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August 18, 2007

MLRS Live Fire

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Youtube Commments:








United Kingdom



I was a 19D for 22 years, enlisted Aug 1976, retired in May 1998, I crewed M151A1 Jeeps, M113A1 ACAV, M551A1 Sheridan, M3 Bradley, M3A1 Bradley, M3A2 Bradley, HMMWVs mounting M2 and Mk19. Spent a couple of years as an AeroScout flying in OH-58A & C model scout helos. Even got a few rides in the front seat of the AH-1S Cobra.

I really don’t mean to upset you when i say this, your obviously a proud man, proud of the machine, like an engineer, thats great, but can’t you see it’s a device which can take human life, an instrument of death, i hope you not working for the US administration because they have betrayed our trust and set a flame a wave of indignation across the world…all for money

I am bound to the government because i signed a contract with the US Military. But i serve and protect the people. I do not agree with our current leader and his ideals. =( His service is almost up, so hopefully things can start getting back to normal.


It’s just a video showing off some amazing weapon TECHNOLOGY.

And it doesn’t matter, there will always be wars, always be conflicts.
You obviously must be living in a dream world where everyone gets along.
That is not true due to the fact the human instinct craves power and control…you can’t control that.

There are times when there is no choice left but to take up arms and say enough is enough-that is how we became the Great Nation The United States of America-don’t ever forget this. I advocate a democratic non violent resolution, but when you can’t come to that realistically what do you do?
Love the video’s Praetorin, thank you!


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