rape = better society

it is a big deal

“most people who are sexually abused become criminals, statistics dont waver on this issue”

i mistyped, what i meant was that the percentage of ppl in jails/prisons who have been sexually molested is disproportional to the percantage of non criminals who have been sexually molested

i have no idea what a straw man fallacy is, i just think it sounds cool

we dont agree on the definition of ‘rape’

you accept only that it is the use of force (and/or coercion?)

i’m saying that if your partner does not give consent, then it is rape. this includes force, coercion, and sex with a child who is not able to consent (even if the child willingly goes along with it, the child is said to be mentally/sexually immature)

so it’s semantics

Of course there’s something worse you can do with your penis than molesting a child.

You could use you penis to push the Doomsday device button that unleashes all nuclear weaponry on the planet for Mutual Assured Destruction.

That would be pretty fucked up. Even more so if you came to that too.

Pedophilia is something people take very seriously and I am not sure if we as a society should in any way change our attitudes towards those who perpetuate this crime. Having said that I must add that there was a study scientific study conducted in 1998 to zero in on the damages caused by sexual abuse on children.

Sexual abuse, once you take way the beatings and the emotional abuse, causes no irreversible psychological damage, in majority of the cases, according to a politically incorrect scientific study by Rind et al. This should be a relief to any victim, but the US government felt otherwise. This became the first scientific article to be denounced by Congress – unanimously! Try the links
gladwell com/2004/2004_11_08_a_trauma html
csulb edu/~asc/child html
tegenwicht org/13_rbt_eng/adult_corr htm

Thanks. Yes, I’ve seen this study, and it seems to be scientifically valid, despite the (largely emotionally charged straw men) criticisms by Dallam et. al. Even Wikpedia acknoweledges this fact (see, for example, Wikipedia article on “Rind et al”). The opposition to Rind’s study was for the most part politically, and not scientifically motivated. Some people are simply too afraid to face the reality.

dendrophilian went for the shock value, so im not surprised he got such a bad reaction. i also think we have to clarify what we mean with kids, because for instance to me, a teen messing about with an over 20 year old shouldnt be a crime, but if the child is younger then that, then it’s a problem in itself because the child doesnt understand therefore is not making a free choice. kids at such young age, simply do not think about sex.

i also think pedophilies are treated like if they have plague, whereas is not their fault they are who they are. and not all pedophiles are molesters. some go through hell because they hate themselves for who they are. it’s a complex situation, but witch hunts are not the right answer. thats for sure.

And I don’t think there will be. See, the problem with psychiatrists is that they have a tendency to define “sickness” purely on the basis of whether a said behavior/thought is acceptable in the current society. There are NO valid objective biological tests for most of the DSM diagnosis, and never will be. Just because something may be criminal and unpleasant, does not follow that it is necessarily “sick”.

The thing that gets me about society is that most of the focus is on punishing these people: for sure, the best way is to promote support groups, and fund them, to prevent paedophiles from committing crimes against children.
We do this for many unhealthy addictions that have few victims.
I doubt anyone should rest easy that someone is being punished for a crime that could have been prevented with a bit less blind hate.

There is nothing wrong with a child freely choosing to experiment sexually with another child. The problem arises when an adult abuses the imbalance of power in his or her relationship with a child to manipulate said child into performing sexual acts.

I ‘consent’ to pay my taxes; but that is by no means a freely chosen obligation. When you impose implicit or explicit consequences on a decision, you introduce coercion into the equation, and remove a person’s ability to ‘freely’ choose his course of action.

And yes, I agree with you AA, there are worse things than the sexual abuse of children. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a horrible, reprehensible thing.

And I doubt you would choose to replace each and every incident of bullying in your childhood with molestation at the hands of an adult.

being molested can be fun, it’s not fucking cool tearing away at someone’s soul with words like “FAT ASS” “FREAK” “FAGGOT” “LOSER”

it fucking hurts, words hurt whether anyone likes it or not. I use to cry under my bed like a little bitch because I could still hear their jeers and taunts……

AA I agree with a little more then half of this video, but pedophilia is gross. I know you disagree with theist pumping religious notions into a child’s head is wrong, and pumping a dick in them is just as bad. I use to get bullied too….if you want to talk via PM so be it, we shall talk. But if you were a parent you probably wouldn’t of said a few things you said in this. Also I agree that peoples priorities in this country especially are way out of line. This country needs to get laid

This whole Dendrophilian fiasco has gotten way out of hand. I mean sure, the first vid on pedophilia he had was a tad suggestive, but he apologized for it in his most recent. Why is everyone still getting so worked up over a simple fucking opinion…not to mention blowing the whole deal out of the fucking water with Rieger’s “Atheist Pedophilia Movement” bullshit?? I may not agree with Dendro’s views, but he definitely has a lot more guts than most; I admire that.

Well i guess TAA was right.People are gonna call him a pedophile and look really stupid doing it. Anyway, good points. I was bullied a lot as well mostly in grade school and lookign back on it i am surprised i did not beat the fuckers with a tire iron. I would take a couple rapes over that shit anytime.

k, yeah, no i still think paedophillia is pretty wrong. it isnt like other sexual deviations that have been subject to changing societal opinions. eg homosexuality – thats two men (or women) who consent to sex with eachother, and may love eachother etc.
paedophillia, thats a grown male or female using/manipulating a kid for their own sexual desires.

kids have lower cognitive abilities, they’re easy to manipulate and are hardwired to look up to adults as the authority figures, its never an equal relationship.
and it is an important issue because we’re all children at some point, and im pretty sure you’re glad that society frowned upon child rape at the time when you were growing up.

I used to be like you regarding children till I had some of my own, once you have your own, and all of a sudden almost everything you do is for their advancment, it changes everything. That being said, I agree with what your saying, I have actually never thought about them being molested, I worry more about them getting hit by a car or drowning in a pool 🙂

Your thoughts have no basis in reality. Discussing things on a theoretical level is fine but you seem to be incapable of seriously considering this on a personal level. The fact that you don’t care about children shows how severely disconnected you are from society. But maybe even that doesn’t concern you because you are such an intellectual eliteist right?

Let’s find one positive thing to say about your commentary…You say it more than once…that you don’t care about kids…and hopefully that means you will never HAVE children…and if you never procreate, maybe your warped, damaged, disgusting, low-life, negative DNA can die out with you.

i disagreed with dendro on his first video, but i was mad as fuck when it got removed, the guy had some vialed points he only dismissed some of todays moral and social standards that was mainly formed by christians, the very people who have the biggest record of child molestation, people should chill the fuck out, it’s called freedom of speech!

Since cerebulon said “drawn child porn,” firstly, that’s impossible. Secondly, he’s probably referring to “lolicon” and “shotacon” (as used in reference to subsections of hentai). Thirdly, the Supreme Court already ruled that CP and lolicon/shotacon aren’t equivalent, therefore loli/shota are legal in the US.

The reason it is legal it is seen as not hurting a child. Most cases lolicon/shotacon is the depiction of younger children in shows/manga/anime/hentai. For example, many of you have seen some animes where a person looks like a child, then turns out to be 25. Or everyone in the show looks kiddish. Point in example is a show called “lucky star” where all girls in it are the exact depiction of girls around 8-10, however they are all 16-20. Although everyone in the show is drawn young.

A penis is the least harmful thing a preacher puts in a child? LAWL I thought I would piss on myself Haha. Well, people get all riled up over stuff they can never do anything about, you know? If they cared about something they could change, it might require some actual involvement or effort from them. Lazy asses.

I think adults having sex with pre-pubescents is wrong. But lets face it. When a guy or girl is beyond puberty and gets in the 14-16 age range they are no longer children. Regardless of much laws & society tries to emphasize that they’re still children, they aren’t. Physically they’re adults and sexual urges and hormones are raging. I see nothing wrong with post-puberty teens exploring sexuality. It’s all part of growing up.

I don’t think any sane person condones rape, molestation or intercourse with a child. But there are millions of American high school teenagers(mostly females) in consensual relationships with adult guys, and those relationships are lumped in with criminal ones because there are a lot of people who seem incapable of telling the difference because of the media and social hysteria and their own stupidity.

If you think that child pedophilia should not be on our TOP list , you should have been molested yourself when you were a child. Do you understand how being molested affects the course of your entire life? YOU MAKE ME SICK , AND THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY WRONG WITH YOU.

TAA you’re incorrect. Believe it or not elderly people have the highest suicide rates among any other group of ppl.

The 2 main reason why so many elderly ppl kill themselves is (1) their longtime spouse recently died and (2) they were recently diagnosed with a terminal illness.

How would you have liked if a preist had molested you , growing up with that thought in your head? GROWING UP with the tought that someone had stuck his penis in your mouth when you were 11 years old? You need to check how many kids killed themselves becasue of that!!!!!!

TheAmazingAtheist is a darkened intellectual, shrewdly aged by the generally over-simplified meanderings of the common fool. Perhaps his words of unpopular wisdom will one day be heeded beyond the wiser men amongst the societal crowd of sheepishly agreeing peasants, but that is a fading hope nearly akin to religious superstitions.

I was much more upset by what I saw in the “Jesus Camp” documentary video than by anything that Dendrophilian had to say! In fact, I was so upset by what I saw in “Jesus Camp” that I wrote a parody of it called “Bible Camp” that is available at the usual online book outlets. Although I may not agree with everything Dendrophilian has to say, I am cognizant enough to realize that there are far worse things in the world than the p-word!

This is the most thought-provoking video I’ve seen yet. I can tell you have a lot of anger on this issue, and I really can’t blame you. While I think that anyone who’s capable of molesting a child should be shot, it isn’t nearly as bad as some of the other things in the world that the news chooses to ignore. Your example of the starving boy really helped pushed your message; you’re absolutely right, if that situation did arise, the news would be all over it!
Great video.

Ha, also, Bill Maher did a bit where he said he disliked child molestation too (in reference to Michael Jackson) but he was beaten severely in the face when he was a kid, and that he’d gladly trade that in for a gentle masturbation from any star of the day. “The Zombies, giving me a gentle masturbation under the sheets. That would be better than what I went through.”

Wait just a minute here! Did someone say they rape cats? That is not even funny. Silly kids are one thing, but ANIMALS? PETA is going to hunt you down and cut your evil dick off. Before they kill you. If you want to live, go back to raping children, motherfucker. You need to get real and think about what really matters in life.

TAA, just because your “friend” dendrophilian has, as you call it, the “balls” to say something controversial over the internet (rofl!) doesn’t mean you should suck his arse. I think YOU have a wee bit more intelligence than that — or at least you try to present yourself that way. Think about it. BYE.

TAA, I put the word “friend” in quotes for a reason — i.e. it doesn’t really matter what your relationship to him is or isn’t for that matter. The main point I was trying to make is that I figured you were a bit more intelligent than this video demonstrates. It’s as if you’d jump on anything someone says because it’s controversial no matter what the person is actually talking about — if anything, that is what is weak here. It’s not the first time you give me that impression either. BYE.

Your trying to rationalize with an irrational person. This is going to be hard for alot of people to swallow but until people understand it, people will try and come up with there own ideas of what is right and what is wrong. It is very simple to understand but people do not want to follow it. Sex was not intended to be between a male and female, it was intended only to be between a husband and wife. If that simple principle was followed none of these problems would be.

I think the biggest reason people are up in arms is that we don’t know what causes it or what to do about it. Should pedophilia be treated like a drug addiction? If so, do they get rehabilitation and go on their merry way? Should we just treat them as rapists, and jail them? Is it a mental disorder that therapy and medication can help with? Is it the most forbidden of sexual preferences, therefore turning them into maniacs from repressing their desires.

Haha, nice way to put it.
It is kind of sad how they teach kids about Hell at such a young age and to “FEAR IT!” and then sex, a normal biological function as you put it, is the worse thing ever and you never tell your kids about it.
What hypocrisy.


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im fuckin tiredof ou always sayin shit cause you are just some fuckin loser who knowone cares about so u tryu and spread ur anger to others, you know what ur dumbass, like come on man, almost all of society disgrees with you, doesnt that give you a little hint? fucin retard lol..

Yes, there are far more important things to worry about,but rape/molestation is totally wrong, and cant be
justified by any means. I like kids, and I don’t want them to grow up thinking that it’s okay for this stuff to happen, coz it’s not. However,I think people focus way way
to much on it. yes, it’s important, but there are more
important things right now. good point though! kudos to saying what you’re thinking.

well obviously you don’t know what it’s like to be molested. neither do i, but that’s why we have no place to judge it. people who are molested or raped have to deal with it for the rest of their lives, and they sometimes kill themselves over it. i doubt we should be as concerned with it as we are, but you act like it doesn’t mean a damn thing, which it does.

yeah I agree with this. No doubt pedophilia is fucking wrong and twisted and its an issue none the less, but AA seems to want to completely dismiss it for personal reasons and he’s being completely irrational….You posted my thoughts nightxamex.

FYI: The above made comment was posted by myself. Was under xxxilds account & didn’t realize. However, I’m sure she feels the same. Question answered? Good. War is not what you want. War is not what you will have. You will have something, but war it shall not be.

I’m just pointing out that your comment makes no sense whatsoever.

“War is not what you want. War is not what you will have. You will have something, but war it shall not be.”

Are you trying to be mysterious? It just comes across as convoluted. And anyway, don’t bother. You had your chance to take me on. You remained silent like the bitch you are–now, when I tackle a controversial topic, you decide to swoop down and try to take me on? What a fucking pansy.

If you ever have children, I think your opinion will change. I used to HATE kids. Whenever I saw a kid, I would get all itchy and shit. I would look at the parents and want to smack them for having that kid out in the open where anyone could see it. Having a person grow inside of you for the better part of ten months changes your perspective.

In previous statements made by you I mainly agree and find your commentary interesting. I think you admitted the problem when you said you got picked on when you were a child and thus the outcome is a subconscious with a disposition towards american youth. When and if you have children your feelings will change if these feelings your admitting are your true actual feelings, but I dont think so. Stick to knocking down the religous sheep. Thanks – Interested Listener (CL)

I was much more upset by what I saw in the “Jesus Camp” documentary video than by anything that Dendrophilian had to say! In fact, I was so upset by what I saw in “Jesus Camp” that I wrote a parody of it called “Bible Camp” that is available at the usual online book outlets. Although I may not agree with everything Dendrophilian has to say, I am cognizant enough to realize that there are far worse things in the world than the p-word!

Jesus Camp wasdisturbing. It was rediculous that Becky condemned “Harry Potter.” Her own bible has Saul contacting a medium. It was the witch of Endor who contacted Saul. These idiotic christians don’t even read their own bible. That hypocrite Haggard, you can tell that he has dumbass written all over his face.

Well,according to what I’ve read, it’s often totally devastating for a person to be molested as a child. I guess it is a trust issue, but I don’t know. Bullying I think is a big mistake to neglect as a problem. Sure people survive and become nice dudes, but other ones get really fucked. However I also recognize your point about the righteous choir who don’t think for themselves. Peas and carrots.

Have you ever heard of something like “Atheists United to End Hunger” or any other charitable organization established by atheists? There’s a huge number of atheists worldwide—aren’t they capable of establishing even one? It might exist, but if so it’s a rare animal.

Of course you have these views! You have never been violated yourself as a child! I want you to do me a favor, watch your video after you have had a child. When you have a child in this world, believe me, you whole outlook on everything will change.

I was raised catholic…I survived the brainwashing cult tactics….the rape I recieved by my abuser,I almost didn’t.

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children have the potential to do great things. It’s only natural for people to feel more compassionate.
I agree on a point that you make though, if it weren’t for the media, people would take care of themselves much better. I’m in one state. If something happens in a state 600 miles away, I’m not that interested unless there’s some lesson or tipoff to be learned.

I agree that this shouldn’t be the top thing thrown all over the media. It really does have an effect on people. I see it in my workplace all the time. CNN fanatics walking by saying stuff like “omg, did you see that guy that touched that kid…i would burn that mother fucker on a stick” and you tell them, “geez, look, 50 people blew up in an iraq market place.” and people just go “oh” and look down.

when i was little, i was molested by my uncle. i lived with him. he didnt feed me much or really care at all about me. i got pregnant when i was 12. i had the baby. i live with one of my friends because my uncle didnt want to help with the baby ever. my uncle is now in jail. i never really had a family. my mom died of cancer and my dad died in a car crash when i was about 9. All of this screwed everything up for me. i have no future now, its too late.

oh okay, ill give you a reason. Children don’t have the brain capacity to deal with traumatic
situations because they dont understand whats happening to them. And even when adults get raped, its extreamly hard for them to get over it in most cases. you dont just get raped “a few times” and then its over. there is emotional + physical damage. I’m sure if you asked a rape victim weather they would rather have been raped, or picked on they’d choose being picked on.

Youre a fucken idiot and your reasoning is moronic, shows youre damaged. Did you ever think that many people have the tendency to find news stories more relative if they are more of an immediate ‘threat’. Those who dont have someone they know in iraq but have children may be more worried about the pedophile story than the bombing of soldiers. Maybe you should walk a few miles in the shoes of someone who has been sexually assaulted.

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I think to parents, paedophilia is one of their top worries. But I’m not a parent, so I can’t really say. I bet to people with young siblings worry about the pedos out there, waiting for their younger sibling. However, I wouldn’t know once again. I’m just using logic, really.
But on all other levels, I suppose I agree; the starving children and other important issues deserve more attention.

My aren’t we a heartless asshole. Obviously you don’t have children & hopefully never do. With your attitude you’d probably think it’s ok to screw them as long as they’re being fed well. The built up anger & frustration you have on this topic does make me wonder if you were abused as a child or if you abuse them. Well, you got one thing right…you’re laying down…now where’s the therapist?

dude, you need to take your shitty stand up gig somewhere else //// more than a circuit missing dude – why don’t you put your fucking camera down, get off your ass, out of your bed, drive past burger kind and sign up for the United Way, although after this post, you probably wont even be able to do some constructive charity work – bottom line angry man – get out of YOURSELF –

because he is obviously angry at god because of his large ugly head. i was just commenting on his evangelical atheism. in other words, this whole “i’m an atheist” thing these evangelical atheists claim is a sham. only a staunch believer in god could be so obsessed with the notion of god to jump up and down day in and day out about the nonexistance of god. if he really didn’t believe in god he wouldn’t bore youtube with his god videos all day.

as far as why i didn’t respond with a reasonable argument, i didn’t watch the video as i find his face and voice to be extremely unpleasant. once again, he should take his obsession with god some place else. or get some help. try to be a cool atheist and just stop giving a crap about god and boring the rest of us with your obsession with god.

i’d have to start watching to stop watching. i just resent having to see his big ugly head in the thumbnail pictures on the site. and trust me — all evangelical atheists are actually obsessed with god. they are more obsessed with god than your average evangelical christian. and, incredibly, even more obnoxious than them much of the time. if that’s possible. it’s a shame they are stricken with this weird god complex and can’t be like the rest of us and just get on with their lives.

I think the partial treatment towards children is because they haven’t lived life yet. It’s bad if anyone dies, but it stings a little worse if it’s someone so young.

Anyway, nice video, but keep in mind that you do not directly know how it feels to be violated. Try not to underestimate how fucked up it can be.

Are there worse things then pedophiles? Of coarse, but pedophilia was the topic. Until you’ve been a victim of molestation, you have no idea what it’s like. As a Christian I still watched your videos because you presented your view in an intelligent, sometimes comical way. Hope you have a child one day, and if you do, look at that child one day and imagine someone touching them in a sexual way. Then tell me, do you still think people were over reacting?

just look at all the kids that have been victimized and all the pain and agony they go through. Every kid i have seen went through extreme depression and humiliation and needed professional help just because some pedophile needed to satisfy his or her craving and had zero control and zero initiative to getthem selves some help. This one experience can be extremely confusing and terrofying to a child that has no understanding about this occurence and has no desire to engage in any of it

C. angry pseudo defense of pedo’s
D. emo, victim mentality.
i.e – ” I was treated like shit, and i don’t beleve in god or religion, and the world is against me”
and E. your actually taking the time, which you probly have a excess of to actually make a video about thisyou sirare a fucking Cunt
and the Cunt just drives it home

1 out of 5 boys and 1 out of 3 girls are molested. Most women I know, have been…that man is full of crap! Pedophilia is almost as ugly as murder. Its so damn close that the argument is without purpose. People spend their whole life getting over someone violating them. This is true of murder too. ~Raven

And whay is this so? Because they’re being told that what have happened to them was wrong, that they are victims, that they’re violated for life. It is exactly the same case when christian teens feel terrible guilt and distress about their aspiring sexuality and masturbation, while ahteists do not. It is, for the most part, about social conditioning and not the actual act of sex, UNLESS the act was very brutal and physically damaging.

i think lots of people are missing the point of this post. The disgust you feel towards pedophiles is a social phenomenon, it is taught, not instinctual. Anyway, the point of the video was that you fucks pretend to be horrified by any harm to children, but what do you do about it? nothing. You wont try and help. at best, youll send some poor fuck $5 a month for rice and muddy water, then pat ureself on the back for being a humanitarian… get fucked.

it is so obvious, by the way that you try and marginalize pedophilia that you are experiencing some sort of guilt around the topic, from either desires or actions, and it has to be said (because most people are probably thinking this after seeing you)You look like the kinda dude you would see being hauled away by the cops for involvement in a internet child porn ring

It is not that he is trying to marginalize it, it’s just that there are so MANY fucking things outthere that should have caused FAR more outrage than some video of a 17 yo.. Like: the constant drugging of our children by ritalin, school bullying, divorce, adultery, passive smoking, mass starvation, faimly beatings – the list goes on.

I hope you never have kids.I think taking away the innocence of a child and scarring them for life is a pretty terrible thing. How can you even compare a starving child with a child being molested? I think this IS a pretty big problem. A little more important then your crusade of atheism, where you claim religion is the source of the world’s problems.

I think people like YOU who do NOTHING except complain all day about how religious people are wrong while these kids are starving all day is more of the problem. Seriously, every time you make a video just think: there are starving kids all over the world and I’m here spitting bullshit. That’s the same stupid argument you’re making in your video.

And wow you were bullied? who wasn’t been? How can you say you’d rather be molested when you obviously don’t know anything about it? When you know someone who HAS been molested or you had a child of your own, you would know a little bit more of what the fuck (I wont use it after every other word like you did) you’re talking about.

God I hate people like you.Trying to find some new spin on something thats already self explanitory and wrong.Trust me pal, if I had a kid and anyone put thier hands on them…the only thing I be upset about is I could only blow thier head off once.

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Just remove * and enjoy

My aren’t we a heartless asshole. Obviously you don’t have children & hopefully never do. With your attitude you’d probably think it’s ok to screw them as long as they’re being fed well. The built up anger & frustration you have on this topic does make me wonder if you were abused as a child or if you abuse them. Well, you got one thing right…you’re laying down…now where’s the therapist?
or jus maybe myabe u jus got it up the butt FREAK!!


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Just remove * and enjoy

so you think kids should be having sex at the age of 12?

Geez you’re a freak.

Look, respect other peoples beliefs, you can be an athiest if you want, I won’t stop you. But realize that some people believe in god and consider RAPING A CHILD, worse than telling them about hell.

Have any of you athiests ever stopped to think that mabye we Christians don’t give a flying fuck what you think of our beliefs?

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Just remove * and enjoy

I have watched some of your videos for awhile and thought well he is sometimes different from me, but this video gives a little more insight into who you are. Its sad, yeah it is wrong. Wow, this is a sad sad video. And no it doesn’t mean they agree, I have often given you four start thinking that its worth watching, but in no way did I agree.


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