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August 17, 2007


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Quiet as it’s kept – you can’t taste the difference. Same is true for light salad dressing, skim milk and after a while, Coke Zero. It grows on you.

Great video. I also liked your “Not Chocolate Rain”. Liz needs to leave that wig and black bar off. She is beautiful! Bwon-chicka-wow-wow (LOL).


o-0 Lol Shame on you! Now you get to watch My Little Pony! >.>; That was a random message from the random news association… MOVING ON! >.> I like organic mayo now… so MWAHAHAHAHHH! *cough and looks around suspiciously* WHAT?! >.> Organic stuff is cooo! Lol

the french invented mayo didnt they, didnt they, the french did it, what can be grosser than mayo, the french, im just KIDDING! i like the french, hehe, oui oui, hehehehehe, oui oui. thats a great way of saying yes. DO you have to go to the bathroom? oui oui.

Buck from WhatTheBuckShow mentioned you are having (or possibly had) a birthday. Happy Birthday.

I can’t stand lite anything. Really, if the lite was as good as the non-lite, why not just sell the lite as regular?

“This regular tastes worse, clogs arteries, and makes people gain weight. Let’s run with it!”

haha, it’s so funny if you don’t read the video description beforehand. The whole time I was wondering … what did he say, what did he say … awesome suspense, maybe you shouldn’t tell it even in the description and leave it up to the mind of the beholder 🙂

My NetMeter keeps showing a droppage of the internet data transfer today on YT. Must be a problem with YouTube spewing out the data over here. That means I get 10-20 seconds of video, then a halt for another 10-20 seconds while there is no data transfer, until there is more data transfer for a few seconds which then plays video for a few seconds more.
YouTube has hit the bottom of the jar?
Other sites work OK.

Something I don’t get about Mayo…it’s completely gross by itself, like the very idea of eating a spoonful of it is nauseating. But slap that same spoonful on a hamburger or on top of some steak fries, and just try and keep me from it…weird, huh? It’s sick by itself, but delicious when added to other things.

for those that don’t get this video, I feel for you. it’s so obvious. you have a guy and woman smelling something. he’s referring to it smelling like something. when she agrees, she wonders if that makes her, ya know… it’s too easy not to understand.

I think they know what it makes people think. Watch, soon she’ll say we’re all pervs, but of course they know they set it up for that reaction.

I still think the “real” meaning is something else. I have no idea what yet

On the other hand, never know with Spricket24… Lots of her videos mean nothing at all.

Her humor isn’t like slapstick, it’s not irony, no category…. It’s more like jiggling keys for us babies to make us laugh. Hee hee. Do it again!

A little known fact about the Titanic was that it was actually carrying a large shipment of mayonnaise, which it was going to deliver to Mexico after it made its first stop. When the people of Mexico, who love mayonnaise greatly, heard about the sinking of the Titanic, they were in grief, and created a holiday to memorialize the tragic event and that their mayonnaise had sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic. The name of the holiday? “Cinco de Mayo.”


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