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August 15, 2007

YouTube Bug

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Youtube Commments:








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I can assure everyone that Bill is telling 100% the truth about this. We tried many ways to access anyone from YouTube’s staff and found out that we simply can’t.
I found that MySpace has a related bug in the friends list but It’s easier to deal with.
Thanks Bill for finding this one and I’m sure when the count starts going down on the “YT Partners” sites, they will fix it. ~Chris~

You look tired Bill , Bug or someone who figured out Bostericans password . Karla sent out a bullitin too. I dont think I would care what it said as long as my freinds get my bullitins.Who said you did it ? Bill you are screwing up Karlas #s and telling a lot of creeps how to screw up someones account . Y/T watchs this and messes with you . Please dont do it to me .

Thank you very much. I have seen you around, and I know that you are also a well known and trusted person here. I just beg to please, please, make sure they know I am not the one that got this started. The faster it is exposed, the faster it gets cleaned up and everybody can get back to their YouTube action!

WTF…thats scary…! damn, my subscribers are my friends. they become my friends already and considered a family….if this will continue, we wont be get updated when they post a video or something unless we visit their sites. Youtube must do something about it.

edenmaze: if you dont care about your subscribers, you might not deserve a subscriber then. goodluck..!

Mr. USA: #1 nobody who virtually knows you would even begin to think that you would waste your time with this childish nonsense.

Give us a little more credit please.
I see what your doing though, this way no can say your the “DEMON” LOL…. You still could be doing it though… LOL… In your eagerness to clear your “VIRTUAL NAME” You have basicaly taught everyone how to do this now. : – 0 RIGHT ON!

BattlefieldDoktor: Yes… that is exactly what made me investigate what was causing it. Not only is that count wrong, the count of your subcriptions are probabl;y wrong also due to a similar bug. Look at my subscriptions (not subscriber)!!!! Someone did it to me.

I’m outta here. I’m gonna leave all you “SUBSCRIBER NUMBER WATCHERS” read each others sub numbers and have a little pitty party. This is so childish.
People are trapped in a COAL MINE for GODS SAKE….
THis is the best we can do, to sit around and frick with this inane bs? We all suck! LOL…….. : – )

I dig You-Tube. But the bottom line is it’s designed for a “PUNKD” philosophy. Why are STAR ratings anonymous? Why can Star Ratings be cheated every hour? Why can Auto-refreshers be used? Why does the VIEW tally not require “COMPLETE VIEWING of the Video?
Why are SOCK PUPPET ACOUNTS allowed to exist? Why does YT condone COPYRIGHT VIOLATION? and violate it’s OWN uplaod rules? YT could fix EVERYONE of those things, BUT THEY DON’T WANT TO! They like the whole “PUNK” thing.

I think it’s just laziness. I know I would be pulling my hair out straightening up this mess. I am sure Google would like to see YouTube simply disappear. Their investment didn’t quite work out. Then Google Video can emerge with controlled revenue makers.

Hey man, thanks for taking heat to solve a problem. I pray to god YouTube does something about this. If anything will make them listen, hopefully this will. I’m a proud subscriber of you, MrsAtomic and Bostorican, even if it looks like you’ve got zero subs!! Dan

MrsAtomic: You and Bill are good people and I know what you’re doing is for the best. Something will have to happen to sort this out because people were discovering this anyway. I had already experienced this problem, so I’m very much behind you. What happened to Bostorican’s account is awful. You’re brave for willingly accepting the same for your account to highlight the issue. God bless you both. Dan =:)

dan9tee: For me is not a big deal, I am not going anywhere, this is fun and entertainment for me, but it pissed me off that happened to someone like Bostorican… The sole idea of someone having the guts to do something like that makes me really mad 😡

i really don’t have any computer literacy that would lead anyone to that conclusion.most folks could look at my pages and be able to tell i don’t know what i’m doing. but this type of thing is done by someone who has some element of sophistication and i can barely spell it

MrsAtomic: I’ve got a reply from YouTube Support. It sounds like they’re taking it pretty seriously now. It was from a guy, not an automated message. I think word is getting to the right people now. Poor Uncle Dave.. No one deserves for this to happen to them. I’ll probably lose my subs too… but at least it has been brought to the attention of YouTube now.

dan9tee: Thank you very much Dan, people is running away from us now lol… Oh well, you get to know who is and who isn’t during hard times ;D William was contacted about it yesterday too… We didn’t want this to happen to anyone else, especially one of our friends, that’s why he did it to me, to show them that this is not personal, this is just something that’s happening and needs to be fixed… THANKS! 😀

Good for you, Bill! These corporations like Google & Microsoft & Autodesk think the users a too much trouble to bother with so there is no way to crack their shell unless you break a whole lot of eggs. Let’s see how this omlet turns out!! -Dennis

I just changed my wannabe FREUDIAN Mind….

Why don’t you do a “SLEEP BOYCOT” untill YOU-TUBE management gives you a “REAL RESPONSE” about this REALLY BIG PROBLEM. STAY UP, and just keep making videos every half hour and DEMAND SATISFACTION!

LIKE a REVERSE BED IN! I’ll even particitpate and stay up with you! : = )

you know i have great legs but my cleaning skills
let’s just say leave something to be desired
she looks better in the outfit but never gets to clean when she wears it. any advice would be greatly appreciated, forget the part where i clean up better

Hey Atomic. Maybe its just me, but I think this “bug” is great! Maybe if everyone was knocked down to ZERO subscribers, then maybe Youtube would become more of a community instead of a damn subscriber count competition. I”ve never been crazy about the idea of having my subscriber numbers on public display.

Oh, I didn’t think you were feeling like it was a subscriber count competition. But theres ALOT of folks that DO see it that way. I”m sure if Boh3m3, Renetto, Nalts, or any of the other Youtube “celebs” seen their subscriber count was down to zero, they’d be shitting bricks…lol.

sneakypreacher: We (AtomicUs5000 and I) clean our channels regularly, every time we see we have a subscriber that deleted his account, we delete their subscription, so believe me, we have never been interested in the subscribers count… If I kept all of my subscribers I would have had at least 400 this morning but I don’t like my subscribers box spammed with people thats no longer on youtube… Cheers!

If anyone wants to attack the big guys, use the Opera browser. Mouse Gestures makes going back and refreshing the page a lot faster, sheds off a lot of time. As a note, I’m not going to do this since t’s a waste of my life to repeat the process thousands of times..

What??? What jerk? Who did??? Who mocked the video??? If it makes you feel better go to my channel and unsubscribe several times and don’t subscribe back if you don’t want to but we didn’t do it… I just got here from work and Bill is asleep (finally!)…

alnewberry: We both knew this was one of the risks and where willing to do it anyways, in my case I am here just to have fun and can always open a new account, it pisses me off that someone would do that to someone as nice and talented as Bostorican1969, if we get our accts deleted it will be youtube’s fault, if they don’t want to be told they are wrong then that’s not our fault… Thanks for dropping by ;D

imtubester: He thought about doing this to someone that matters but that would be worse than hacking, that would be knowing somethings wrong and doing wrong as well, that’s why I begged him to do it to me… UpDownMostly offered his channel as well… We need to get the word out, but not everybody is willing to help… Thank you so much imtubester 😀

lakenitlisa: Nope, they just notify you once… The very first time you get their subscription, once you are a subscriber you can pretty much do it without anyone knowing anything about it… It’s cool though, even UpDownMostly has offered his account, you don’t lose your subscribers for real, unless they unsubscribe for real lol…

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Thanks so much for catching this. Sick individuals who do these kinds of things just because they CAN need to get a life. I TRUST you will get it sorted out and that NO-ONE will blame you for pointing out another YT fault – among the many. Good luck. I’ve subbed to you. GREAT catch.

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do you realize that probley some poor progammers most now go over ALL of the bugged pages and set the nummers back manaully ?
that a hell of a job so PLEASE do not call out for people to try it, you’re providing YT whit WAY more work then they can handelthis way.
so it will take Months for the nummers to be corrected.

Sins i do not know who youtube save the sub nummers i’m not sure if a some auto system can get them back because if thats the case then why would they be saving them in the DB in the first place.
SO PLEASE pull down something like this i have been in the position myself a few time putting shit back in a database manaully and its just not fun and to prevent them from just having a roll back we should not do it.

its php generated:
<span class="smallText">Subscribers:</span> <b>0</b><br/>
<span class="smallText">Channel Views:</span> <b>9,285</b><br/>
that can’t be javascript its php generated the nummer of subs:
( its the html to render you’re profile or etleast part of it 😉 )

well php is 90% of the time database generated so i assume they did this in the most logical way:
that would mean a Database tabel that is $sub_nummer + 1 or $sub_nummer -1 depending if you sub or unsub now this would mean that YT will lose the function of a tabel in the database. howto fix it manaully enter the nummers i hate to be that guy/girl

Yes, I figures as much. Quite half-assed. But a good way to fool people that the site is in sync with the database in with such lightning speed. They have to do this the real way. Once that system is set up, the count will reflect the true number.. maybe allow it update regularly. Cache the pages when there is no change. All sorts of thigns can be done after to gain the speed back.

cache is not a option for a site like youtube just think of the amount of extra diskspace next to the video that have to give to get it cache profiles a database is just smaller for the massive use.
+ a bug there would mean a downtime in order to remove the cache files again so this is not a bad way if its working.

They do have a cache in place. I’ve seen it go buggy plenty of times. But yes, it is useless to the very active channels… there aren’t that many of them though. A lot of “dead” videos if you will.
They have an update system in place for video views. (because of honor updates). They also have this in place for subscribers, but it doesn’t use the same for some reason. There are alternative sub/unsub urls. When you use these the bug does not occur. It -‘s and +’s properly.

lol… I wish!!! That would be hysterical. I wouldn’t have shared this until I became the most subscribed though. I mean seriously!!! lmao. Oh well. It probably would work in reverse if the messed up code went the other way and added each time when it doesn’t.

“The New World Order NWO will be built…an end
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littleloca: Don’t worry baby… AtomicUs5000 finally got a response, it will get fixed, you still have your subscribers, it’s just a matter of numbers on your main page… They did tis to Bostorican1969 first so we needed to do something, but they will fix it, just let your people know this is a bug and they shouldn’t panic if they see you with less subscribers…

littleloca: There is no way to stop them. Worry not since this is not really removing your subs. It’s just a little annoying bug that they said they will fix. Please help people become aware like the Mrs requested. The more people that know, the less panic there will be.

Hey Atomic. I was watching iseehaters video and as soon as he started talking about the bug i was suddenly struck by it. My sub number plunged from 566 to 444. Now i think it’s down to 300. Thanks for making this video btw. It’s rather pathetic that we gotta do something like this in order to get YT’s attention since it’s nearly impossible to contact them directly… bastards. he he

what i found while testing the system was each time a person’s subscriber count dropped below a multiple of 20, they also lost 1 page of subscribers (e.g. 3,874 subscribers = 194 pages totaling 3,880; 3,859 = 193 pages totaling 3,860).

on the other hand; my total subscriptions dropped by the number of times i tested the system. however, i didn’t lose any subscription pages (my home page shows only 30 subscriptions, but i still have 3 pages of subscriptions totaling my original 44).

Yep… be careful with that. You can get to them using “My Account” though. It can take days, if you use one computer. Are you doing this alone, or is the entire YouTube site doing it also. It doesn’t matter… it has already been enough to catch their attention.


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