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August 14, 2007

Pack your bags ChannelReviews

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Bread and I-can’t-Believe-Its-Not-Butter? This may just be your finest hour so far, Doggie! DDDUUUUUUUURRRRRRRR and if you launch more missiles, don’t forget to target the fact he said he hoped someone would die a terrible death… that’s just furked up, don’t you think?

Shut up Victor! You lost all credibility. Making videos against people that threaten others. While supporting ChannelREviews, who wants women to die, talks about fucking them, as well as many, many other vicious attacks. You need to learn that your morals need to apply to everybody, and not exclude your friends. Way to go dude. And don’t try to wash your hands off anything. You are part of the “council” What they do, you do.

Get a fucking sense of humor, alcky13. The guy was JOKING. The whole “war council” thing was just a humorous way of spotlighting the problem. Why are there so many friggin’ humorless pansies on YouTube? CR may be hard edged with his humor, but that’s all it is! HUMOR. Think Howard Stern. You’re either into it or not. People who think he was being serious are morons.

Yes, it is Humor and I get the “Joke” But Victor has made videos against this type of humor and jokes. But since it’s his friend, Oh well, it’s ok then. I am only saying that because if he is going to make videos trying to be self righteous, he should back them up by not supporting the same behavior he speaks against. It’s Hypocritical.

OMG! I cant beleive youve been bought out by “I cant believe its not butter!” HAHA and yea I think not even trevor reiger has done as many Lisa Nova vids as CR…but I could be wrong

now if youll excuse me…im going to make myself some toast 😀

Just thought of something, What If, ChannelReviews, lisanova and a few others are in communication to get views and revenue? It’s not much, But what if… we are all falling into place just as planned? wonder what they might talk about on the phone. HMMMMM makes you wonder.. Conspiracy theory anyone?


Grab your floral print fucking suitcases, pack your shitty ass videos, give me the five minutes of my life back, and GET THE FUCK OFF OF YOUTUBE!! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

You- Had- Better- Believe – It. Youtube- Is- Up- The_ Shit- Again.. It just told me my response to the letters was wrong, WHEN IN FACT IT WAS RIGHT.. I just tried to leave a comment on Someones Channel and I got “AUTORIZATION ERROR”. WTF?? YOUTUBE..

Hey, if you want a song broadcasted on youtube with your choice of music and a picture to go with it, visit my channel and tell me what song and picture you would like. When i post it, it will also include your name. So visit my channel today!

YESS!!! “GET THE FUCK OUT OF YOUTUBEEE!!!” YTwatchdog you are the fucking MAN…or DOG! EITHER! 😀

“You will just look like a fool” coming from the dude wearing the dog-thing mask. ChannelReviews that really says something. YTwatchdog FUCK YEAH! 😀 Never stop kicking ass

I actually used to really like ChannelReviews, and his mildly entertaining shorts on the pros and cons of other channels.

However, I agree. This crap has gone way too far. I even wrote to him myself a few weeks ago advocating the same concern, but I don’t think he really cared what I thought.

He grew his subscriber base by about 32% in just this week alone (July 30 – now). Do you think now it would have been wise of him to take your “expert” advice? I, personally, think it was HILARIOUS. The only people who have their panties in a bunch are the Lisa fans and her allies.

When what you’re saying is valid and said with intelligence, it doesn’t take 7 tries to get your message across. In CR’s first “review” of Lisa Nova he says she has “legit talent” only to, one month later, make a video attacking her talent, saying she has none. And what exactly was his most recent message? To call her a whore and wish death on her. Wow, over leaving countless channel comments? How much stronger do you suggest his message should have been?

Wishing death on a person over something THAT meaningless? And then he speaks of a “War Council” and how he wanted to use CC as a “secret weapon” what is that guy, 12 or 13? How can you possibly defend that guy? And what TOS stipulation did she compromise? She and her pals left numerous friendly and funny comments on channels all over YouTube; the one on my channel was something silly about summer.

Michelle, I didnt see the videos where Channel guy said that stuff but having watched his videos before, he is very sarcastic and doesnt mean harm. Its part of his Youtube personality. I dont think one video would have worked if someone else was genuinely upset by Novas activities but I do think its all getting old and channelreviews needs to hang it up.

If you didn’t watch all 7 videos, why would you make a suggestion maybe all were needed to send a “strong message.” Apparently you don’t even know what his message was. Sarcastic or not, expressing a wish that a person dies before they’re 35 and calling them a whore is inexcusable and yes, he really said those things in one of the 7 videos you seemed to think he needed to get his point across. I’m probably one of the most sarcastic people I know and even I know where to draw the line.

Lisa didn’t compromise TOS; via her account, friendly messages were left all over YouTube. If people get more upset over that than they do about an attention starving punk wishing her death and calling her a whore, something is very wrong around here. Sorry, but your comment comes off as defending him or justifying his actions and I find that astonishing.

He always has that grin on his face when he makes his brutal sarcasm which always cracks me up. There are plenty of famous comedians who possess the same type of humor. I didnt watch that particular video so I dont know if he was being funny or appearing serious although not serious in terms of intent. Depending on how he delivered those lines is where I would draw the line too. I will go watch them. ~Raven

Lisa placed a comment on my channel. Seemed harmless enough to me but not very interesting.

ChannelReviews on the other hand, holy fuck do I ever despise the very site of that guy. Looks like the kind of conieving criminal scumbag that’ll rip you off of your entire life savings for a bag of moldy bread or something then break both your arms if your not punctual enough with the payment for his liking.


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I’ve been sitting back here, watching some of these people defend ChannelReviews. You know, I could just spam this comment page with what you bitches can go do, but I think the Dog stated it best when he said, “Grab your floral print suitcases, pack your goddamn bags, and get the FUCK off of YouTube.” Oh, and lest I forget…


“The New World Order NWO will be built…an end
run on national sovereignty, eroding it piece
by piece will accomplish much more than the
frontal assault” CFR, Council on Foreign Relations

CFR Members: B Obama, Romney, H Clinton, Giuliani,
McCain, J Edwards, D Rockefeller, Cheney, C Rice, B
Clinton, Dodd, Biden, Volcker

Google: Terrorstorm 2hr, America: Freedom to
Fascism 2hr, Loose Change 2hr, ‘Walt Mearsheimer
Israel’& North American Union

I think you need to calm down a bit… all your doing is getting yourself involved and probably trying to get recognized. Although I am a nobody compared to you, perhaps you should take a look at this video and see how its such a hateful movie…


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