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August 25, 2007

Re: My Grievances with God…

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Chances are like 97% that SwordofAllah will remain a Mohammedan. He’s too entrenched with the virus of Islam for himself to break away.

If he ever able to though, I’ll welcome him into the world of critical thought, but I doubt he’ll ever escape from the cave of the shadows.

So I’m not the only one who saw bullshit? I’ve been a lesser theist than SwordofAllah and I could have rationalized all these small questions. I don’t believe this is his true opinion. Maybe he’s trying to clean up his friend’s list or just attention whoring. The deconversion process is gradual and if he cannot rationalize answers to that question according to the doctrines of his faith he should be 100% atheist. Which I doubt can happen over night.

I am a Christian that respects fakesagan. You can have faith and still respect people of other faiths or beliefs or even if they have faith in no faith at all. The issue with Islam is it has no tolerance for anyone else. Our nation was founded by people who had faith in God and people who did not. And we got along just fine. If Islam is not willing to join a secular world then it needs to go. The two can not live side by side.

Wow… “For every step you take towards critical thinking it’ll takes two steps towards you”

Amazing insight, and the reason I tune in.

As for Sword, if genuine, hes likely in the stage where he is battling his own self imposed hatred for kaffirs whilst being unable to hold onto his faith. It’s difficult to de-convert yourself, a trip I know all too well… I wish him good luck

But you know something doesn’t sit right with me on how he came about his “grievences with God”, his doubts didn’t come from thinking the concept was absurd. But rather what the theists constantly accuse us of “not having the discipline to follow religious doctorine”. So even if he is sincere it a short trip from having doubts to reaffirmation of your bullshit way of thinking. He’ll here a sermon and suddenly find the strength in his faith.

That’s an interesting way of looking at it. I personally think he was sincere, but I suppose everyone’s just gonna have to wait and see. If he makes a video like “I had doubts but by the grace of Allah…” then he was probably bullshitting to start with.

We must always be skeptical and ask the important questions in respect to everything. But it would be difficult for any Muslim who truly believed in Islamic teachings and its dogma to actually say many of the things he said in the video. Muslims are not nearly as flaky when dealing with their god delusion as are Xtians who often do try such an act.

I’ve posted his last video at my account.

If you call bullshit on everything, you’ll probably be right more than you’re wrong, but you’ll be wrong sometimes. I honestly can’t tell if he was being honest, but I have a hard time reading people at the best of times so what do I know? I hope he was honest, perhaps we’ll see him around before long.

What’s the bet that every Muslim with his email ad’ is pumping Quranic verses and scientific truths at him right now?
The jury’s out on his loss of faith. He looked convincing in his vid and he didnt convert until recently.
He could ofcourse comeback, reborn as a YT Muslim icon. Be interesting to see.

Part of being a skeptic is distrusting everyone and everything? No. That’s just a part of being — as you yourself said — not such a good person. I think the young man is suffering. Maybe SOA will go back to the arms of Allah and maybe he won’t. But he will always be a better person than you fakesagan.

Agreed. SoA stood by his beliefs, he stood by his doubts, and he stood by his friends.

he had conviction, you only have the need for attention, and the frustration you can’t stop something you hate even more than anything, unity amongst unified minds. Thanks for the block by the way, I’m very honoured to have upset you that much, not that you’ll admit to it


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