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August 19, 2007

The Matt Mask V-Log: Being Featured on Myspace

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Youtube Commments:








United Kingdom



listen up king jackass cause I am only saying this once.
I got doing nothing….you on the other hand decided to threaten a friend of mine with the TOS when he called you out on your bullshit..which was telling people they had no right to voice there opinion…tim asks for equal rights for dont…I respect Tim fore that…and you are just scum

I NEVER said people dont have a right to speak their minds! But yu ignore that because its convenient for yu to believe that. I said speak yur mind! Complain! Just dont have an expectation that YT HAS to comply. And if yur not happy here, go somewhere where yu WILL be happy. THATS IT!!! Get it right and stop twisting my words!

I AM done with HIM. But not the issue. Its important people know about the copyright rules here. I actually care about YT and dont want people to lose their accounts for lack of knowledge. What does this have to do with YOU sending me hate & then bitchcrying on your video about haters? Stay on topic???

wha wha wha…hey listen if I help an old lady across the street and film it will you send me some free stuff? ha ha ha..hey King hows does it feel to know you only have subs because you bribe people with prizez under the false pretence of “helping humanity…LOL

I guess the best defense is a good offense huh? Divert attention and distract. Dont address the issue, misdirect and try to sidestep. When yu cant defend against the logic, try to attack and discredit the commenter. A tactic of the weak minded. Im done with yu now too.


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