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August 16, 2007


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Youtube Commments:








United Kingdom



i’m seriously dissappointed that i wasn’t invited to participate in this. absolutely shocked…

loved the video though 🙂 who can deny the hotness of girls burping? i mean, seriously, is it wierd that this video was a huge turn-on for me? i think tubegranny’s burps made me the moistest though…

I’m a guy and I was raised by women, so I can tell you from first hand experience that no one, I mean no one, can burp like a woman.

Sarry trying to burp was so funny. She was trying burp but in a “ladylike” way. Hilarious. Now TubeGranny burping was just so…wrong.

FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!…I was wondering when u was going to make another video, I was wait and waiting and waiting and yay you finnly made one, yay, but soooooooo funny, I just love ur videos, talk to ya laters byeeeeeeeeeee

OMIGOD!!! THIS was hilarious. PLEASE tell me Diana is coming to Southtube. She said, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph”. GOD HOW I REMEMBER THAT ALL MY LIFE. I have a poem for you befitting the video, “Pardon the gas, it had to pass. Sweeter out the mouth, than out the ass”. Imagine just how these “ladies” can fart!


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