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August 25, 2007

4:00 AM babbling…WTF!!!

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United Kingdom



Heh. I only threatened you because it’s so hard to get through to big youtubers without making a noise, so sorry about that, I really didn’t want to put the video up cause I thought it’d be better just talking to you and asking you privately. Thankyou so much for reading and replying and being active in the community like this. Check out my vids when you get the chance =D

Aww almost smiled at the end! hehe but I think this video definitely puts the YouTube community in more simple terms and it just makes more sense of what this community really should be. Let’s have fun and let’s forget the drama. Choose what you want to be entertained by and let’s just be a community!

That’s how I feel after watching this vid..and I can’t believe I just commented..O.o Hopefully there will be more change soon and YouTube will be back to its old good times. Thanks Jips, great vid. ❤ P.S. I’m definitely going to step up more now and do my part. : )

Dude, you came out and told LN to vlog and talk to the community. She did that and you didnt even mention it in your video. I think that you should either present evidence that what she said in her video about the spamming was false, or apologise for the things you said. I like you dude, but you cant stir a hornets nest then walk away from it a leave the rest of the community to deal with it.

Lisa Vlogged for the community and the pressure she felt coming at her in every direction. Her Vlog had nothing to do with me but for what it’s worth, I still don’t buy the ‘spamming’ answer. Just my opinion, now I’m done with it and am moving on.

Nicely said. I prefer watching a calm and introspective video to an angry, expletive heavy one. Of course you’ve had the right to be angry, everyone does. I think this approach makes your message more meaningful.
And the music help sets the tone.
Well done.

the drama is retarded.. last time i checked i graduated from high school 5 years ago..ppl need to E-get it over with already…i was awake that time and noticed u listening to that song and noticed i was too listening to it at the same time, i figured u were busy… good vid btw… lets all have sone fun

Very well said! People need to learn to be themselves on here and not what everyone else wants them to be. When I first came on here I loved it everyone was great. But then people got big and changed. Their content changed to suit those viewing, the drama came, and they lost themselves in it! Drama is overrated people don’t know how to properly deal with it like adults, not school yard children.

Nothing left to do? Let’s just be creative and supportive? I have 28 subscribers and I’m thrilled about that. Call me an amateur. Call me unpopular. I don’t care. I sing my songs and some people like them. Beyond that I don’t give a shit.
I like your videos and your personality. I guess I feel like you are really worried about popularity. I don’t know. Maybe I’m off base.

well spoken, why don’t you come up with something interactive, something that requires “viewer participation”. I don’t know what that would be, just throwing that out there, but I will be trying to come up with something myself. I’d be interested in some of your ideas for a interactive vid or series of vids if you’re up for it. Have a great day and get some sleep man!

Dang,I can’t get away from that song.
It would be nice if people could focus more on the real issues instead of the drama.
Even when they are addressed they get diluted with the over sensationalized drama junk.
The community is what you make of it.
Great vlog.

I hate you… lol @ how you say cliques, you crazy Canadians and you accents.

I’ve had your back since I met you (no homo), I’m pretty sure you know that already. Your a good guy, you’re just old and senile =)

Up to you if think that this is a friendly comment or a hater comment. Either way, it’s a comment by me.

i rather enjoy your videos and you are a pretty cool guy. But i have found recently you are getting a little preachy no offense to you personally but i come to youtube to be entertained not to have all this bullshit shoved into my ears i honestly dont care about any of it and you even talking about it reminds me how stupid it is and makes me want to turn off your video.




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