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August 14, 2007

Failure is my everyday work.

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In The Kingdom of the Netherlands you pay like 1500 euro on average for 30 driving lessons and 1 theoretical and practical examination. The first is considered easy (although an American professor teaching here complained about the difficulty recently in an op-ed) but the second is considered difficult. Usually people pass the second time. Btw, the Tokyo subway is sometimes overcrowded with elderly people. It doesn’t matter you fall in love with men 80 years old, Lucy.

Take care!

You MUST get training, if the driving part is that difficult to pass. A car is very dangerous in the hands of a less-than-skilled driver. You could hurt yourself or others. Do you have a friend or parent who could help? If you were to take a cuteness test, you would get an A+!

I did mine after my fourth try. In South Africa we do it the way you are doing it now. ^^
I hated my instructor too.

Oh in english yoroshiku onegaishimasu is something like please be kind to me as I would to you. 🙂
And omdetou for when you pass it!

oh no. I only know because I am learning your language. I can think of a few words to describe it… Utsukushi, suteki, tanoshi
I like Japanese so much! I went on holiday to tokyo and kyoto a month or so ago. I put up a video or two on my holiday there ^^

I think it’s nice that you were so nice to everyone, and your right. When you are nice to people, in turn they will be nice to you and may even pass that on to someone else. When you smile at someone, they may smily at someone else who’d been having a really bad day, and then, in turn, that person may smile at someone else. It’s a chain reaction! But I’m sorry you failed the test. =(

In my country(Poland) driving licence is also expensive, hard and take a lot of time, sometimes people need to try 5,6 times to pass it… i still don’t get it, so you are not alone hehehe, BTW you look OK, so don’t wory about that 😉 Take care!

Im in the process of taking my drivers licence myself here in Sweden. I have passed my written test and have my drivers test later this august…. so im pretty nervous. I have a question about your drivers test tho. Because here in Sweden we are allowed to “Övningsköra” which means that you can drive with a family member or a friend who has had his drivers licence for more then 5 years. Can you do anything like that in Japan or do you take the drivers test without any practice?

It’s funny you’re putting this video out now, I have my written test tomorrow and I am really nervous!
Here in Holland we only have one written exam and one driving test in public streets, but we are obliged to get lessons first.
Congratulations on passing the test the second time! =) (I read it in the comments)

Oh, it took me 3 tries to have my license 😦 I hated my instructors because you could tell they didn’t like their job, and I hated the evaluator because he was mean, and I had him the 3 times! Not fun 😦 When I got my license, I got into my car, and screamed : ”TAKE THAT (insert bad word) evaluator!” (^o^)

lol dont want to slap it in ur face but in my country all u gotta do is pay 1 of the guys that works in the test place without being seen and he will fill up that thing for u and will give u any license lvl u want and ur done 🙂 btw good luck and i luv ur videos

Lucymisser, you’re simply awesome. I laughed when you said “the driving instructors are just BITCHES.” But yeah, that’s really expensive to get your license, I’m sorry you failed the public driving part. I’m glad things looked up for you in the end, though — people can unexpectedly make your day sometimes.

i live in tokyo now and i think people are really cold around here. everyone just minds there own business. this is kind of bad, but on the other hand if someday somebody does something nice to you (like the guy on the train to lucy)….then you really appreciate it.

Don’t agree totally, but I applaud the basic premise… I just really don’t like when others take advantage of politeness.
Your driving instruction system sounds like a money-making scam, so I am glad that some do pass on their first school-test try; I can’t imagine why that doesn’t transfer well to a public test. Know the rules, apply the rules, pass the test; seems simple.
Anyways, congratulations for making these opportunities to practice your additional languages.

Why are you hard on yourself? You always look great. Do you know on what part you did badly? Next time you’ll ace it!

You’re committing random acts of kindness, the world needs more of that from everyone. There’s a movie about a subject like this called, “Pay it Forward”

remembering when i had to take my driving test, it doesn’t sound altogether different from you experience. also, it’s interesting to hear the difference in your inflection between your english and nihongo. that there is a difference suggests that you’re doing well with your english. you have faults, but you’re getting the important parts that many overlook.

I’ve gotta say: When I fist started watching this video and you were saying that if someone is being mean to you, you should be nice to them; I sorta rolled my eyes because I really don’t agree with that. But after watching the entire thing, I think I might try it for myself.

I have a question. When you say “Arigatou gozaimashita” why is it in past-tense? I never really figured that out. Because in English there is no past-tense for use in a present-tense situation. Its like me saying to my friend after he bought me a beer “Thanked you”. Those Japanese, so silly-billy.

This video has such a positive message that I think a more positive title would better reflect what you’re saying. What you learned is a valuable lesson and I appreciate that you passed it on to us. As my mother used to say “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” but who wants to catch flies anyway. Hope you pass next time and can stay safe driving. Aloha 🙂

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu – here in US, we learn this means literally, “Please treat me kindly!”

Driving test for a car? It’s my understanding that driving a car in Japan is very expensive (many many car bills). We get cut a little (but only a little) slack here in US.

And about your conclusion, Yuuki, don’t I know that. There was a listing put in the Marketplace of Facebook for a public speaking tutor. At first, I said it wasn’t for me, but then I said, “I took public speaking, and I should be able to do it,” so I did, and I am doing well as a tutor so far. In return, the person who listed the tutor position is a girl, and she bought me popcorn at my own free will and asked me to the movies some time.

I loved the video yuki! very uplifting. You are right that being nice to someone is very rewarding and you gave good advice. I was so shocked to hear how hard it is to get a drivers license there! 2 written tests and 2 driving tests?? Here in America its a really easy written test and then a driving test on the public street. I failed the driving test twice but only because the instructor made me nervous. Anyway, your videos rock and you rock. keep it up girl!

My poor instructor had a nervous break down and ended up quiting soon after he grudgingly gave me my licence.
So many young people he passed lost their lives in drinking and reckless driving accidents within a couple of years of getting their licence it just ate the poor guy up.

haha another great vid. it is so funny listening to you sware. it is so cute too. I’m going to be on hong kong this fall for school and will be making vids too. i hope you can check them out if you ever get achance. thanks for the great job you are doing on your’s though. =^..^=

とても日本的なブログでした。こういう礼儀正しい行動が日本の文化であり、そしてプライド持つべき行動だと思います。これからも YOUTUBEでの御活躍(?)期待してます。(日本語下手ですみませんw)

Great video! And a great message, too! I’m so glad these good things happened to you. I failed my driving test the 1st two times, but the third time I passed it. Being polite is always the right thing — see how it paid off for you? I’m so happy that you are seeing how being nice comes back to you. If you’re not careful, you’re going to be happy!


I failed my driving test the first time I took it. I tried to be nice, but when I got home I was really mad. hahaha But that was probably because I thought I passed, but then was told I failed because I didn’t wait for the person crossing the street to get on the sidewalk, which is automatic fail in California

It’s always nice to see people being nice to others. just saying “thank you” or “arigatou” is good enough.

Did you just cut and color your hair? It looks really nice.

Although it’s not as difficult to get a driver’s license in the US, I failed the first driver’s test also. Don’t worry you’ll get it next time!!! Also, your outlook on life will certainly make you a happier person as well as everyone around you. In fact, I’d like to thank you right now for all your postings–it’s makes me happy whenever I see a new one!

I don’t understand why you seem to be so hard on yourself.
You are kawai (^_^), you seem honest and sincere. I think you need to not judge yourself so much and cheer up.
Ojibwe saying: “Sometimes I go about in pity for myself, and all the while, a great wind carries me across the sky.”
What you edited/silenced in “My small trip” is very sad.

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