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August 20, 2007

100% proof Jesus is not God! The temptation of Jesus.

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Your videos are so good ALLAH has given you so much talent, the disbelievers says ALLAH is unfair because he has set a seal on the believers hearts, but they don’t see how Islam is the fastest growing religion what happened to their hearts? Can you image if you converted someone and spent years teaching him next thing he converts back to Christianity or some thing? How useless would that make your time feel? Praise to ALLAH he has only set a seal to the ones will not believe.

In the first 1:30 your logic is crap. The Bible said he was led to BE tempted. Where does it say he WAS tempted? In my opinion you need to learn to read.

Also Jesus said he was tempted to do bad things. Does it specify that he felt like sinning or that he was only tempted to do so? Being tempted and feeling like doing it are two different things.

@ptolemi, The one who created Jesus whom (God Forbid)the christians call father, Is the one whom we call Allah, so basically the same one and only Lord, If you had even a little respect for Jesus christ (PBUH) you would never pass such remarks for his creator, but we as muslims definitely love Jesus more than you do, so we love him and his creator Allah. and worship his creator not the creation.

ptolemi, where do you see a problem within the Quran? I can explain it to you. There isn’t one single instance of senseless violence in the entire book. It’s not like the Bible. So if you are willing to discuss, we are willing to help.

PS: This is another excellent video, Converted2Islam.

-pure common sense-
“Beautified is the life of this world for those who disbelieve, and they mock at those who believe. But those who obey Allah’s Orders and keep away from what He has forbidden, will be above them on the Day of Resurrection. And Allah gives (of His Bounty, Blessings, Favors, Honors on the Day of Resurrection) to whom He wills without limit” (Quran V.2:212).

Is this an argument that Jesus may well have been resurrected by Allah 100% whole, meaning resurrected as Allah?

To converted: Speaking of what Jesus was as a man and what he was after his resurrection as if they are the same thing seems wrong to me. Also, I don’t understand why a Muslim would incite Christians like this – isn’t that forbidden? No?

Regarding James 1:13; God can’t be tempted that’s why He became man.
In Paul’s letter to the Phillippians chapter 2 vers 6-8 is written that Jesus humbled Himself and He became a servant. Jesus is human being with a DEVINE nature.
His mission as a MAN was to die for us on the Cross and to restore our relationship with God.
When Jesus was tested by the devil He was tempted as a human being. He was not tested as God.

ptolemi said: “In the first 1:30 your logic is crap. The Bible said he was led to BE tempted. Where does it say he WAS tempted?…”

The goal of Hebrew 4 vers 15 was to show that Jesus in EVERY RESPECT was/is a perfect MAN. He was tempted with every sin but He did not fail. There is NO sin in Him because He was conceived by the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t inherit the sinfull nature of Adam but He has a DEVINE nature and there no drive in Him to sin.

jesus WAS real – islam teaches that, mr. scholar. but a phone isnt pest control. its a link between a person, and pest control, as proven by teh phone numbers, etc. found in the phone book. likewise, jesis was a messenger, a link between God and people.

I was using sarcasim, Read what I wrote. I do not believe Mohammed to be God. I was just stating the same logic used by converted2islam to prove his point. Hes using something he believes to be corrupt to prove some 100%. that is impossible to do. If the Bible is corrupt, then you cant argue from it to prove something 100%. Read my statement its the same logic only reversed.

Muslim don’t believe bible is 100% corrupt, they believe bible is corrupted over time, Muslims are not alone in this assertion (see Bruce Metzger) does that mean the verses he is referring to are corrupt, its irrelevant, what he is pointing to the fact that supposition purported by Christians cannot hold according to their own scripture!

I only agree with the parts of Christian scriptures what Quran upholds, that is belief of every Muslim. Claim that bible is corrupted is backed by evidence, and not just a ‘Muslim claim’, it is claimed by Christian and many others, with very specific examples! Just few days ago Digg featured an article stating differences between recently found manuscripts and the bibles in circulation! I will post that reference when I go home!

As-Salaam Alikum, Another quick and to the point clip. Yet they will not heed your call. They see the truth in what you say and they turn a blind eye. They see the corruption and contradictions in their books yet they pretend that it is not there. They want to believe in what their parents believe, to them pride is more important than the truth.

For the sake of argument compare if you dare, and contemplate.
1- Should Jesus BE god or part of a trinity of god/s. But you did not believe it to be true. YET you fully HONORED him & RESPECTED him as in Islam. (Thus staying true to Allah’s 1st commandments)
2- Should Jesus NOT BE a god, and you worshipped him making him a partner with the one and only true God as in Christianity and thus breaking Allah’s 1st commandments.
Which scenario would be the most severe and earn you Allah’s wrath.

It’s amazing how this guy doesn’t read the rest of the following scriptures espacailly when Jesus says to the devil in the same Mat 4:7″ It is written thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God” showing that Jesus was referring to himself since it the devil only tempting him there at that time. He must have missed that. Sin is sin there is no minor or big sin that is a false teaching for in a court crime is a crime big or small God sees sin as sin no compensation.

If Allah became a man and he said I am Allah would any of the muslims believe him? I think not. For the thigns he does and say will assure you that he is God. Raising the dead,healing the sick or saying he is the onyl way to heaven saying to people that I have forgive your sins some of these signs would clearly indicate that person is God. Because no one would dare make those kind of statements for onyl God can do that. Which Jesus did all of the following.

altor, you believe Moses split the sea, does that mean he is God? No, because God allowed him to split the sea, same for the miracles of prophet Jesus.

How is it that God can be born as a helpless baby who needs changing and feeding? How can such a helpless creature be the creator of the heavens and the earth?

yes, he was born as a normal human but his dad was the holy spirit and he lived 33 years like an human, and when he died he took his place as Son Of God And appeared to 500 people in diferent places at the same time , he defeated the dead, the devil and he also set the holy spirit free.

You highly thing Tomar17 that God would never lower himself to our standards can you? That is a fault because my God loved me enough to come down here experience things just like his creation and tell us the way to him. What better person to tell you how ot get to God and understand God and his ways than God himself. Huge difference the God in the Bible and in the Quran. One shows the ultimate love and sacrifice while the other seems to be high and mighty and not interact with his own creation.

Tomar17 Did Moses made any proclamation statements saying he can forgive sins or that he is the way to heaven? He didn’t only Jesus did. Just like most muslims failed to see the reason why God needed to becaome a man. Your God Allah seem to not like care enough to interact with his creation when the God in the Bible interacted so many times. And you know God in the Bible wanted the atonement of sins by scarficing a spotless lamb. Allah however didn’t seem to remember this.

Even the same James 1:13 you was giving for example that God cannot be tempted. The same Mat 4:7 I give you eariler what did Jesus said “Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God” It goes along with the same James 1:13 because God cannot be tempted and Jesus is saying you shall not not should but shall not tempt God. For if God becomes a man and is temtped and not yield to it he is still showing that he is God for God cannot be tempted or yield into temptation of sin.

100% proof huh, thats cute. Lets see Muhammad was 100% a pedophile. Muhammad and the Meccans 100% made a deal to make their top pagan god the moon god to be the one true god. I wonder if the clay idol still stands today on Abraham’s stone hidden from view? We know Muhammad promised 100% booty to his followers if they would raid caravans and villages.

really there is no proof that Allah did not split the moon in half? and your saying this because its “100% fact” really so…u actually went aboard a rocket ship and seen this for yourself that it was not split or..u just copy and paste what other people say ..please i want to see your “100% facts” ..

thank you for posting this video mashallah 3lek

Friend what are you talking about,prophet Mohammad has clearly say to kill the one who have sex whit an animal and the animal atself..(100% okay to take slaves and kill non believers)islam says Allah give them a reward for those who liberate slaves,and the last thing what you are talking about is also untreu,islam allows to kil the hijackers of islam and not an ordinarry unbeliver,Allah says in the Quran”There is no compulsion in religion”

Good job! Absolutely logical. Due to the fact that I can’t imagine or think about things which are beyond our imagination you can turn it this or that way it won’t make a difference for our final breath. I think at the end we all go the same way to whereever it will be.

If I offer you a stolen watch, I have tempted you, even if you have no intention at all to take the stolen watch. It’s the same as being lied to. You don’t have to do anything to be lied to, I just have to lie to you, and then you are official lied to. Likewise, Jesus was tempted by Satan, but Jesus was not tempted to sin. Do you see the difference?

100% proof The God of Islam is not all powerful. Muslims believe that Allah can not do anything He pleases. If He wished to become flesh, that is to difficult for the God of Islam. He is not All Powerful. The God of Christianity is ALL POWERFUL and FULL OF LOVE. He took all of our punishment for our sins on Himself so that justice can be served. What an Awesome God He is. Loving and ALL POWERFUL

“100% proof The God of Islam is not all powerful”??!!

God shouldnt become a man (why did God become a man in christianity? to “DIE” and save the ^people from the hell He created to punish those who dont follow His commandments”

“FULL OF LOVE” that’s why we’re judged for the sin of Adam
“that justice can be served” God “died” so the justice will be served

It is not that Allah swt cannot do it, it is simply not befitting of the lord of the worlds to become a human who goes to the bathroom, who sleeps, a creature that is weak.
So you say God let himself “die” to save people, from his own punishment? Why doesn’t he just forgive them, why did he have to “kill” himself

You haven’t recall Tomar17 in the OT that inorder to fogive one sins blood is needed for atonement of sins all throughout the Bible a spoteless lamb had to be sacrifice to forgive yours sin in that past yr. Those are Jewish tradition ways not Muslim ways.

Remember Cain&Abel? God was please with the animal scarifice ABel man but not the fruits Cain give to God? Instead of the scarificing of animals God send himself sinless purest without spot to died for our sins so we can be saved through him. God just sayin you are fogiven was and never the way or else the sacrificing of animals was never needed in the OT to forgive ones sins.

Excellent video brother, jazakallah…Actually according to the Bible Jesus was NOT sinless since he was not only tempted but obyed the devil when the devil took him to the top of mountain. The devil told Jesus to follow him and Jesus did just that. Technically this is a sin…maybe not a major one but never the less a sin…unless Christians argue that obeying the devil is not a sin…

Jesus Christ was the perfect sin offering, for the sins of all humanity, because he was without the spot and blemish of original sin and personal sin. Although he was God
manifested in flesh, he was also fully man, and therefore, because of his humanity, was able to sin. Resisting every temptation from Satan and the weakness of his flesh, he is the only person who has never sinned.

I’ve never thought that Jesus was God….He was a great spiritual teacher….He was/is the son of God, as we all are sons and daughters of God!!
Didn’t he say “all that I have done, you can do also, but much greater things than I..for I am with my FATHER in heaven”.
And he said,”The kingdom of God is within all men”

That’s my whole point, you or anyone can’t “prove” anything. That is the reason why I used the term “wacky”.

It’s an absolute waste of time to even attempt to prove anything, because it’s only evidence to the people or group who BELIEVES in that particular evidence.

For every video of proof that the Qu’ran is the true book, there is a video right behind it saying the Bible is the true book, and yet another video “proving” either is correct and there both full of crap, which is my stance.

Now now.. In the Lord’s eyes you’re all faggots.

The only thing worse than Allah and Christ is d-bag, pompous shitheads like the chud in the video above.

Your life has been a waste, and a dedication to nonsensical foolishness. Worse, you’re brainwashed by a religion that worships a child molester.

You have no understanding of the religion or culture you have rejected. You’re probably just angry because you’re born a ginger cunt. I can’t believe your stupidity or misinterpretation of Christian belief… and there’s enough out there. Ironically, ‘can you imagine Christians believing that… please’… so, cleverer than all Christians and Western civilisation? You are particularly dim. TWAT!

wow! if a Muslim just said what you just said to a Christian he/she will be labelled a hater but you’re a Christian saying it to a Muslim so its ok? You can’t refute his argument so you insult his hair color and tell him to go straight to suicide?

I’m surprise a lot of this people are just making comments full of insults to this brother, but none have actually refuted his argument with proof and evidence from their scriptures. But I understand why… it is because this verses are clear and to find any other verse that says anything different will be to admit that the bible contradicts itself.

Who are these Christians that believe Jesus is God? I am a Christian and I believe that Jesus was the son of God. Haven’t they read the Bible? Jesus stopped any one who attempted to worship him and never claimed to be God. Who was Jesus speaking and praying to when he faced the heavens? Himself?

I’m not even a christian but your argument is faulty. you equate “tested” with “tempted.” and you assume being led to the desert TO be tempted means he WAS tempted, when in fact he could have been led to the desert TO be tempted and still not have been tempted.

Allah says His word cannot be corrupted, yet the Quran says that the previous Holy Scriptures were? Can it or can it not? Now If I make a video proving the Jesus is God and hey why not even show that all three are one! But I know what will happen you will say that are scriptures are corrupted. But if its good enough for you than I guess its good enough for me…. Video coming soon.

Wait.. wait.. but what if the part of the Qur’an claiming Allha said it could not be corrupted was actually a corruption and is incorrect? A claim of perfection doesn’t make perfection..

Your logic is as flawed. Your rationale is weak. Your religion is just as poisoned with ignorance as any other.

streetguitar: Yes Jesus was TEMPTED to do evil, we know this because Jesus fasted 40 days. The fasting acted as a shield to sin. It is well known that Prophet Muhammad did the same. This proves Jesus was not only tested but tempted, otherwise he would not have undergone a 40 day fast to overcome sin.

So I’m guessing you never read Pslams 12:6-7 then have you. The same uuumm Allah that muslims clain wrote those other books in the Bible when it clearly stated that God perserves his word only for some odd reason Allah had to write a new word because man must have been to powerful him so he had to write a new one…..A God that need to make it right for the 3 time. I thoguht God was perfect doesn’t need to recorrect himself or his word and espacially preserves it?

Well according to the Bible, God begot, not created, Jesus.

Begot: To father; sire.

Jesus never declared himself to be God.

He is not God, he is a part of God, merely an extension of His will. Jesus is not a manifestation, he is like any other messenger of God…

…According to the Bible.

uuumm Have no idea what Bible your reading but let me ask you this if Allah became a man and delcared himself to be God would you as a muslim believe that man? No you wouldn’t. But the things which he does and say should prove that he is God. Things like healing the sick raising the dead or speaking things like I am the most gracious one,The only way to heaven, I forgive your sins these are things only God can do and say which Jesus sis these things in the Bible.

I am not christian, but just because you try to tempt someone doesn’t mean he is tempted, you can tempt me with a glass of water, but if i’m not thirsty, it’s a waste of time. You can not disprove a religion with another, you bring no proof here. Physical evidence is proof, and no, I believe in God, but you have proven nothing.

My dear friend, your argument is flawed. You see not only could Jesus be tempted, he could also sin. God can not and yet God chose to come in the flesh to show man, living without sin is possible. The flesh carries the ability to have sin. God changed form my friend but Jesus was Gods son and himself. A difficult concept to understand but true. ~Raven

To also add, for one man to be tempted to drink water during the fast and another man to be tempted to rape a woman, is a different degree of sin in the heart. This is why God gives more compassion to one man than the other. The “area” of temptation speaks decibels in what lays in a mans heart. God calls all sin, sin but the area of sin, speaks to the degree of evil in a man. ~Raven

this video is poor: 1) your using grammar to try and disprove jesus as god. tempted is the act of being tempted, but it also means that someone is trying to temp you. satan could of tried, but jesus did not recipricate the temptation; therefore he was not tempted as most people understand temptation. 2) by your logic, i can make your god false; just watch: Allah if you give me the world i will give you an… ice cream cone!
I just tempted allah, allah was tempted, therefore his is not god.

This is such a weak argument. First, it said God cannot be tempted, and Jesus was NOT tempted in the first situation you give. It says he was taken to BE tempted, not that he was tempted. Second of all, Jesus did not become “God” in that sense until he died on the cross. “God used Christ’s body to condemn sin. He did this, so that we would do what the Law commands by obeying the Spirit instead of our own desires”(Romans,8).

The whole point of Christ first becoming a human was because he was to go through all the temptations- and because he had the holy spirit within him, he did not sin. He was not God until he reseructed and went to Heaven. “But the Holy Spirit proved that Jesus is the powerful Son of God, because he was raised from the dead” (Romans, 1).

You are correct that God cannot be tempted into doing evil. But tempted can be a verb and a noun. Satan tempted (v) Jesus, but Jesus was not tempted (n) into doing evil. Jesus did not fall into temptation.

This was an interesting video, and you’re clearly and intelligent person, but I think what you present is simply refuted by common sense. If this is what is holding you back from believing in Jesus, I think perhaps you should come up with something stronger.

SO!!..all Muslim profits are..SINLESS..??
Not my quote but..”Muhammad was a bloodthirsty pedophile who fabricated Islam by taking bits and pieces from the Bible and Torah and from local customs and pretending to be a messenger from God. He uses his status to enrich his sex life and personal wealth, has sex with children before they reach puberty….”

you look smart …sad to see you are lead down the wrong path.. let me see you address your new religion views on others religions I belive you should address how your right and all of us are wrong and on account of that be killed talk about that bit of crazy shit!!



  1. Jesus was a son of man who became a son of God. Jesus said I am the Way and the Truth and the Light as a way to guide us (sons of men) to become sons of God. All human beings have the ablilty to become one with God thus GOD. How can anyone profess to be a Christian while spreading hate? We all have God within us, so look within before you judge anothers beliefs.

    Comment by seeker — August 24, 2007 @ 9:14 pm

  2. Jesus die and was gone for 3 days. He is not God the father but the son of God Acts 7:54,55 next to God not God

    Comment by Phillip — September 4, 2007 @ 6:07 am

  3. Jesus attained union with God and thus became one with God (at-one-ment). All human beings possess the same ability. As Jesus said, “The Kingdom of GOD is within”, so you must look within to find GOD. God exists within every living thing, God is at the center of everthing that exists. The further away from yourself you look for God the further away you are from God.

    Comment by seeker — September 26, 2007 @ 12:54 am

  4. so you all want to know who the real God is and which Jesus is the real Jesus?
    check this out than all you who truly seek the truth, click on the program called: Releasing God’s Will Through the Tongues of Men & Angels- and watch it here is the link

    or there are some books two good ones are The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel and Jesus And Muhammad by Mark A. Gabriel, PhD and this guy grew up as a devout Muslim in Egypt, u can read his story in Jesus and Muhammad.

    Comment by leslie — January 6, 2009 @ 7:01 pm

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